The characters are thin and the premise is asinine. The drama is trite and the sad backstory girl is maudlin. Constant tone shifts ruining the atmosphere. The show clearly doesn't know whether it wants to be a drama or a comedy. How anyone could think this is good writing in any way is beyond me.

>I have no idea how kyoani first episodes work

tell me something I dont know

Are you describing Evergarden or 3-gatsu?

Are you describing Evergarden or every anime ever?

I love how a single episode is destroying the board. I hadn't seen something like this since Chu2Koi on Sup Forums.

It's called " being an Oscarbait anime."

How could kinoani ever recover from that?


you sound like a pretentious youtuber. just get it out of your system and say 'its shit' like everyone else

Whenever something overly hyped shows up isn't that the case? Right now you have kyoanus lickers, boatloads of contrarians, trolls, tumblr and reddit all trying to cause a headache for the other side. Things aren't allowed to be average, they have to fit squarely into an extreme good or extreme bad.

Unfortunately VEG is strictly average. Art is lovely but is marred by shitty filters and bokeh. Dialogue is subpar for secondary characters, but decent for main cast. Story, characters and setting are nothing special, typical LN trite, but that's not necessarily a bad thing either (different strokes for different folks). If this was produced by JCStaff and announced a few months ago instead of letting the hype gestate for a year, this show would be out of peoples minds within a day.

>Are you describing Evergarden or 3-gatsu?
>KyoAnons targeting the bait to Shaftfags as usual
Bait aside, I go as far as to say that one is the antithesis of the other. Now which one is the masterpiece and which is the hot trash, I'll leave it to you guys.

I wasn't even aware it was made by shaft, but OPs description fits 3-gatsu like a glove, except for the girl part.

I was skeptical about this at first because of all the hype that's surrounding it, but, I gotta say, the first episode was pretty decent. The first half was boring, but once they started to flesh out Violet's character a little more it became enjoyable.

And you sound like a stupid teenager. Try opening a book some time.

its four fucking chan user. i'm looking out for you and advising you cater to the lowest common denominator found here in the wild on Sup Forums
also it'll get your thread deleted that much quicker lord knows there's enough veg shitposting already

wow multi surprise box drifting legendary post

So their first episodes are supposed to be shit? Alright, i'll got it.

Woohoo! I enjoy smelling and playing with shit!

>this is what watching shounen does to people

>hurr hurr cancer must be good because everyone wants to kill it

Top logic, fag

fancy words you use, did it took long to find them in the dictionairy?

>is beyond me
then turn 180° and look closely - you can learn a lot.

Good I like when things are beyond the comprehension of plebs like you

Incredible insight, user, you truly showed me.

Sure am glad you decided to make a new thread instead of looking for existing ones. Sure am glad you felt the need to blogpost.

Sure am glad you came from reddit.

>Sure am glad you came from r*ddit.
look at your spacing, user