Sup Forums, will you come to Antarctica with me?

Sup Forums, will you come to Antarctica with me?

W-we'll share body heat together, right?

fuck off slut

Only is onigiri girl comes with us.

S-Stop trying to seduce me! I've already told you I can't smuggle you on-board!!

Fuck yeah, let's go

Only if I get to come in Antarctica with you.

Y-Yes, but c-can I bring my rock CDs?

Nah, I'm good.

Only if the facility we are going to has nuclear power. The north pole is cold and i hate cold.

have fun

I used to pretend I didn't to sound tough. I really, really hate the fucking cold a lot.

My neighbor wore only shorts throughout high school. I live in a state with pretty bad winters. Im sure he only did it for the attention. He would just tell people he didnt like pants


your neighbor couldn't afford new pants, user, he wasn't trying to look cool

Maybe he was, well...

Please don't pollute our thread with your political garbage, please and thank you.

Not falling for your shoggoth tricks.


wtf is going on. suddenly new shows pop up that i like left and right.
tomorrow new trigger
wtf renaissance of animu

Is this going to be AOTS?

sure, bring that shortstack friend of yours too

We all know how's going to finish.

Brainlet here, I don't get it.

You don’t need to have a brain to understand it.

I'd climb her mountains of madness.
I'd show her the thing.
I'd massage her happy feet.

no, I'm good for now.
See you when you get back

Watch more anime.

I don't trust her. I don't trust her one bit. That is a fucking evil smile man

Are we looking for Memes?

There's nothing evil about killing girls as a blood offering to get your mother back.

Is she a whore?

of course
it's the home of best girl

Real talk

How much would you pay to go on a compensated date with her or black haired?

Her- 10 dollars an hour
Black hair- 15 dollars an hour plus tips

No, she's just a dumb girl.

She looks like a chimp, wtf.


Hell Yeah! Imma steal a penguin.

If the compensated date involves a full service at the love hotel, easily 300+ for Shirase
Mari maybe 50 bucks

Sort yourself out.

Eh, sure, I could use a warmer climate, Siberian winter is really annoying.

The joke is that Antarctica, is actually a continent, unlike the north pole, which is ice all the way through. They're clearly dismayed at having sailed to the wrong end of the globe.

I love Shirase!

count me in!

Waiting for best girl.

pls someone translate the moonrunes

Ask and ye shall receive

>Leader of the civilian south pole expedition team, Antarctica Challange. She has known Takako, Shirase's mother, since high school. She became an expedition member because Takako wanted to go to Antarctica and invited her along. She's a member of the last expedition team and felt responsible for the loss of Takako. A dependable leader with good leadership but she doesn't talk much and sometimes that causes misunderstanding.

so she's the proto-Mari, and the one who was shouting shirase-mom's name in the last episode
is this foreshadowing for Shirase dying in Antarctica?

Like mother, like daughter. Beautiful family.

along with everyone else, yeah

She's the high priestess that is luring virgin girls to be sacrificed to the Old Ones being eaten by the Shoggots

>implying this isn't the work of the great race of Yith

I want the energetic mantlet. I would pay 20

Underrated post

It occurs to me that I still have this.

That smile says "I'm going to rape, murder, and bury you in Antarctica."


sounds worth it if I'm being perfectly honest

How much do I need to pay?