Dragon Ball Super

Can Golden stop this crazy rabbit?

I miss her.

Episode 124 preview image.

frieza eliminates dypso
toppo eliminates gohan and 17
jiren eliminates vegeta
goku eliminates toppo

tournament ends, U7 beats U11 2 to 1, U7 doesn't get erased but the strongest fighter left standing, JIREN, gets the super dragon balls and makes his wish which will somehow involve him not getting erased. GGPO.

>OMFG Ultimate Columbine Gohan comes back and kills Beerus!!!


Shut the FUCK up

You retard.

Remember to never let the wind blow you down.

>it's real

>he keeps posting it
what did he mean by this?

Yes. Someone has to beat Wally Walrus and it's definitely not going to be fucking Gohan.

>Gohan running from Dyspo
>Dyspo speeding behind him
>Gohan trips over
>Dyspo not fast enough to stop
>falls over Gohan
>hurts his knee
>suddenly slower
Only plausible way Soyhan beats Dyspo

>mfw 17 somehow avoids getting thrown out by Toppo after Gohan's failed attempt to take him out with Toppo, but Gohan gets eliminated before him, courtesy of a backstabbing Frieza while proving his loyalty to Dyspo.

What about this scenario:
>Gohan gets his shit pushed in by Toppo
>Dyspo gloating over beating up Freeza
>Freeza turns golden and is now faster and stronger than Dyspo
>Dyspo attempts to retreat in order to think of something
>trips over Gohan's unconscious body
>falls off the platform

Could his team beat universe 7?

What do you call Mexican NASA?

How can they beat U7 if they are U7?

because of you, i am making rice right now

This is what will happen in the upcoming episodes:

- Episode 123: January 14th: Toppo eliminates 17. 7 minutes left.

- Episode 124: January 21st: Gohan and Freeza eliminate Dyspo. Toppo powers up after Dyspo's loss. 6 minutes left.

- Episode 125: January 28th: Toppo eliminates Freeza. Gohan struggles against Toppo, while Goku and Vegeta battle Jiren. 5 minutes left.

- Episode 126: February 4th: Vegeta sacrifices himself to eliminate Toppo. 4 minutes left.

- Episodes 127-130: February 11th-March 4th Goku vs. Jiren. At some point Goku's Migatte no Goku'i runs out, and Gohan has to fight Jiren until Goku recovers. Goku recovers and saves Gohan from getting eliminated just in time. Goku and Jiren resume their fight. No eliminations. U7 wins because they have 2 fighters left (Goku & Gohan) versus U11's 1 (Jiren). 129 may be the end of the actual tournament, with 130 being the wish.

>Gohanfags being this delusional

What's your favorite thing about Heroes?

That it keeps coming up with retarded shit.

>Anti-Chadhanfags being this assblasted.

>thinking that Gohan will make it to the end of the tournament

character designs
they range from "fine" to "did spics made this?" so easily
i rabu it!

Ending 9 confirmed that Chadhan is gonna be the last man standing alongside his dad.

I havent watched this in many many months

how did they deal with the universe destroying thing? did they really just kill everyone?

So we are getting Supreme Kai of time introduced in the series after Super right?

Where is your source?

Also possible. Laying there on the ground unconscious is one of Jobhans most practiced moves. It's probably about time he yields some results from his ultimate technique.

Forgot pic.

>did they really just kill everyone?

Don't bully Beerus he is not for that

Does 17 being this strong in the anime mean they could have gotten him for when Beerus first came to earth?

Gotta love the shit this game comes up with.

One of the previous endings had Goku and Gohan standing all by themselves in the arena to fight their foes. Gohan is the leader of Team Universe 7, and he hasn't amounted to much on the team thus far. This arc was more about Gohan's growth than anybody else's.

I can't see this ending in any other way but Goku and Gohan lasting to the end against Jiren.

My own ass, but this is also deductive reasoning based on episode summaries from Episodes 123-124 and the titles of 125-126.

I am most likely wrong anyway, but some of this stuff, especially the first few episodes and eliminations, should be right.

All but 2 of the universes are "erased" now. Yes, literally everyone in each universe dies when it's erased. They don't even go to the afterlife. They just cease existing.

Can we have an actual Makaioshin/Demon Realm arc, please? We know close to nothing about them, and hell, a video game is doing them more justice here.

These themes were mentioned in various databooks and even the original manga itself. It's a shame that they haven't been brought up yet.

