Use Sup Forums

>use Sup Forums
>come to hate Sup Forums
>/bant/ is Sup Forums yet good

Why Sup Forums, why must you be so bad?

the truth is that ur the 1 who is shit user

You'd think that, but Sup Forums's shitty elitist culture was enough for an entire board to be taken over by fleeing refugees

Yep, definitely (you)

>"not one of us neckbeards, screw this guy"


That's a cute Lord of Hell

>be a shitty satania memer and ironic weeb
>get chased out of Sup Forums
Working as intended. Don't let the door hit your ass.

Use a time machine to a less bad time.

Satanya is STACKED

>get chased out of Sup Forums
>implying Sup Forums has quality control

This doesn't just write itself. A thinking human being came up with this, typed it, and posted it.

How does Sup Forums do it? Despite being shit, it still manages to maintain a higher quality than all the other boards.

We have less normalfags and more elitists.


>higher quality then other boards

Have you tried /bant/, or /vg/, or Sup Forums, or /s4s/, or any other board that isn't this and Sup Forums?

Why imply this is a good thing?

>Why imply this is a good thing?
Quality control.


Many quality threads in the catalogue right now.

>use Sup Forums in 2009
>come to hate Sup Forums by 2010
>take a 4 year break from Sup Forums
>it's a billion times worse
>realize I was shit and old Sup Forums wasn't
>long for old Sup Forums
>but old Sup Forums is dead
>spend my time getting pissed off at newfags, normalfags and faggots like OP


The quality of the posters are still declining every year.

Sup Forums got shit pretty fast on 2013-2014, I left and almost never come here again.

>Why imply this is a good thing?
Why imply it's bad you fucking normalfag?

Yes, cause a board full of shitty generals and waifu threads is quality. I'm really glad to see it's doing so well



You're not like the those other shitty Chads and Stacys in school, you're enlightened and cultured I see.

Only quality thread on this website.

>Sup Forums
Sup Forums has been on a decline since 2014, and the presidential election killed it. The catalog is filled with frogs and greentext threads, and the discussion is just short of Sup Forums.

When I returned to see 300+ post Narutard threads I was in shock.

Not a fucking argument you shitty normalfag.
If you don't like the site or the people on the site or the site's culture then why even post here? There's assuredly a sub reddit for you to upboat epic blogposts you fucking FAGGOT.

I'd take it over the same threads being redone here year after year here.

>satanya newboys getting chased out of Sup Forums

>Yes, cause a board full of shitty generals and waifu threads is quality
You're retarded if you think that's why I imply.

That's the fucking point of board culture you literal nigger.

>"not valid arguement, go back to le reddit"

ironic, now tell me how rick and morty has been?

*what I implied
I'm too drunk.

A newnormalfag like him won't understand, forget it.

Elaborate how "ReeNormie.wmv" is an argument.
And honestly what you're looking for in discussion and a site falls more in line with reddit than it does with Sup Forums, so I'm just trying to help you out. No need to shoot the messenger, faggot.

not dubs

Yes, cause Sup Forums has more then that

theres good board culture, and then theres just copy/pasting threads day in and out. Try and browse outside of Sup Forums sometime?

>Yes, cause Sup Forums has more then that
It does, years ago.
Of course you wouldn't know, newfag.

It is the best of arguemnts, trust me.

>"It was so good years ago, stop hating Sup Forums REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"


>putting words in my mouth
Sasuga /bant/, as expected from the board of shitposters

Dear faggot,
Meta belongs on WBR, user

Only a canadian could be this much of a faggot.

>go on any other board
>two people arguing
>first guy posts brainlet wojak
>other guy posts drooling brainlet wojak
>brainlets in an I know that feel variation
>brainlet eating shit
>brainlet behind a too inteligent mask etc.
Great site.

not dubs

Don't forget
>Brainlet with a worm wrapped around his skull
Honestly the worst meme on this fucking site, it should be a bannable offense.

>Meta goes to /qa/

Do I look like I care if mods ban me from this shitty board?

Yes, you didn't ree at all and rush in to defend le Sup Forums. My bad

>"haha lol I don't like this guy, I'll just say he's from reddit

Someone give this man a medal

Best site

Brainlet wojaks are a fucking blight and I'm fucking glad Sup Forums still has the decency to tell them to fuck off.
Also, do your work jannies, this thread should've been deleted long ago

They should just ban you from all boards for being such an autistic nigger. No one here gives a shit, the board isn’t going to change just because you come here and tell us how much better it is at your shithole. The people posting here clearly have acclimated to the environment while the ones at /bant/ have somehow managed to do the same.

>"he's hating my shit board, ban him from all of em REEEEEEEEE"

I am glad to see Sup Forums is still as shit as ever, even at it's own defense, here in its home


Check these, by the way.

not dubs

Thanks for the (You)

Satania is the only truth, you know this yes?


ur whalecum

Thanks abib!

not dubs


I'm glad that mods did a public ban earlier and everyone sucked their cocks because now they can leave for another week.

>tfw no bf

>several rec/sauce threads getting archived
Good to know the new jannies are settling in fine.

Finally, some quality content

not dubs

You got me curious about bant
I was surprised to find Sakurafish there. It wasn't too bad until I stumbled on the Sup Forums threads
Fuck that shit.

not dubs

Actually I take back everything I've said
It's a shitty place overall with very few good things

Sakurafish is british?

I don't even know why I report anymore.