In all of Anime, who is best girl Sup Forums?

In all of Anime, who is best girl Sup Forums?

definitely not that one

explain yourself heathen

That show was trash.

How can you even live with such shit taste, please kill yourself immediately

nice tiddies

Dunno about your question, OP, but I do know that Yame-chan is best girl of her series. Ranko comes in as a close second for being delicious brown.

so it begins again, the holy waifu wars

The ones that NTR the protagonist automatically makes them best girl.

Not that user, but you're right. As long as they don't abuse the MC.

I love Yuuko

>best girl thread
>posts worst girl

My girl Rin Natsume

Manga Yukana is better than your waifu though.

Not even best in her own series.

Find a flaw that isn't her cooking
Protip: You can't

the existence of Rachnera, that's her flaw user

i know exactly who it is but im not telling you creeps because my wife is not a slut

No legs


Ara Ara

He said flaws nigga

look, we gotta set aside our differences for now, i propose a truce
together we can narrow this disgraceful war to only 2 sides
i'm counting on you

This one.

>irrefutable jealousy
>not accepting of others
>weighs enough to damage a foundation on a traditional house
>has injured Darling the most
>can't accept her cooking is bad
>Papi and Sup trust/like her the least
She's great but she is bottom tier MonMusu. Sorry dude. Spider an undeniable best

good taste user, good taste

find a flaw
protip: you're gay

You're Waifu is the only correct answer.

The one who was just going to let a random dullahan kill darling?

As long as she's perfect to you, that's all that matters.

Discount Galko?

Shouldn't even be a serious question

Eternal best girl.


Yo, Kirino, I'm really happy for you, I'ma let you finish, but Jaunne had better get confirmation

The major wins and you all have bad taste


My wife Pitou




Fuu (SamurĂ¡i Champloo)
Raphi (Gabriel DropOut)
And Rem

>In the end fascism saved humanity from ayys

As a Amerimutt how should I feel about this?

PLOX delet thread... we dont need Waifu Wars LXIX here. This is a pure and waifuless board.

>SAC Mokoto

You want arise you fucking degenerate?

her spider sense wasn't tingling


(Sigh) Sup Forums you should have knew by now that there can be only one & only.