We can't bully him anymore then the show already did.

We don't talk about that episode

Like zoinks!

Final Flash is the strongest and most based energy blast in the show


It's the jobber of beam attacks. It always gets shrugged off by the villain so that Goku can come in with his kameha and blast the villain away.


Who are some characters you want to see made canon?

>dypso is stronger than Gohan


It is. Full charged. No contest

What the hell is this art?

Name 3 times this happened

unfinished probably

Final Flash sucks. It doesn't even work, it's the busted condom of ki attacks.

It looks just fine.

The absolute state of waifufags.Still buttblasted that Chadhan actually gets to fight the elite U11 fighters while all cucklifla did was fight jobbers and lost the only non jobber fighter as well.



After he digested all those rocks.

>doesn't even work

What did based CHADhan mean by this?

I can't fucking believe this is real.

Holyfuck it actually is lol.

Can't wait to see antigohanfags eat shit again.

We know he and Frieza are beating Dyspo.

I thought he was supposed to be out in that episode. The title confirmed it, remember?

What the fuck is Toppo doing during this time?

It is

Time kai gets tits

she seems very happy about it

But he will be out as well.

Sure thing, that worked out well the first 10 times.

Would Kid Buu be cable of universal travel?

Just a friendly reminder that Team Universe 7 is visually quite horrible. What I mean is that, Piccolo (who stands at 7'5") and Tenshinhan (who stands at 6'2") are the only ones who are six-foot chads. Gohan is a borderline manly man though, as he has a decent height of 5'10". However, the team also has a grand total of 3 suicide-tier manlets by the names of Frieza, Krillin, and Master Roshi, who all pathetically stand at 5'0".

why does height matter that much to you?

What will be the next arc of Super? And will the series go past EoZ? If not, will they create a new series?

a) trunks
b) vegeta
c) goku
d) gohan

which one is living the best life right now? without factoring in their power level, which one would you choose to be?

compensating manlet.

vegeta, he has literally zero responsabilities and still lives like a king

is freezer really as tall as krillin?

>wife's family is one of the richest on earth and literally discovers time travel
>actual wife is a hottie who doesn't take anyone's shit
>son is a gifted fighter and excellent student who you discover grows up to be a true hero
>daughter was just born and obviously has her entire life ahead of her with a MASSIVE support system
>manage to be a great father who, despite having difficulty being emotionally available, puts your family first at your expense
>finally, despite being literal royalty, manage to achieve quasi-godhood through sheer force of will and without the required assistance of 5 other members of your race to do so

vegeta by far. it's not even close.

user, heights over 6ft are not average/common. I was blessed to be born 6'5, but literally every male I know is around 5'9 to 5'11, with maybe two of my coworkers just barely over 6ft.

if dbz characters represented real life, you would be lucky to have 2 of them over 6ft. it's quite impressive that so many are even pushing that close to 6ft, considering that it takes place in what I assume to be a fictional japan.

I am 5'6, pretty average to be honest

>it's real

>Thanks to @ErrenVanDuine, we can see that the official production design for the destroyed arena from DBS ep.100 refers to Kale as "turning into Broly" (ブロリー化). Not that it was ever much of a secret.
>b-b-b-but it was never Broly's transformation!

o no


> being this obsessed with height alone
A-user are you a manlet?

>"turning into Broly"
No shit, even the Japanese kids figured that out when Kale was even announced.

Trunks, with two of me I'll have double the power!

the entire point of final form frieza being short is that he's strong despite not looking as menacing as his other forms. Stop projecting your insecurities on fictional character you fucking retard

>89 posts
>44 posters

If Freeza wanted he could just go second form which is like 8 foot tall


The means your boipussy was made to be dominated by tall boy cock.

why on earth would you want to be some crappy farmer?

working in the fields out under the sun, getting your hard muscle-heavy and almost literally god-gifted body sweaty but you can keep going with an inhuman resistance that lets you keep working harder and harder, and getting god forms that make you look younger, and having the opportunity to live for thousands of years..

why on earth would you wanna have that?

Vegeta is like a bantu warrior, his responsibility is to fight and his wife's job is to bring him food so he can fight. It's not a perfect system but it works.

this and cooler.

She was too perfect for this world.

Well for your information, user, I'm 6'1" and also /fit/. But like, even if I was only 5'10 and "normal", I would still be really disappointed by the fact that Goku, Gohan, Tenshinhan and Piccolo are the only ones taller than fucking 5'9".