Do you prefer the new logo or the old one?

Do you prefer the new logo or the old one?

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Oooh, their website is so stylish~

Don't know, man. As far as I'm concerned, they can use my dead mother's rotting face as their logo, just as long as they announce new Madoka movie.

they needa smooth that jagged shit

Yeah looks amateur as fuck

Did they make that shit in paint?
Never change shaft.

it was basically announced in 2015, when they released the concept movie for it

I still wonder if there was something like with Kemono Friends that caused them to seemingly forget about this. Was it not released with Aniplex's full consent?

Didn't announce the production though, which is what matters. And now it looks more like some wicked tease or a mockery. It feels like they started jacking me off but didn't allow me to cum for more than 2 years. You know what I mean?

that's one bad motha-

shut yo mouth

They didn't forget, Shaft is just slow. The original Madoka TV series was written in 2008 but didn't get made until 2011, even so, Gen Urobuchi has his schedule filled with a trilogy of Godzilla films, it very well could be years before the 4th movie is released.

I'm just talking 'bout Shaft

Madoka is the first thing you see if you visit their official website.

Too bad not forgetting to milk the franchise and not forgetting about making a movie are sort of different things...

oh damn, kemono-madoka a CUTE

Wasn't that confirmed to be an April Fool's joke? They put everything into the games now.

April Fool's joke is a meme. Not to mention the concept movie was shown in November.

Wasn't that fan-made?

Yes. The original seiyuu's voices were synthesized using the cutting-edge generative model of neural net to make sure the deception of Madoka fans was successful.

please no bully
last time i watched it was over two years ago. i didn't remember it having original voice acting.
i did remember it having recycled animation, though

I assumed it was bait and not a serious question, so I made a sarcastic response. Everything about the movie is in the wiki, which is the first link if you google:

>kimono madoka
you LIE

It's a good thing. If Shaft did something like that to Madoka, they would become my number one enemy. Who knows, maybe I would make it my life mission to stalk and kill each and every one responsible.

whoops, i meant kimono, clearly i've been defiled by all the kemono friends posting