Yuri, yuri on the wall, who is the gayest of them all?

Yuri, yuri on the wall, who is the gayest of them all?

Ramen dyke > Yuzu

Not Yuzu cause she wanted sensei's dick.

all pretty gay but bottom right probably has the highest dyke power level potential

Discount Galko.

Eiko is this season's best dyke.

>superior tits size

Between Yuu and Yuzu.

Yuzu isn't that gay yet, so Yuu.

Yuzu in the future.

All flops

Change top right for Eiko.
And the other three are all pretty gay, but the best one will be Hazuki.

What is it this season and girls wanting to fuck their step-sisters?

Is there a problem with this? I see no issues whatsoever.

>who is the gayest of them all
What if the answer is contained in the question?

Why don't they exist in all seasons? That is the problem.

Ah. I see. I agree, then.

Is getting your bow/tie adjusted like the nakadashi or yuri?

They just had a Slow Start

who is bottom right?


It's sexual harassment

Unless the others are also so gay as to turn yandere, I'd say Yuu wins.

Bottom right is an isekai protagonist with a yuri harem.

Yuzu is super gay but ramen girl has potential.


it will and always shall be op

So which of those girls is OP?


>So which of those girls is OP?

There is only one correct answer

She's not this season, user.

Top left is easily the gayest.

Top left.


Is there a single character in anime gayer than Kohinata Miku?