What do you think about onis?

What do you think about onis?

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I dont know much about onis but drunk, horned Aoi Yuuki is love.


there should be more

Ibaraki is best Fate Oni.

One of the worst servant design on par with Raikou. Raita should have stick to designing European character

What are you, an Eunuch?

They're alright.

Not my Ibaraki

Need more shuten doujins

Onis are for tender lovemaking only.

Then you got to face the father

2hu is reclining, it's time to let go of the past.

>One of the worst servant design on par with Raikou. Raita should have stick to designing European character
Wow shit taste. Shit taste!

Oni are for baby making


what's that Oni Oyakodon manga where they kidnap a villager?


You're one of the few tripfags that are okay, man, don't ruin it.

As long as ZUN is still here

This is what a perfected horny lady looks like

I like onis but some of them are just too tall.

Dumb lizard

The plural is also Oni.

>Naomi Nekomata has made two Shuten doujin
>first one still not translated
I think onis must not be too popular.

why does it bother me when I see anime girls using wave skirts/tops? they look underaged to me for some reason

Either my eyes are bad or her bikini armor is too loose.

Among EOPs maybe

That's the point of Brave Liz.

They belong on

Singular is onus

Oni are good

Why are you posting a hermit in a oni thread?

Japanese goburins are cute.

Are they the same as Ogre/ogres/ogresses?


This. They make strong, healthy babies.


that is correct

When is Tomoe-chan's anime?

I like my Onis that aren't from shitty phone games.

Go be a buttblasted nostalgiafag somewhere else

>2hu is reclining, it's time to let go of the past.
Thin ice, stalkers.

Onis a shit. A SHIIIIIIT.

Delet this.

Lolis don't have such a fat butt

Holy fuck.

But only for the right guy.

I prefer the objectively best Shuten Ibuki-douji

Oni chestlets, when will they learn.


user calm down and have a drink

I fucking love onis. I think I have a horn fetish even though that sounds retarded

Calm down, shonen

Are strong onicorns allowed?

>still some unscanned and untranslated Obmas
It should be a crime

Anyone got sauce for this? tried google, yandex, archive. Get nothing

Would you suck their horns ?

Of course I would. How is that even a question?

They deserve to die

How awful.

Don't bge a speciest

Only the ones from shitty franchises like Fate.

[Dodo Fuguri (Shindou)] Oni no Oyako wa Hito no Osu to Kozukuri ga Shitai

Sometimes they're in too much of a hurry.

The panda's file search?



Is she really Aoi Yuuki self insert?

Aoi is hella lewd woman.

>Same haircut
>Same measurements
>Same face
You tell me.

>same face

Let's not be surreal.

She's a small seiyuu.

for you

It's about as similar as it can get without making it too realistic.
She's also supposedly able to drink people under the table despite being fun sized.


smol seiyu


You should be able to find it on the panda based on the tags alone.


Why are horns so great?

oni are good
but fgo can suck a fucking dick

She is so fucking sexy, and her voice is amzing. The only other Fate Servant that has a voice as good as her is Hokusai



Wait, that's just a picture of Aoi Yuki.

Fuck i love horns.

Have you seen this oni?

>They're not muscular
Might as well be cosplay. A horn does not make an oni.

Handlebars to grab onto during.



>be a sage
>don't do your job
>pretend to be a hermit instead
Why is Kasen such a piece of shit?

Jesus Christ guide me!

I think she's the grand order character with the best feet fanarts second only to Sakura Saber.

Why is that banana crying?

bless you kind user.