Garo: Vanishing Line

Today starts the second cour. Episode 13 in 20 minutes

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Shit, already?
Manime is back on the menu

I just learned that apparently Crimson Moon was dubbed. Fucking why? What channel even plays dubbed Garo in general?

Funimation probably got the licence for Garo for cheap so might as well dub it.

Fuck i wish toonami would play vanishing line. Spread the love for one of the best action anime in years

So many people I know talk about it being boring shit with no substance and I don't understand

op2 HOWLING SWORD by Shuhei Kita
ed2 Promise by Chihiro Yonekura

Toonamifags on Sup Forums have no taste. Those guys get excited whenever Dragon Ball Super airs. Their tastes are still the same as when they were kids. Is the only explanation

Had to look both of them up. Was expecting something more, they both sound kinda average.

Please tell me im not the only one who got hard in this scene

Hopefully the visuals are good

Stop trying to stir up shit.

first cour was cool but not as much as honoo no kokuin

I genuinely felt bad for her

Could someone post Webms while we wait?

It's true tho

Get the fuck out already.

Was Gina always this stacked? Goddamn.

>Being this mad
You are one of those faggots aren't you

What if I love Garo and also enjoy Super?

Honest question:
Loved the 1st Garo but couldnt stomach Crimson
Would I like Vanishing?

Sword is so boring.

Then thats perfectly ok

You enjoy both trash and good shows

Place your bets, who will win the Swordbowl?

>Was Gina always this stacked?
Yes. Though her tits are visibly bigger in the OP image.

Nobody like Crimson and pretty much everyone agrees that it was complete shit. Vanishing Line is in the same league as the first Garo anime. So yes, you'd probably like it.

A swine will eat anything on his plate, be it good or bad

Was her and Sophie bathing together arousing to anyone else? Just me? Okay then

Sofie is for hugs, not fugs!

Why not both?

Either Gina or nobody. Sophie is Sword's surrogate imouto at this point, he's not going to lewd her. And the previous episode made it clear that she very likely has a thing for Sword. Or maybe that qt hooker from the first ep will swoop in and win the Swordbowl.

>best action anime in years

Kek. You're joking right? The only good fight in this show is Luke against his father.

K time for Garo then, thanks.

Imagine having taste this shit

You didn't like Sword against Luke's dad?

Can't wait for more of this cute ginger!

Please keep your homosexuality to yourself.

I would bang this little minx six ways from Sunday

not for lewd

How naive, user. This is not a face of innocence.

ONLY for lewd.

>HnK, Vanishing Line, and Crimson Moon are confirmed to take place in the same continuity
Exquisite. I've had that on my mind ever since we saw Luke use that zipline Ema uses.

>HnK, Vanishing Line, and Crimson Moon are confirmed to take place in the same continuity
Source? I thought all there were complete separate entities. Though there's nothing wrong with it taking place in the same continuity since the three shows take place in very different locations and times. You have medieval NotSpain, feudal Magic Japan, and modern day NotAmerica.

From a stream:
They also showed what Zex looked like before becoming a Dark Knight.

That's actually pretty cool. I didn't finish the second anime so I don't know if it had any references to the first, but I'm hoping this one does. Also Sword and German would get along perfectly.


By the time VL starts, German is probably still chilling in Makai.

Wondering if Luke will turn into a Silver Makai Knight.

Also, do the Makai Priests create/obtain/summon new armors for Makai Knights with titles as replacements in case the previous Knights turn fallen?

Luke will have to forge his own title if he decides to (and he most likely will) become a Makai Knight again.
That way he'd also be an equivalent to Leo/LORD from the live action series.

Sweet. Waiting for him to turn full Dante. With sword wielding and gun slinging in armor.

I started out enjoying this but damn 2 cours is killing it. All this episodic filler isn't accomplishing anything, it's just boring as shit. Series would've benefited much more just by being a more tightly-paced 1 cour. Dunno if I'll even continue

The episodic filler is the heart of most Garo series.

>All this episodic filler isn't accomplishing anything, it's just boring as shit
Speak for yourself, pleb

Would be cool but unlikely. Knights only get their one type of weapon, and Leo never used any of his priest spells or tools when armored.

first garo series, looks like I'm staying away from this. Will 2nd cour be more episodic shit or will it be more plot-heavy?

please, episodic shows aren't always bad (Casshern sins is GOAT) but these episodes aren't well-written by any stretch of the imagination, and it's really fucking obvious they're saving budget. They reek of filler

It'll be purely episodic. If you can't appreciate the filler, feel free to leave.

But subs when?

yeah the second cour is when the plot kicks in

>They reek of filler
You reek of ADHD and shit taste.
just now

Subs now.


none of the fights feel like they matter. there's no stakes to anything. it's just monster of the week bullshit.

the worst thing is that it looks really good so everyone just assumes it's a good show even though there's no heart or soul. none of the characters are likeable since they're barely even characters. they're cardboard cutouts.

I flat-out stated I can enjoy episodic shows if it's written well and even gave an example. These filler episodes are not well-written or serve any point.

I'm not watching a goddamn manime for plot and characters you fool.

>These filler episodes are not well-written or serve any point.
Objectively incorrect. Try again.

>none of the fights feel like they matter. there's no stakes to anything. it's just monster of the week bullshit.
Maybe Garo just isn't for you

>These filler episodes are not well-written or serve any point.
But that's just wrong

>These filler episodes are not well-written or serve any point.
They are and do, though.


So Garm fucking when then?

Man, the OST is great.


Digging the visuals on the OP.

Song was kinda generic, but damn I can only feel hype when he shouts GAROOOO

What did she mean by this?

Not sure I like the new OP's artstyle. OP itself is fine, though.

>no JAM Project OP


Where did Gina get all that cash?

First time in 13 years, right?

Once in a while isn't so bad.

Same way what's her face from Ryuuga's series did, presumably.

I thought it was alright.

>ancient, ancient being and the ring he made
So we're ripping that off now, huh?

Relatable Sophie


Yes, next stop is Mordor


Yes, ripping of Wagner is the worst.
That's a really common story element

I will straight skip this new OP every ep though
You don't make a Garo without JAM Project

>ED is just Sword and Sophie travelling and palling around

I really like the artstyle.
Also what the fuck does this scene mean? Where did it suddenly come from

oh shit Luke's getting another waifu next episode

The return of mecha Garo?

they mentioned nibelung already so not a surprise

A golden knight other than Garo?

That'd be amazing.

Good Gina


Is Sword the greatest MC again this season?

I didn't even fucking notice the stone slab through the mouth in the first watch