He deserved everything that happened to him

He deserved everything that happened to him.

He was kind of a scumbag, but he didn't dseserve to be raped

Aiko did everything wrong, though.

>this filename

People told me this was a story about a depressed outcast when it was actually just a story about a deranged nutjob normalfag. What the fuck?

in what fucking way is he a normie you incel

I feel bad for him either way

When was he raped?

At best, he was a failed normalfag


It was his hot aunt, dude was horny little fucker. He cucked his uncle. He was the fucking worse asshole ever.

yeah that's why he cried and tried to kill himself

>deserved everything that happened to him
That's something only a horrible & rotten person would type.

He was raped by Midori.

He didn't, but saying he did to trigger Sup Forums is funny.

He wasnt raped he was sad because he thought he didnt deserve it and has betrayed his uncle.


Anyone who considers Punpun /depressioncore/ hasn't read more than 10 manga. Prove me wrong.
>Pic related, good manga of the genre

Punpun wasn't raped, he got a boner and aunt was hot


Fuck off.

I genuinely don't remember it.
Anyone got the chapter it happens in?

No shit, that's the entire point of the story.

>Everyone deserves everything what happened to them
Water is wet and DBZ is shit

>One aceveration and one false statement
user you might need help.

And so do you

By the time I read Punpun I already read more than 40 manga. Now I´m over 130. I do think it´s depressing but not as much as people wanted to think. the love story was less depressing that the relationship between punpun and his mother and all the shit that happend to his uncle.

Jokes on you fuckboi, I'm literally reading both at the same time

This is not a genre you retard and I read Kokou no Hito and it is not better than punpun as a psychological manga, but Buntarou is more autistic than punpun.

He lost his virginity to Midori

You need help DB spic

His father was living in Fukushima...
What happened to him?

He came from a real bad home, had real bad circumstances regarding his friendships, and had really unhealthy ideals in him despite being a generally decent person. Punpun's kind of the epitome of a good person in a bad situation making the worst possible choices for themselves until they eventually become the worst people you could know.

My life's too fucking similar to his FUCK. Right down to the fucking sexual harassment and dreams of getting back that old gf.