It's time for a new season. What are you watching this season, homos?

It's time for a new season. What are you watching this season, homos?

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My Melody/Hello Kitty OTP

This was gayer than I expected. Hopefully they keep up.

>CR announced this for simulcast about 3.5 days ago
>The episode is still not out on their site for some reason
Fucking liars. I ended up getting the raws for the time being.

One hour until disappointment.

>Are you this desperate to blog about what you are doing online?

The OP asked what am I watching this season though.


This massive cutie right here.

I'll just drop here the recently released volume 10 of Aitsu no Daihonmei if anyone is interested (ripped from pdf, watermarks removed).!IowDUSRL!8fdjP_dfqUYHalyxH9S13AZNagUJDAGeqoBEOLu2QyA

Speaking of BL published by SuBLime, I don't suppose anyone has a copy of The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window by Tomoko Yamashita they'd be willing to share?


I made a thread asking why Mugen is the face of these faggot threads on Sup Forums but mods deleted it for some reason.
So... Why are you fags defacing Mugen like this?

Thanks user.

Same, I might keep watching just for the postman. Such a shame they killed off the colonel, he looked way more interesting than the new one

You sure are desperate at keeping your dead thread alive.

Hodgins has a bit of Makoto's facial structures and Rin's hairstyle to me. Colonel looks very very handsome, I can see why/how Violet fell in love with him.
I wonder if this series will have any homobaiting in it. Doesn't seem like it right now.

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens looks like it might be homo.

From the few pages that were posted in these threads I thought Gakuen Babysitters was literally BL. I'm glad it's just cute SoL instead.

I've already seen Devilman, I'm not interested in other anime.

How'd this and the DMMd anime turn out so bad when they're so popular?

What did she mean by this?

Sure it was super interesting

up on the usual
Just a reminder that Batoto is closing down in a few days and some BL series are not yet archived
If you have a favorite series, some old obscure shit, or a BL series of some literal who mangaka that you haven't archived yet then now's the time to do so.
Please be aware that some packaged volumes and archives on the goddess aren't necessarily the same as the one hosted originally on batoto (they have .jpg instead of .png, and it lower filesize) so keep that in mind.

>Official twitter tweeting the most homo moments
I have high hopes

Scans when?


>Taichi working hard to give his lover a better place
>His lover getting stolen while all that
>His lover lets himself fall deep
The series needs a truck desu.

Is he actually his lover?

Also ntr never happens in homo series, so who gives a ashit.

Are swordfags prepared for all this s t i c c

Don't bully Juzu please

Gokotai looks fine with his long legs because he is small but not Juzu.

Wait, he's actually falling for that girl(?)?

Would they really fug when Sakura and her dad's rooms are close by?

Togainu because A1, Dmmd because the produccion was a trainwreck.
BL adaptations are cursed.

>they're 'friends' now and soccer 'buddies'
>he meets him more regularly than Taichi now, and the deaf guy always instills things within him.
>Kouhei can relate more with the deaf guy.
you tell me

They know their audience.

Eh, sounds just like the usual love triangle/unnecessary third wheel drama, we all know Taichi and Kouhei are getting together in the end.

Is the goddess down or something?


Yeah, that's the thing that ticks me off though.
If I want shojoshit elements, I'd read a shojotrash for full immersion instead.
Works on My Machine

Well, it's not like BL is immune from bad shoujo tropes, far from it actually.

Thank you user.
They'll sleep holding hands.

Apparently that Chicchai-san anime was a disaster too and the source material has been like the second most popular BL game for five years now in Japan.

I assume it's a combo of lack of funding and being unable find anyone who actually wants to do it.

Syaoran is my everything this season.

Is it okay if I want some really dirty things to him? So dirty that not even that shower could ever clean him up?

I recently started reading this. It's an isekai, but the MC is a girl and most of the side character a hot 80yo guys. I like it so far.

Thanks to that user for making me rewatch Show by Rock.


Why is he so long?

I miss that show. It was fun as fuck.

Bless your heart, user.

>that mole under the eye
it's so simple and yet so charming
works every time

Basically this. I have Violet Evergarden downloaded but I just don't care. Instead I keep rewatching Devilman.

That is a creature which needs to be bullied, and bullied hard.

>they're joined at the hip
What did he mean by this?

That's how you dance with your mate. They are just now sure who gets to put his hand on the partner's ass and who on the back.

That DILF is so fucking hot, a shame about the freeface on the twink.

Is that a girl? He looks more bishoujo than bishounen.

No, they just cuddle in bed.

He's a 82 year old knight.

Every time yellow speaks I want to punch him in the face, and is it bad if I want to feed blue for sexual favors?

Back when I was still into Idolish7 he was my favourite boy because he was always just an amusing ray of sunshine while all the other boys often started or were otherwise involved in obnoxious melodrama.

Eguchi sounds like he has lot of fun voicing Nagi.

It's a boy.

>both my Batoto downloaders stopped working the day after the announcement
I'm going to have to ask for upload permission for goddess some day because I keep finding things missing.

I liked the first ep more than I thought I would. MC is fun for a trap character.

Maybe these homo blogthreads shouldn't be allowed in the first place?

By the way, we are getting official subs after all.

And thank god for that. TLanon's fansub is all over the Internet now, because Tourabu fans were desperate enough to come digging even in Sup Forums for a translation. Now they won't need to anymore.

Is it gonna be a week late or will they do a double release on sunday?

>to come digging even in Sup Forums for a translation.
I imagine it's more likely that it just got picked up by those shitty streaming sites they use. Do you really think the tumblr types know how to torrent?

I hope they won't be late. Will they release two episodes at once?

They seem to be learning.

They announced it on their twitter?

>Now they won't need to anymore.
But are we getting the episodes on normal days? otherwise it'd ruin our already dead threads

>Pic related is a line stamp
Thanks, Japan.

I might pick up some suggestions of this thread. I still have that sword series to watch though.

>I keep finding things missing.
Ah, yeah. That irritates me too, so I do tend to add the official group releases as much as I possibly could.
I wish most fags weren't so lazy in doing so.

What is he blushing at?

His wife, Horikawa.

Hori is the husbando.

It's funny because apparently an official tweet said hori is wife-like once.

It's more than that.
Kane-san is like an immature high school girl so he needs someone to look after him. Hori is both his mom and his wife.

This season seems empty so far, even with new swords.

Hakata is a wise little boy and knows what's profitable

Kane-san thicc

>women who forced her husband into marriage
Devs shipping harder than I ever knew.

Pure fujo pandering.

I miss ufo style for swords. Too bad there was no onsen episode.

>he was always just an amusing ray of sunshine
That's my perception of niisan.

No, Yamato is sarcastic.

Ufo delivers better fanservice even though Katsugeki is the "serious" Tourabu anime. We can't forget about that horse fucker animator too, this timeline is blessed.

What a madman. I still laugh when I remember what happened.

Hanamaru's art sucks at times, but I enjoyed watching it so much more than Katsugeki that I can't even miss Katsugeki's art.

Imagine being able to smell those gorgeous armpits.

Katsugeki had some really nice moments here and there in my opinion, too bad they were all over the place and not consistent.

S2 looks much better so far, I hope it stays like that.

True. It doesn't help that Katsugeki didn't focus on any of my favorite swords either, other than the Genjibros.

I'm not really counting on it, but it would be nice.