This ugly piece of shit makes his manga debut.

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Scanlations never. ;_;

>ugly piece of shit
But Himegami already appeared in manga.

Level 4s are the sexiest

All shit,


Why are Level 4s even rarer than Level 5s?

Why is he show ugly. Most of the character look good,pretty or handsome in this series and then there him.

Predicting this chapter ends with Motoharu shooting the old woman in front of Touma.

They aren't.


Thats more than 7; more are implied

Season III obviously under development

Sorry I came too much.

I just feel like they are so underutilized.

I can't wait for more Yazanvoice in the anime.


Terra is voiced by Houchuu Ohtsuka, who also voiced Yazan in MSG, Beck in Big O, Jiraiya in Naruto, etc.


> Data in Star Trek
That is not who I would have picked for Data.

Why is Touma so much more interesting than Kuroko, Kongou and Saten?
>captcha is SAINT 564980

Misaka please. Just because you are obsessed with his cock doesn't mean you talk like that about your friends.


Looking good

*Handsome piece of shit

Lewdposters work together to breed Raildex girls?

>gives himself precedence over esper powers
how can science compete

This is gonna cover ot14?


I mean, thats obvious

I want Misaka to die.

Chuya's artwork is so good man, it just keeps improving. Gotta love the fact that V20 has GROUP as the cover as well. Yen Press in like a year.

We will know in NT20, a demon will take over her body and rape her mentally.

Try two at least



I want Himegami to be my wife and constantly "fall down the stairs" like an accident-prone stupid female she is.

I guess I memed an another chapter to her spinoff. Good.

Nice user.

Means great misfortune will fall on you.


Fukou da.

Why do I care


Why do you think I want you to care?

Why is Aleister such a shitty father?

Because you bothered to link it

>Biagio in the God's right Seat

Vento of the Front
Terra of the Left
Acqua of the Back
Fiamma of the Right
Biagio of the blessed

>Implying she wont beat the demon

He did lots of drugs and preferred mountain climbing to actual childcare.

>Biaggio of the Blessed

No, Biago of the Cracked Ship

Because he's facing the whole world and it's shitty laws for his daughter. Does this remind you of anyone?

What if Aiwass is THE God but got bored and decided to destroy its own religion?

Aiwass is LAM, and the Child of Horus
>According to Crowley, the first appearance of Aiwass was during the Three Days of the writing of Liber al vel Legis. His first and only identification as such is in Chapter I: "Behold! it is revealed by Aiwass the minister of Hoor-paar-kraat" (AL I:7).[1]

>Hoor-paar-kraat (Egyptian: Har-par-khered) is more commonly referred to by the Greek transliteration Harpocrates, meaning "Horus the Child", whom Crowley considered to be the central deity within the Thelemic cosmology (see: Aeon of Horus). However, Harpocrates also represents the Higher Self, the Holy Guardian Angel.

What do you say, Human?

Are Othinus and Aleister trannies

Othinus would be cuter without that dumb hat.





The hat is the best part of her outfit, then her cape

Noukan smokes cigars, not pipes.

Frenda's definitely a loli.

It really is the best hat in raildex

Do you think they'll use a different seiyuu for Terra in season 3?

Why? Houchuu is still voice acting.

Theres no reason to do so

Sort of, but it's a true switch so it's still hot

Is he up to snuff for Terra's brand of crazy? So far, he's done nothing but a phone call.


He tends to be more of a flamboyant crazy type.

Was Terra voiced in the game?

>meet your new best Frenda

No, but you can hear him in the last episodes of Index 2.

Reminder that Accell has #1 family that he never really wanted but totally deserved.

The introduction this half-assed character deserves.

Accel wouldn't have known what family he wanted, since he's basically a teenager raised without one, as if most teenagers understood what a good family meant anyway these days, Accelerator's case is just all the more unstable.

it's cute like frenda

More like cut like Frenda

>fiamma dodges a sneak attack from vento
>thor can't hear a train coming
Is thor a shitter without his dodge cheat?

Would Touma break Adol's illusions?

You get outplayed that hard you may as well retire.

Thor beat Touma while shot and with just his blades. He just got too into the fight

>Literilly saved more than half of family members with own power.
>They all kind of just move in his apartment.
>Not getting the joke.

He heard the train, he was just too infatuated with those mad exp gains he was getting.

He used Almighty at the end because blades lost.

I must have forgotten

>He felt a dull sensation pass through his fist.

>By the time the positioning was complete (and he seemed to disappear to others), the attack was already over. Once he vanished it was too late to evade and moving before he disappeared was meaningless.

>(I wouldn’t be able to do a thing to Othinus at full power and the other members were too weak to gain anything. I’d thought you were at a nice spot between the two, dammit!!)

>He heard a clanking sound.

>He did not know how much longer he had to keep hitting the “button”, but there was no way for Kamijou to escape the situation. Thor realized he was on the path to victory and that realization cooled his heart. The fact that he would gain nothing no matter what he did brought a dead look to his eyes.

>The clanking sound grew louder.


>Only then did he finally catch on, but it was already too late.

>He was no longer standing on the snowy ground. A hard railroad tie lay underfoot and he stood on a railroad track. He had punched Kamijou from behind and caused his body to bend like a bow, but the boy looked over his shoulder and still had life in his eyes.

>“Your magic moves the world to put you in a position to win your fight with me, right?”

>The will to fight remained in his eyes.

>“Then can you handle something unrelated to our fight?”


>After turning and looking at the approaching mass of steel, Thor froze in place.

>An instant later, the 12-car freight train plowed through.

>It passed by with tremendous speed while just barely grazing Kamijou’s clothes.
Correction: reading the fight again, he was just lethargic because he thought he had the win in the bag.

>“You defeated Thor as a lightning god…but that was as far as you got. You could not reach the level of the Almighty Thor.”
We don't see it but he said that after the fight

Jobber of the Right.

>the other members were too weak to gain anything
It's still hard to to believe he beat them all at once considering the single target thing. They didn't seem that weak.

> I’d thought you were at a nice spot between the two, dammit!!)
Should have fought Ollerus when he had the chance or Fiamma. Kinda weird put so much faith in this and he didn't go all out.

Casual Terra when?

The world thing was probably set to "Gremlin members" or something. And the other two were probably just as suicidal as taking on Othinus in his mind. He wants to level grind, not get slaughtered.

They probably just didn't figure out his trick soon enough as he teleports everywhere. That or they still count as enemies, since the train had no actual malice against him, that might be the loophole

He moved in with them. His apartment was trashed.

I still find it pretty funny that Touma's not willing to shoot Thor, but when push comes to shove he will hit the motherfucker with a train.

Terra probably won’t be unless he’s playable like Kakine

Touma didn't have the gun. He was shocked because Thor fucking shot himself the madman

Why are girls allowed to have powers? It's like giving monkey a grenade.

Because keikaku demanded it.

Why are you allowed to post on Sup Forums?