This is a “cute girls doing cute things” show about a lead character who’s supposedly seventeen years old but...

This is a “cute girls doing cute things” show about a lead character who’s supposedly seventeen years old but could easily pass for eleven or twelve. One of the girls in her new friend group, Kamuri, is explicitly noted to look exactly the same as she did in elementary school despite being a high school freshman. Most of the other girls are either of similar childlike build, while Hana’s caretaker has water-balloon impossibreasts that prominently wiggle and jiggle and deny the laws of sweater physics.
Everything about these girls is manufactured to be pwecious and kyoot (this one has a little fang! This one makes vaguely homoerotic comments that will never actually come to anything!), and it leaves very little room for them to come across as anything but body pillows in the making. It’s extremely alienating, a hollow and dead-eyed thing more soulless and marketing driven than this season’s actual marketing-driven series. Moe fans deserve better than this.

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More importantly it's boring

Sounds good, OP, thanks for the recommend.

Are we doing shitty reviews?
>After the Rain is proof that a story isn’t automatically feminist or inclusive just because it was written by a woman. Age-gap romances where one party is a minor are never not problematic, but there is, at least, a way to tell that story so it serves as a kind of safe space for young women to play out the fantasy of falling for an older man. After the Rain, however, does not read like that kind of story. Instead, it reads like a fantasy geared for those older men desperate to justify their predatory behavior. This series was never going to be on my good side. Now, though, I would happily see its ratings burned to ash. If the word hate was carved into every cell in every centimeter of my body, it would not equal one-billionth of the hate I feel for this show at this micro-instant. Hate. HATE.

I liked it.

>"old but could easily pass for eleven or twelve"
Nice copypasta from "Anime Feminist." Fuck off.

only gays and losers replied to this thread after this post

Why the fuck do people try to put the most shitty, cynical spin possible on every god damn series anymore? Is this the age we live in?

Why the fuck is this a thing?

Citrus was the most disappointing thing since my son. I mean, how much more could you possibly fuck up a yuri anime?! And while my son eventually hanged himself in the bathroom of a gas station, the unfortunate reality of the Citrus is that it will be around… forever. It will never go away. They can never be undone.

If someone who’s under the age of like 20 says his least favourite anime is “Revolutionary Girl” because it was “the most boringest one”, then I suggest you shut this review off right now before I carefully explain how much of a fucking idiot you are. So where do I possibly start? Nothing in Citrus makes any sense at all. It comes off like a script written by an 8 year old. It’s like Saburouta finished the script in one draft, like turned it in, and they decided to go with it without anyone saying that it made no sense at all, or was a stupid, incoherent mess.

I guess at this point who’s gonna question Saburouta, or tell him what to do? He controls every aspect of the manga. He probably got rid of those people that questioned him creatively a long time ago.

I also think that everyone just assumed that a yuri anime in 2018 would be an instant hit, regardless of what the plot was. Really… how hard could it be to screw up? It’s like screwin up mashed potatoes. You boil the water, you pour in the packet.

It's the result of Disney and them forcing quips into their movies, destroying all tension and any effort to take things seriously. The result is Western people afraid to try anything genuine in art.

As a Westerner I wish I could argue against this, but it actually seems accurate.

>here's a bunch of traits characters in the show have
>people might like those traits
>that means it's manufactured and soulless
I'm not feeling it, man.
It isn't the most inspired cute girl show this season but it works fine, I'm enjoying how the dialogue flows.
Look at Hinako Note if you want an actually thoughtless copy of a copy that doesn't know what it wants to be.

Enjoying something is seen as dumb, being a cynical asshole is seen as smart.
To some people fun things aren't as fun as feeling smug superiority to people who like fun things.

>Moe fans deserve better than this.

Moe fans deserve nothing but extermination

The second part of your post is depressing as fuck, yet true.

Hinako Note must be doing something right if it's memorable enough for people to be buttmad over it almost a year later.

What if Slow Start just has a slow start?

Your critique is as soulless and lacking in meaning as you believe the show to be.

Fuck off. Don't bring this cancer here.

I laughed.
The third one is a joke.

It's because everyone's favorite Youtubers told them to be more critical so they go out of their way to complain about things even though the vast majority of criticisms about media are just abstract template phrases like generic or overrated that don't inherently have to do with the work in question.