Black Clover

Raw out

Besides being surely sick, is he Black Bulls vice-captain or not?

Black Bulls base is Mazinger Z

dump it

Since Black Clover is usually first Jump manga to be scanlated, I'll dump it when it gets out (it can be in any minute)

Probably but its the same that was shown in chapter 2/3

BCfags everyone.

Well of course a bcfags can't tell moon from gook.

Dropped the manga back in September after i was bored to tears, glad to see it picking back up again

Jaimini got raw problems, no chap today

There's still mangastream, which is better than nothing imho

post the fucking wasabi link, nigger













Not the vice-captain.





Great chapter this week! Also, I wish it would've been a gag for Henry to not reveal his name. It could've been funny ongoing joke.

The Kimetsu gag is enough.

Since Henry is not the cocaptain we still are getting in the future another member

Also lol at Black Bull Mazinger

Isn't the vice captain the guy who has trap magic? He's with Asta at the bad guys base.

He appears in chapter 99.

How can he be a vice captain if he literally join black bulls last arc?


He's Castle Homodyne.

Nope. Zora just joined- he's not the vice captain.


no he was already a black bull

Go reread chapter 133. He was already a black bull, Yami gave him the black bull robes in the past. However, he is not the vice captain.

Wrong. He was a vigilante trying to avenge his father. He hated the magic knights because of how they treated his father. He wouldn't have joined them had he not met asta and Yami. Do you just lack reading comprehension?

He gave him robe after tournament.
He did it in secret because zora fucked up magic knight.

>He gave him robe after tournament

That was a flashback, even the Magic Emperor knew that he was already a knight and told him that he should just put on his own robes, and he tells Asta that he is his "elder" in the knights and that he was scouted by Yami a "while back"

When will Asa stop being a manlet and grow over 1m50 ?

oh shit

this manga started out as shonen trash but it's slowly coming into it's own

It's kind of endearing how it doesn't even bother trying to deconstruct or anything, it just uses every cliche in the book

Are you fucking kidding me? Every battle series foreshadows future character appearances.

Am I the only one that liked his backstory?
I mean, it was pretty short, just a few pages, but it really made me find him an endearing character.

Or someone getting promoted?

is it confirmed that the black bulls have a vice-captain?

No, but all orders have one vice-captain

Tbh I always thought it was Finral

So what happened to Liar?

every? really? you clearly overestimate battle shounens user, its the minority who does it

Whatever you say buddy

Being roasted by Sisleon

The author said in an interview that they have a VC, just he hasn't introduce them yet.

Getting BTFO'd by best girl.

best girl is goddamn right

You're both wrong every girl is best girl.

Yami was taking a shit during the tournament, user. That scene of giving him the robe was a flashback.

Yes, the author confirmed it.

Clear Note

Will there be a Spade and Heart kingdom too?
The eye villains are already jobber tier.

pretty sure they were mentioned already at the beginning of the festival when Julius gave a speech

He appears in chappter 2 you fools, also who is that tall person with long hair?

Forgot to add, we see Grey, Vanessa, Yami, Magna, Luck, Henry, Poison guy and I have no idea who that longed haired person in front of Luck and Grey are.

The only members missing here are Charmy and Gauche

unironically this.
and they don't have to be whored out like girls in Fairy Tail were.

>long haired person


Noelle has twin-tails

For elimination, the guy who is going to be the co-captain

The anime said the Heart Kingdom were allies unlike the Diamond kingdom.