Kimetsu no Yaiba 93 Korean Scans:

We will fight until the end!





We already have a thread for Kimetsu no Yasspull
>We will fight until the end!
Cringe. Kys.


Kill yourself.


It died.

You kill yourself

What the fuck this battle is dragging way too long

Someone please finish the dump.

Nah. We can have a better thread at usual time.

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KnY managed to beat the "Big 3" + Fairy Tail at a few things.

This fucking fight, man.


Serious rehab indead.

>Or it's about to get canned.




Just noticed that the details on Zen's katana are like lightning bolts.

>lightining passing in the sword
Oh the details





Just reread everything a while ago and this fight is actually pretty good if you read everything at once. Weekly pacing is suffering.





This shit is intense

Fucking nice dude, I've been enjoying a lot the current chapters, everyone is getting fucked left and right.
Now we wait for korean bro to translate

that's gonna leave a mark

Couldnt Nezuko attach herself to Tanjiro and body those hits like the Siscon and Brocon demons?

Jesus christ, all this whiplash.

Now Tanjirou is poisoned

best boy (alive division)

>Tanjirou got pierced through the neck by Giyuu's sickle

That's not where the neck is

>this chapter
>this whole fucking arc
Also where the fuck is Inosuke?


>Inosuke didn't appear
he is fucking dead

He's just having a little breather

RIP in peace pig-kun

Biding his time so he can pig assault Giyuu's neck after he blocks Tanjirou's sword with his mouth.

gyuutaro gave him some extra ventilation

I'm interested in what kind of bullshit Inosuke will have to pull to live

Based Zenitsu

Thank god, I feared the chapter would end again with
>I'm beheading him THIS time

what happened that this week we are having so many shitposter?

That doesn't look good, Uzui

We've been gaining shitposters since sometime around Jump Festa because people started shitposting about Kimetsu in Jump threads.

ToC threads.

I can't name a single good thing from those threads

it's been getting gradually worse for a while but the stupid antsy kids posting the dump too early and fucking it up doesn't help

tanjiro got gyu-poisoned which means inosuke will survive too.

Inosuke got stabbed clean through the chest from behind. That's a big difference from getting gored under the jaw. (I still think he'll live but it's a guaranteed asspull)


dont underestimate inoskes very own breath of beast!

Inosuke will probably be turned into a demon

by whom?

Thia arc/fight is too intense Sup Forums.
We've been having literal neck to neck cage-style combat for weeks now and its not slowing down.

Hell if I know but I don't see any other way to survive getting stabbed in the heart, with deadly venom

Too flamboyant

Got pierced through the heart one or two chapters ago.

I bet you hate breathing too

Alright, let's get this show on the road

>Chapter 93: I Will Never Give Up


>Cut! Cut!

>We will finally defeat him
>We'll win



This panel has some confusing text thanks to tenses, and if I tried to make it work, it'd probably be off. But basically it's just one of those we're not so different things

>Even if I were to become a demon

>Someone from the demon hunters
>Would cut my head off

>Hold on, quit joking around!
>Don't let a guy like that cut your neck!

love you user

>This guy!
>He dug his way out of that mess and got back up!

>Breath of Thunder
>First Style

>I know about the pace of your technique!
>Since I've seen it many times!

>Thunderclap Flash

>Die already, ugly!


Is it the demon or MC talking here?

>So fast...


>It's getting cut!

>No way! I never thought this guy could move like this...!

>Cut, cut, this swing has to cut!
>I can only use lightning swiftness twice, and my legs are getting ruined

>I managed to dig out of the debris and get up, but I can't take another hit
>And right now is the only chance I'm going to get to take her neck!

>Tanjirou created this golden opportunity
>I definitely have to cut it! For sure!


>Still not cutting! It's solid!

>He should have been weakened by the poison
>I'm still not strong enough!



>He's already recovered from the poison...!
>I'll be caught in this and split apart...!

>The sword is being pushed out...


>Just a little bit more! If I could just go a bit further...

>Don't give up, don't give up, don't give up
>Stick with it until the very end!

Men whats with all the asspulls this chapter. They dead one time now they are alive. The manga got so bad with this arc.

>This fucking brat!

>The attack's
>Speed has increased!

>He shrugged off the poison
>And completely recovered!

>Don't give up!

>Don't give...

we got another one

called that happening

>He's not dead!
>He's not dead, so this guy's heart... I see

>He used his muscles to force his heart to stop
>Since if he did that, he could stop the flow of poison temporarily

>The 'whatever this word is supposed to be' is completed!
More in depth on next page
>Let's go and win!

So this page is explaining what the fuck this word is supposed to be, but even after reading it I can't figure it out
>Uzui Tengen's combat formula. The analysis does take time
>He reads the rhythm of the enemy's attack movements by converting it to sound. He can figure out their habits and even their blind spots
>He can strike the enemy by attacking in the gaps of sound as if he was making the beat to a song

>But the poison was limiting his ability to ward off enemy attacks. He couldn't get to his neck

>If it wasn't for

This panel is also tripping me up, gonna pass and leave it for the real TL

>This bastard...! He's only got one arm
>He can't be serious!

>Don't make me laugh!


>Don't stop, go for it!

>He came out slow, this guy's a real idiot!
>No matter how much you adjust your breathing, a guy like you is completely hopeless

>It's over, man
>You'll die to the poison!

>Cut it! Cut his neck!
>I will never give up, I will cut it!

And that's all for this week, fellas

He used "THAT"?!

Yes cos if you don't like it you are shitposting. Go home fanboi. The editors are pushing this crap for some strange reason.

Reminder to not reply to ToC shitposters

Thanks you based TL-kun, you are doing god's work.

thanks user

Thanks TL user

PS: I swear, one of the upper moons is a former pillar who taken their "offer"