Is this the greatest season ever for cute girls anime fans?

Is this the greatest season ever for cute girls anime fans?
Yuru Camp > Hakumei & Mikochi > SoraYori >>>>>>>> Ryuuou > Ramen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Slow Start > Madchen > Mitsubishi

She looks like Papika. Is this show good or boring?

Papika from Flop Floppers?

>Mitsuboshi last
It's the best you pleb

I prefer crayon-shinchan over mitsubishi,

Super spoiled. and don't forget cute old women getting drunk

>Yuru Camp above Sora Yori mo

It's comfy as hell, plus it has some genuine funny moments and solid snake as a narrator. Also the OST is god tier.

Keep us informed.

Yuru is too comfy to lose to any other cute girl anime.

You forgot Citrus


That hetshit doesn't deserve a spot at all.

Citrus is more angst than cute.

Sora yori mo is going to be a sleeper hit of feels. The cute is just to draw you in as the story of loss and failure to mourn is revealed

>Colors that low
The lolis too evil for you?

Is that anime originally a novel or what?

It's anime original.

>Mitsuboshi below Madchen

If only we had a cute sweaty girls doing sports, or an idol anime.

isn't madchen just soft porn

>Colors literally at the bottom

You ain't no nigga of mine.

>She looks like Papika
Really? I dont see it.
Her pink hair and goofy smile do remind me of a certain trap though

>Story of madness, deaths, and things no man or woman are meant to know
>Set in isolated base in Antarctica
>Featuring yuri main characters
I can get behind this.

Is Hakumei & Mikochi really that good?


Yeah, really. They're too similar in a sense.

that's why it;s awful.

It's not on most people's radar, but it's extremely good. must watch for cute girls and comfy show fans.

Put Mitsuboshi equal to Hakumei and then we might talk.

More like Mamika

What are your guys thoughts on After the Rain? I really enjoyed the directing, pacing, and art design. The MC is a little on the boring side, but overall I was quite impressed.

Why is Little Einstein-tier anime airing late night? Mitsuboshi should be morning-afternoon anime.

You know why.

Doesn't really fit in this thread but yeah, I loved the first episode. The direction is incredibly good.

Do you think Shonenfags think this is worst season ever? They got worst chuuni anime like Overlord and that's it.

It's the other comfy show of the season. Reminds me of a more innocent time.

What sense would that be?

>Ryuuou > Ramen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Slow Start > Madchen > Mitsubishi
>Mitsuboshi last

You're insane.

Good, I can get off to their tears.

>at the mountains of madness
>with cute girls
I need this.
This show won't do it, but I need this.

One of those is not like the others.
Or maybe two - haven't seen hakumiko yet

>Sora Yori
>Slow Start
All shit.
The others three are pretty good though. Good season.

I've already seen several whining about it.

Marchen, Slow Start and Ramen are shit.

Slow Start unironically started slow, but it will soon get good.

Mitsubishi > SoraYori >> Yuru Camp >>> Slow Start >>>>>> Ramen
Haven't watched Hakumei yet. Wasn't planning on picking up Ryuuou and Madchen.


What do you mean you dont know how to set up a tent?

Face divine retribution!

>anime girl gets rock hard and pitches tent

Sora Yori is shit, and the people hyping it sound like actual morons.

Sanrio Danshi > everything else

you sound pretty retarded yourself, user

At least I don't type like a teen.

>people hyping it sound like actual morons
Can you post examples?

here i was worried i wouldn't be comfy enough this season

>he cares about punctuation on 4chin
I'd suggest you go back but we all know you have /r/anime open in another tab already

>No subs

I'm mad

As someone who usually don't like "cute girls doing cute things" type of shows I found myself really liking Yuru Camp. People weren't lying when calling it comfy, I also enjoy Rin as the MC.

It's Flip Flappers

Why would shonenfags care about Overlord? It's LN and manga is in seinen magazine

It's shitty isekai with perfect self-insert protagonist

>muh reddit boogeyman
You're fitting in well.

What does it have to do with shounen?

Not him, but typing like a teenage nigger has always been looked down on here.

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I wish nu-Sup Forums would die

I wish retards who post shit like "nu-" would die

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They've wasted all their animation budget on the first ep. It'll only get slower as it goes on, turning into a slideshow in ep 12.

stop derailing this comfy thread!

seems I struck a cord

What a memester, same reaction pics over and over.

*Lets all heat out*
Seriously though, wouldn't her tent be cold af by the time she's going to sleep? Especially if she's rolling out her sleeping bag.

This. Sorayori is best.

Slow Start is so comfy, but it doesn't even get any threads lately.

This scene got a loud laugh out of me.

Man, Reddit truly has taken over Sup Forums.

I didn't like shogi loli at all. COuldn't even sit through all of the first episode.

They're all flopping though.
Did japan get tired of moe?

There are simply too much of the same kind, so the sells are divided. Compared to 1 sole big normie anime like Mahotsukai/Yuri on Ice/Violet

So far I'm loving Yuru Camp and Yorimoi, should I give a try to Citrus as well?

>mitsuboshi last
Terrible taste.