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>He doesn't like MAKE MONEY and KUKUN
Shit taste.

Fuck you, the rappers were surprisingly great.

They were awesome.

Hey, another Crybaby thread! Wow, thanks user. I was just thinking that we needed a couple dozen more threads in order properly discuss this groundbreaking anime. And such profound commentary as well! "Dropped." I never though of it that way! Boy, I'm really going to have to contemplate this for a while!

I loved their rap songs.

which ending is better the manga or the orginal anime?

you have literally shit taste the rap parts are top quality


shit taste

They're both good in their own ways. The Manga gave Satan more fleshed out motivations for doing what he did, as well as a decent enough moment of self-realization over what he'd become, even if it was somewhat ham-fisted (GOD HATED DEMONS INFESTING EARTH AND HE WANTED TO KILL THEM ALL SO I STOPPED HIM BUT NOW HUMANS ARE INFESTING EARTH AND I HATE THEM SO I'M GONNA KILL THEM ALL SO I CAN KILL GOD FOR WANTING TO KILL ALL THE DEMONS...WAIT). Crybaby made Satan a bit more shallow in favor of crafting a more emotional climax.

Probably one of the worst changes, they should have kept that group of delinquents from the manga.

They don't even look human, that won't fly today.

>the virging stride
>the Scooby run.

Honestly, the rapping is one of the only things I like about this show.

Spinoff about rappers turning into devilmen team of superheroes and protecting the humanity from devils with each episode starting with rap summary and final rap battle against rock Satan never.

>that episode where he raps in front of miko for a whole 2 minutes
Is it supposed to be cool or something

I don't think so. I don't understand Japanese so I can't judge properly, but I got the impression it was supposed to feel a bit childish.

Of course. They all died. Maybe a chibi theater as a disc release bonus.

The original anime because it's a happy end

The devil rap was the best one. Prove me wrong.