New episode coming out today

>New episode coming out today
>no threads
Did the hype die down?

Subs aren't out yet.

they started it with the worst one so probably

What stories will be in this episode?

What makes you think some threads on Sup Forums are any indication for a show's hype?

Sup Forums is the metric by which all is judged

I only watch shows that are popular on Sup Forums because I sincerely believe they are the most elite group of otakus out there.

Fashion Model and Long Dream

>Long Dream

Is the horriblesubs translation good enough?

>Fashion Model this early
Well ok then

That's really kafkaesque.

Subs are out.

That fucking doujin and the Tamagoro ones


Oh ok interesting, I see what they're going for here.
They're gonna introduce her early on with this episode, and then have Souichi eventually meet her in his episode.Then maybe show the chapter with her as his wife Not a bad idea.

I didn't finish the first episode. It didn't hook me

It's shit

Its episodic, pretty retarded to do that but so long youre happy.

I'm hyped as fuck, but I'm a huge fan of horror in any medium. brb watching new episode

Reading the manga feels better than watching it i guess

I'm going to watch now, I'm in high hopes.

People just forgot anything that isn't PTE, Crybaby, Franxxx or Violet. It's better this way though. Not nearly as much shitposting.

I don't have high hopes, DEEN is being as lazy and soulless as it gets with this adaptation.

These are my 2 favorite stories and this adaptation is fucking garbage. Fuck you DEEN.


Pretty interesting features for sure.

Hurr hurr Sarah Jessica Parker is anime now?


Fucking hell really?



You don't see her beauty?



Not in this season because it's not in the fucking collection you filthy bandwaggoner


Just search fucking Shauna / Pokemon you tard.

fucking eat shit, the doll one wasn't either

I think

It was.

it's in the last volume along with frankenstein you dumb cunt

What the fuck did you call me

I thought it was gonna be groaning drain

It would be a shame that after all this setup with the Fashion Model and Shouichi they don't adapt the adult Shouichi stories even if they're not part of the collection.


What's next week ?

Attack on eotena.

Which one are these

I don't know why but I can never see Souichi as a horror. It reminds me of his cat diary manga more than Ma no Kakera stuff.
Fuchi-san is a nice lady. Would marry.

Wait, I don't remember Souichi marrying her, I though she ate him.

So did they did it justice? I haven't started this season yet. Long Dream might be the only Junji Ito story that scared me.

He did, and they had a beautiful baby together. Then when his plan failed, he got eaten.

can't know for sure because this episode was supposed to be groaning drain according to the manga order

That's what was speculated based on the numbers shown at the end, but the story numbers don't match up with the Collection chapter order.

This show needs some noise to the video, I add it myself with a shader on mpv, granted this show is beyond saving and not scary.

it's okay

I'm pretty sure Souichi stories are all about black comedy, not even in a ironic way, it just the way it is.

Looks like Cromartie High.

>[HorribleSubs] Ito Junji Collection - 02 [1080p]

So we got the Fashion Model and The Long Dream, uh?

they didn't, he only had a dream of it happening.


shhhh don't ruin the fun

what the fuck

It's bland

damn it, deen

Yea. While each minute passed in the episode I had an image pop in my head of a building full of expressionless nips working on this anime. My god, it has zero passion.

Fuchi is cute

I find this guy more funny than scary

DP when?


>that feel when your waifu rejects you
Yeah, his shape is grotesque but it was funny looking too. Feels bad man.

So, both episodes managed to make me shiver a bit so I deem them passable. However the model really suffered because of the art being so simple so her face wasn't as spoopy as in the manga and they butchered the scene with her running in the forest while holding their dress, the most beautiful scene of the story in my opinion. Long dream was ok but it feels bland. So far this adaption has been decent but very, very forgettable. So the opposite of the feeling Ito's stories best convey.

name brand vs great value

without the pupils it makes him look way more inhuman, the difference is pretty staggering

My dad sleeps with his eyes open.
I showed this to my mom and she knew exactly what I was thinking.


le 56% face

For what purpose?

Something seems off...

Will the fashion model story continue or was that it?

That was the worst one? I thought it was entertaining enough.

No, it just ends like that.

I get the feeling she sits too far to the left, too much space to the window side.

That was it. It's one of those stories where the mc is narrating like he's recalling from the past but it's actually in real time and the story ends when he dies.

Who knows.

what hype again?

Gotta say I'm pretty disappointed. Right looks so tame compared to left

I'm mad

There is one more story with her in the manga, but I don't think it will get adapted.

There's actually two, both of them involving Souichi.

I saw that nipple in ep2 HS rip.

Whats spooky is that sometimes i have realy long dreams that bother me because of how long they go on for and when i think about them I literaly just think of them as "long dreams". That and the fact that time shit where it goes on for hundreds or thousands of years spooks the shit outa me, long time shit is horrid to me so this shouyld have been horrific to me but therre was something missing to it so I'm only slightly creped out and uncomfortable even though it should have hit harder. Bad adaptation?

Why are you making shit up? The nipple is there in Crunchyroll as well.

>not using your long dreams to train your chi and increase your power level

The adaption is trash, but Ito's concepts remain terrifying
So basically it's why Fuchi did nothing for anyone and Long Dream is still disturbing

I wonder if CR got different master for ep2 or just DEEN fucked up since that pic was from ep1.

Wait you mean she's the same character that appears in the circus story? I didn't realize until now.

Ah yeah, forgot about these. I'm talking about cursed frame tho, the one at the end of shivers.

So when does this get actually scary?

when we get to the final episodes where they hid all the budget