Ito Junji: Collection


Almost makes up for the first episode.

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>Almost makes up for the first episode.

i will never understand why they wanted to start with souichi

Great episode all around. Souichi was indeed a terrible way to start, but now we're good.

Will they also adapt Tonie?
the animation was god awful

Yeah they will do like the first story including Tomie, since that was part of the collection.

I heard that Tomie is gonna be a 2-part OVA

Oh really ? Fuck that’s even better

the animation is amazing dude

Yeah, I was also pretty sastified with it.



I liked the first episode.
What was wrong with it?

It's just that Souichi's stories are more based in black humor with a somewhat creepy atmosphere, which doesn't live up to the fame of legendary horror artist Junji Ito.


Will they """animate""" this one?

Souichi>Long Dream

I think it encapsulated what made Junji Ito so great though.

Well, that was actually creepy. A good adaptation so far. I don't even mind the animation since I feel it fits the mood of the anime somehow.

It's not in the collection

The animation ruined the model's feel a bit, otherwise, 10/10.
The animation shouldn't really matter anyway since running and fast action rarely happen in his stories anyway.
So far, this is a contender for AOTS for me.

Oh I agree. It's just that many feel that anyone not familiar with Ito might just not "get it".

Watching Long Dream with my schizophrenic mother was a terrible idea.

Yeah i really don't mind it.

We need to have Junji Ito story time threads again. It's been a while since I've read these stories but it was genuinely unsettling.

I liked the voice acting (and overall music) from Souichi a shit ton. I'm excited for the rest.

The last storytime thread with Gyo was fun. It was my first time reading it so experiencing it with Sup Forums was fun

They really nailed the voice acting and music, I noticed some QUALITY moments, especially in that Fashion Model story. Episode 2 was alot more unsettling than the first episode. I think episode 1 was awesome and I don't get the hate for it, Souichi's VA was perfect.

Oh shit, they adapted this one as well? I might have to give this a watch soon.
This one seriously almost gave me a phobia for tall girls with large foreheads and beady eyes.

>This one seriously almost gave me a phobia for tall girls with large foreheads and beady eye
It's not like there is many of them.

> phobia for tall girls with large foreheads and beady eyes.
That's too specific

I gotta watch this show right now

Fucking luckily, but they still exist.
Matched with one on tinder recently, that kind of has that looked like that and I wasn't sure whether to actually write her.

It was because people were expecting horror and that definently wasn’t horror.

But Tomie sucks balls as a story.

Oh yes, nice objective statement right there.

The animation seems incompetent.

This episode was much better.

The animations pretty rough though. Hopefully it doesn't ruin the later episodes.

These bastards got us

Much better than the 1st episode, eagerly awaiting for the next one. Long dream was great.



IIRC Amigara fault was the side story for Uzamaki


Why is long dream so good anyway? Everywhere I go it's praised as one of Ito's best, but it doesn't have the meme potential of Amigara, or the sheer disgustingness of glyceride. Is it just the existencial themes? Or is it the fact that it actually has an ending.

>Is it just the existencial themes?

It's a shame the "animation" can't really capture this unsettling/haunting tone of Ito's art. At least the narration was good.

Trying to imagine what he says here is like trying to visualize the 4th dimension.
The dreams for him would be one that lasts an eternity
But in reality it would only be a normal 8 hours of sleep
So 8 hours after sleeping he would wake up
But for him an eternity would have passed
In 8 hours an eternity has passed, so he would wake up from this eternal dream so is it really eternal?

Why is Hellstar Remina so good bros
>So many pages with god tier art
>Based as fuck hobo
>intense chasing
>the way remina eats the planet

I would let Tomie suck my balls, if you know what I mean

she just wanna fuck why no one fuck

Ok... But its not part of the collection. I guess if you pray hard enough maybe one day it will get its own anime adaptation. Hell, devilman got a new adaptation so anything is possible right now.

"She's eating *young girl's name*!"

>all the men go into the forest, only to find tall woman licking the hell out of young girl's vagina

Is this the start of a porno, anons?

Why are citizens so fucking retarded in Remina tho.

I don't know, I was more suprised by the constant dues ex machina happening throughout the manga and everyone just writing them off as "miracles hahahahahah".

>Never have to wake up
Sign me up

Because Souichi is the ultimate pleb filter

To ease people into itoshit.

the eternal sleep is death

hit her uo

one of the best ways to get over your fears is to turn them into your fetish

>IIRC Amigara fault was the side story for Uzamaki
Gyo, at least in the publication I have.

Eh we don't really know that. They imply that the eternal sleep is different from death in that you actually know what happens when you sleep eternally (you dream forever) while in death we don't really know what happens afterwards. People would rather choose something where they know what happens over something that is unknown, I think is the moral of the story.

Yeah it was for Gyo, along with some story about a dude getting trapped under a pillar.


easily one of my favorites
this desu she probably has an untapped pussy

Having read only a handful of Ito's stories, I really thought it wouldn't translate well to anime.
But today's episode was really good, I'm glad.

my gf is almost as tall as I am, has a long nose and jaw, and really long hair
when the spoopy woman turned out to be a monster I was kinda disappointed she wasn't just looking for love

I like Souichi

Outside of Uzumaki and Hellstar Remina I haven't read much of Junji Ito and I'm happy to say after this episode, this is my kind of schlock.

There hasn't been a decent horror anthology series in a long time, and I'm happy one exists in any medium

I genuinely love how retarded everyone was after that
>Woman who barely looks like a human in first place finally opens her mouth and it's a fucking sharky razor tooth maw? Sure seems perfectly normal and safe and we should totally still keep her on board

>Moot is animated

my life on Sup Forums is complete


The guy said that he sometimes had nightmare, that means he may have some "isekai'd to another world with 100 harems ready for cock" at the eternal dream.

>Puts patients under a deep unending dream state so they no longer fear death until they rot away and die
Yeah, that sounds like moot alright

What stories are adapted in this?

What if his eternal dream was a nightmare? These crystals really are a lottery. Your final dream is the eternity you live in. So what if your final dream is a nightmare? You're there for eternity

Now all I need is some Yon and Mu

Here's a full list of what we are getting in this series
My dear ancestor
Devils Logic
The long dream
Slug girl
Hangin Baloons
House of puppets
Blood-bubble bushes
Lovesick dead
Fashion Model
The smoking club
Flesh coloured horror

>implying it's not battle shounen dream where he sacrifice himself to save the day


which of these are good? I only really know the famous ones like glyceride.

Just read all of them

More horror/Sci-fi Mangaka need to go into straight up comedy SoL

>no glyceride
it hurts

where do you work out

I fucking loved the Black Paradox threads.



Didn't you watch Eotena Onslaught?

Why isn't there an english release of this? I want to own it. Give me a hardcover.

Why is no one discussing the fact that CR is censored?

That was stallman

Because no one on Sup Forums uses CR.

Guy who made that comparison checking in. CR actually had uncensored episode two. They even had the nipple in the OP this last episode. I guess they changed which master they got but for episode one, they got the master Tokyo MX had. They even had the gory part at the end of the first half of episode two. I check every episode while working on PAS's release. I'll keep you guys updated if I find anything in later episodes.

CR is Horrible Subs and everybody on Sup Forums watches Horrible Subs.

HS is CR, idiot.

>I downloaded a 1.5GB downscale for nothing

It's too bad they left out the part where he describes some of the dreams he had.

1080p's an upscale. 900p is the native resolution the show was animated it.


I don't think that's how it works when you're downscaling a lossy source to 900p.

It is. Ask any reputable encoder.