Itt: animes only YOU watched

itt: animes only YOU watched

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Can confirm. Used to love the manga but opted out on the anime.

I finished the manga, jesus what a shitshow.


I was rewatching it and enjoying it but kinda stopped around the 20s. was a nice re visit but doesn't hold up imo. really like the world setting with the capsules and had forgotten about the magic gun which I thought only Outlaw Star had.

also this bitch was boner inducing every time she showed up on screen with that tiny skirt

>Anime ended when the series takes off in the manga
>Not even 1/20th of the series total
>Manga goes fucking DBZ and shit, normal characters job WAY too hard
Anime ended in a good place before the manga went to shit

The manga was better. Marm best girl.

literally can't find raws of this anywhere,not even on animebytes

it aired on the local TV channel 20 years ago, and I suspect you too. I honestly don't remember shit though

You and half of Latin America it seems.
It's not bad it's just the most vanilla shounen manga out there.

Here's a little extra for you masturbators out there.

fuck, this was my first anime. still love it

Why would you want to watch unpopular anime?

watched it on dub. here op song.

user half 90's latin america watched it. On the other hand, I have not found anyone else who has seen it.


you need to be a 80s kid to remember samed el duende magico

Who Greece/Saudi Arabia here?


Oops, sorry. I meant animeses. I always forget about the correct plural of animes.

I haven't seen any discussion about outbreak company.

Only watched it because I love the character designer (god bless Atsuko Nakajima). It was decent and sexy, but way too short for me to properly judge it, especially since the ova doesn't END, just STOPS.


I used to watch the swedish dub of this on VHS all the time as a kid
It's basically what got me into anime

very comfy

För över tio år sedan blev jag erbjuden att vara med i ett radioprogram med fokus på just Starzinger och dess svenska fandom, men jag var tvungen att tacka nej pga att jag hade annat inbokat den dagen. Feels bad man.