Why did our main hero job so hard in this scene? (and episode)

Because he was up against a superior opponent?

Because he's never won a fight by himself.

Because he's a kid who only ever fought either other kids or jobbers. He's weak.

Shouldn´t Bort be already cut by the sword? I mean by physics the kunai shouldn´t had a lot resistance .

He fought against the seven fucking swordman from mist

six stolen valor wannabes and his special friend of the week*

more like the 7 jobers, shizuma was the most decent of them

Those weren't the 7 swordmen. They were just 7 jobbers who got their hands on some overpowered national treasures and even then couldn't use them properly. For fucks sake, Shizuma was the most competent of them and almost got eaten by the Samehada. Zabuza alone could have killed them all easily.

webm please

It's an interesting paradox; Boruto who is a supposed chunin-level prodigy that can perform numerous elemental jutsus and asspull them out of nowhere without training constantly jobs and to date has never won a fight by himself; while kid Naruto who was a supposed failure and as unskilled as they come, could seriously fuck up similar and even more powerful ninjas than the ones Boruto is jobbing to e.g. bandits/mercenaries(without nine tails chakra) despite only knowing one jutsu (let alone any elemental ones) and having no taijutsu style unlike Boruto who uses the hyuga clan's powerful gentle fist. Is Boruto the ultimate jobber?

This is stupid
The kids win against the heroes of the war
but can't win against a random goon

Shones were a mistake

It's no wonder that he cheat in the chunin exam

>The kids win against the heroes of the war
Who? Shino? It was clearly stated that he was fighting like an idiot thanks to the dark Chakra and would have killed them all if he was in the right state of mind.

In the bell test?

Th Jounin were holding back. They easily could have killed them all if they wanted. Not to mention they literally had no chance of beating Kakashi.

It's not just Boruto.

You guys are acting like Mitsuki and Sarada weren't just standing there watching for some retarded reason and then Sarada saying she couldn't do anything.

Character wins every single fight
>fucking gary stu/plot armour
Character loses a fight
>fucking jobber

Sounds about right.

sakura's child alright

I feel like they had Mitsuki catch the wounded guy to have an excuse for him not to fight since he's the medical ninja but forgot to show him healing him.

The more important question should be why Boruto didn't use shadow clones or why Mitsuki didn't attack using his snake arms. Next episode they suddenly start using their jutsu's again and easily beat the shit out of the fodder ninja.

>a bunch of kids that stole the swords that got their asses kicked by students not even genin

I mean, until now Boruto has only fought the Seven Jobbers of Mist and Sumire.

Now he's fighting a legit crazed murderer.

Have you ever made a girl make this facial expression?
Bort has.

what is a jobber?

A character who loses to make their opponent look strong.

Have you praised Lord Jashin today?

Watch dragonball super. You should understand what a jobber is after taking a look at Gohan.

I stopped watching this shit show after BOO like 15 years ago or even more who the hell knows, meaning dragonball is shit and for children (kids) or niggers/arabs/spics

A character with relatively good feats, but get circles spun around them by an opponent to make that opponent look stronger.

It can go two ways:

1. The character could have beat their opponent, but still somehow loses so the one they are fighting against can look stronger and gain battle cred.

2. The opponent is stronger, but the character loses in such a humiliating and low-tier way to make that opponent look better, even though they should've been able to put up more of a better fight given their feats and experience.

so its like those assholes made Deidara lose to S*suke even he was clearly the better one? Or was it just plot armor

It was a bit of both.

Both, and I'm still mad. Deidara's justsus were some of the best in the entire series.

Plot armor is more when a character is saved by pure luck or by pure coincidence.

Plot armor would be if something or someone saved Sasuke, which would mean he did not win with his own power.

Sauce was styling all over Deidara though, before he chimped out and decided to snackbar.

everything about sasgay was plot armor

>pure luck or by pure coincidence.

>sasukes electricity neuts deidaras attacks because le siccors rock paper rule XD
>C4? what a fearsome attack, literally deleting you from the inside, to bad you cant see the attack WOOPS sharingan
>trap sasuke, no way he can surv... WOOPS Sharingan again saved him
>ok ok lets just nuke the whole place, he cant escape this one HAHAHAHHA sorry tobi......

sound for me totally like asspull and plotarmor

Because the OP kids would be too OP if they were written with all their abilities and intellect.

Because writing is shit, 7 mist jobbers were supposed to be at least chuunin but were beaten relatively effortlessly.
Maybe they can salvage the situation by telling us this time enemies are jonin level, would still be an asspull if they're all defeated by team 7 in the end.

>mfw hinata gets to fuck naruto every single night
life is unfair

If he is just using sharingan, that's his power

The sharingan may be his power, but the things he was allowed to do thanks to it during that battle were ridiculous, that's why it was an asspull. It's been a while, but I still remember him being able to see microscopic bombs (cellular size at least, bombs you could breath without noticing and got to your bloodstream) thanks to it. Last time I checked the sharingan wasn't a microscope.

