Sachiko on the front page!

Sachiko on the front page!

Fumika in your heart.

Koume under the bed

Kaede in my bed.

What a bunch of shit girls from a shit show. If I were retarded I would probably like this garbage too.

Bed 'er safe than sorry.

True, but some amazing women (emphasis on women).

Bap the Kong.

>tfw no mommy idol gf

What is it about d**ks that makes them so d**kable?

How do you dork a dick?

Great contribution.

Sachiko is the new mascot of Sup Forums! YES!!!


But why.



Sachiko is always on the frontpage user. Always.

I have no interest in idolshit, but I only save the art.

Well, do you like cakes? They have a manga now.

20+ idols are the best things about Cinderella Girls, reply if you agree.


What's Yukki's uni major?

The best.


How can other Idols even compete?

/ak/'s official idol.

I thought /ak/ was dead.

It moved to /k/.

Thats a cute idol you have there. wouild be a shame if someone were to bap her


>hagposting on a sachiko thread

JC idols are old and busted, JJ idols are the new hotness.

I love Sachiko but the cakes are better

A little too skinny, but adequate.

Why does Sup Forums consider it okay to fap to Sachiko and not 404 girl? Aren't they both mascots?

There are so many things wrong with that question I don't even know where to begin.

Like what? She's just another loli so what makes her sacred?


I love Noa, I just wish she had more fanart. And relevance. And a SSR card in deresute. And maybe a voice.

Yes, better.
Who are the kakko-ii seiyuu that haven't been idoled yet?

If you have to ask questions like that, you need to get back to lurking.

I've been here about 7 years and I just want to know why I admit that I fapped to Yotsuba without getting banned.


>I've been here about 7 years

But has she ever gotten first place?

2018 will be Nana's year.

Does Yuki even go to school?


That's a nice drawing.


Kaede is a bad influence.


There's a Gekijou strip where KWSM starts going on about "Mizuki no mizugi" due to drunken sessions with Kaede. It's rather funny.

I'm usually not into girls past JK age but Kaede really does something to me.


>looked up cast list
Seriously? Do I have to watch this now?