Killing Bites

First episode airs in less than 2 hours. Can we expect Ousama Game 2.0?

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arachnid anime never

I wonder if Himenospia or that one "Arachnid in Feudal Japan" will get one.

pls no

>wanted kemokko zoo anime
>get this instead

how should I feel about this?

I'm hyped af.

Is it really that bad for it to be compared to Ousama Game?

Ousama Game was great. Best comedy of the season.

noones subbing this though

well fuck...


I guess it's better than nothing.

This show is already great.

Damn, can he regrow those back?
>inb4 no user he's going to die anyways

Can we expect sin 2.0 instead? That's what I'm thinking of

Wait for it to go in the late night smut slot along with those josei anime.

Subs are out.

Any light beams or whiteouts?

>[HorribleSubs] Killing Bites - 01 [720p].mkv

It’s Bloody Roar

I didn't see any in the stream. It's like a show at 3 AM anyways.

Amazon is streaming the "director's cut". Tits confirmed?

It's basicly Bloody Roar but the females don't go full furry

I don't see any exposed important bits in the first place, so there's no beams yet. There's a slight protruding nipple under the clothes, though, and it's only one scene.
Also, lots of honey badger scenes in her undies.

Oh fuck yes. Finally I'm getting my values worth out of my Prime subscription

I want a trashy show full of cheap gore and lewd, I am on the right place?

That's basically the first episode


That was bad.

What the fuck, I didn't expect this actually have animation.

so it's like a worse terraformars?

>tfw your waifu lives in your monitor

wtf this shit is Bloody Rawr the anime?



You can get any worse than Terraformars?

Big brain doggo best waifu

I think I like it.

>trashy show full of cheap gore and lewd
That sums it up, but I thought it was entertaining.

No, they didn't censor the corpses.

Ratel a cute

The lewd dies down. No nudity, but a lot of lewd shots of the girls being pretty much naked.

>tfw you will never have a cute honey badger daughter

>honey badger meme
Somehow I want to fuck a honeybadger now

Is it, dare I say it, FUN in the least?

I like this.

less than 5 minutes in I'm embarrassed to watch this trash

not yet, will see after few eps

Honey badger don't care

yes, very

less than 5 minutes in I'm already completely erect.

>zoom throw it
>look at the seiyuu list
I guess I'll watch it. Nothing bad better happen to her.

Terraformars was pretty good until like the part with Joseph being brought back from having his head sliced in half. It really went downhill after that and having them go back to Earth.

>Bloody Roar finally got a proper anime adaption

shit, the doujins will be fucking glorious!

that didn't happen in the first 5 minutes

I want to touch this butt.


is this bakatest reference?

When is the bunny going to show up?
I like her design the most.

You think her farts smell like honey?

The manga was at least fun, even though the translation team puts out a chapter ANNUALLY (or at least used to) so it surprised me that this this receiving an adaptation. Hopefully if the adaptation isn't (complete) shit, it'll kick of peoples butts into translating the damn thing.

I won't even need doujins if they keep this up.

Yeah, the designs and concept are somehow even lazier

>Monster girls
>Heavy metal soundtrack
I love it!

Fartfags need to go.

I hope they put the game back in development. I need my Bloody Roar spiritual successor.

no lightbeams huh

Now this is fucking anime!

Are we suppose to take this series seriously?

Well Sup Forums?

are there any cute girls in the manga or is it all just giant titty monster garbage?

>Killer Trap

This is the new choice of edge for this season

Hot damn that ED is GOAT

>Fripside OP

Classiest show of the season
With ED featuring japanese Ozzy Osbourne

Amazon knows the target for each product it seems.

Horriblesubs uncensored?

>beta male faggot
>alpha female beast
I don't like this combo.

At least manga scanlations finally finished

Bun is going to be the weakest fighter won't she?

Been waiting for this, it's just as trashy as I remember the manga being before translators died.
Arachnid anime when?


Useless bunnies are only good for their bodies.

best crazy girl?


Initial D reference? confirmed for bros.

Does someone have more stitches?

If you want cute innocent girls there are like a dozen offerings this season and most of them are good. But this is another story.

Looks like the male faggot will cast aside after that Cheetah(?) and useless bunny introduced anyway.

Dark Jannu?

Caught me by surprise.
A pleasant surprise.

Jannu Alter (Honey Badger)

HS rips from Amazon, who are simulcasting the uncensored version

a-user ...

Noice.Finally some fun this season, I'm not saying "just turn your brain off!" but its kinda like watching comfy series where you just chill and watch.

yeah, Surrogate Audience-Kun is really grating at the beginning. He gets slightly better a bit later on.

This ED is my fucking fetish