I love the Boruto girls

Only Konan matters

Only Kakashi matters

Only Hidan matters

Tell me a story abut Shsui, Sup Forums.

He wasn't able to see the bombs, he was able to see the colour of the bomb's chakra.

he saw an expanding cloud of shakra and saw deidara fly above the cloud out of its reach so he figured shits dangerous ,he didnt knew what it was tho

he died like a pig

The tiny amounts of microscopic chakra inside tiny bombs invisible to the eye. It's not a matter of the bombs being invisible but the chakra being visible, which would have been ok, it's a matter of the size of both.

He knew enough to be able to somehow deactivate the microscopic bombs inside his own body. And it wasn't a cloud of chakra with bombs in it, that was not his hability. What he could do was to infuse chakra into the clay, and this justsu was microscopic chakra bombs. The same as the rest, just small enough to be invisible.

>The tiny amounts of microscopic chakra inside tiny bombs invisible to the eye. It's not a matter of the bombs being invisible but the chakra being visible, which would have been ok, it's a matter of the size of both
Sharingan didn't have that ability prior to the fight. He even saw through the ground and avoided the mines. This was the fight that made byakugan useless version of the Sharingan.

This is the only good boruto thread of the week, no waifufaggotry or shipwar

I honestly wasn't sure if it had been adressed before or not in the manga so I didn't say anything about it, as I said it's been a while since I read Naruto. I guess it was just another asspull to make Sasuke survive.
The sharingan ruined this series. Can't blame Deidara for hating it.


I hope you die like a pig.

my ship is himawari x inojin now that you mention it

>Watch dragonball super. You should understand what a jobber is after taking a look at Gohan.
DBS is the nost inconsistent anime I've ever seen.
People just watch it for the flashy fights. There's no consistency amybidy could beat anybody.

Does any Dragon Ball anime at all have flashy fights? I just remember watching Z as a kid, and all they did was punch shit, and everyone had the same power. Naruto on the other hand has badass fights, as edgy as that sounds.


Sumire is for Iwabe.

Z's fights were pretty similar. I can't think of any that really stand out except Teen Gohan vs Cell and Gotenks vs Super Buu in the Time Chamber. All of Naruto's fights are pretty memorable though.

What's the most memorable fight? I already forgot them all.

you mean Boruto right?

Well yeah, but probably not how it will turn out realistically.

This is what gets me.
>Boruto is totally stronger than naruto was guy!
>Loses to people naruto would have crushed easily

Sasuke was kicking his ass the entire fight, and holding back because he wanted information on Itachi (didn’t use Summoning, Kirin, or go for the kill).

Would Mitsuki have beaten Gaara in the chuunin exams?



He didn't use Kirin, because he needs special circumstances to set it up.

"I want to become Hokage!", she said. Then everyone else voted Boruto, even if Boruto wasn't a candidate.


with sage mode, probably

without not a chance

Nah we all know she will be hokage

He doesn’t, though. He was going to use it to kill Naruto, Sai, Sakura, and Yamato before Orochimaru stopped him.

I want Village Chief to be my wife

I don't really get snek's sage mode. Does he not control it very well? Or is there a drawback to using it? What stops him from spamming it?

The Hokage of a village Kawaki destroyed

How do you know he was gonna use Kirin back then?

It's a genjutsu.

konoha has been destroyed before

New Boruto chapter preview picture! Shit is heating up!

Oh man, they resetted the cast so hard

Exact same stance as Kirin, orochimaru tells him not to use “That” jutsu, and is literally the only jutsu in his arsenal that fits the description. Likely was a weaker version he can use without clouds around, but used the strongest version possible when fighting Itachi (since he wanted what he thought would be a sure kill).

Why does he has face of a cat who recently spilled a milk?

The fuck happened to him?

Did someone die or atleast get hurt?
did he even shoot?

Nuke straight at his face happened.

That little bitch Chojuro becoming Mizukage broke him inside. We're lucky he was too old and jaded to start a coup like Kisame's nephew.

Can you move it like this?
Can you shake it like that?

You talking about? I think he looks great he was so generic before but now that he's being drawn by someone who can actually draw older/old people he looks legit.

>naruto and the other village leaders setting up the world for success in future generation
>could've eventually retired to live a comfy life with his wife in a time of peace
>edgy fuckboys and ayyliens come in to set everything back to square one
Stop this right now.

>set everything back to square one

The sooner the better.

Woah it's almost like Boruto is a totally unnecessary sequel made to squeeze more money from the old fans

To bad he can’t draw young people worth a damn

Is this Star Wars VII?

Too bad they ruined 99% of the old characters, and most of the new ones are trash, including the art style, OST, and setting as a whole.

Really? I think he can draw them just fine.

Forced sequels are never good, and even though they managed to shit a couple of charaters who look promising you just know they will fuck them up

Anime was definitely a mistake

What is this feeling?