Was Rie Takahashi the right choice?

Was Rie Takahashi the right choice?

no both were unfitting

She's the only good thing about the show so yes.


Yes, but her voice levels were too low, her voice was too quiet.

She sounds too old.

No. Been saying the same as since the preview.

It's like they went out and grabbed the most popular male and female VAs of the moment without even considering if their voice actually fit the character.

so far she's fine.
>It's like they went out and grabbed the most popular male and female VAs of the moment without even considering if their voice actually fit the character.
use that for takarie as sagiri. she doesn't fit sagiri at all

Should have been Rie Kugimiya, but then it would be way too obvious as "lol it's Iori."

It shoulda been Aoi Yuuki shes got a great bully voice

making an anime at all was a bad choice

fucking secondaries ruin everything

im@s is shit, rie is shit, fuck off back to /vg/ and take your ugly gremlin girls with you

I still haven't watched it. I'm afraid

Should have hired Eri Suzuki or Soramaru instead

No way, her voice is so grating.

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Fcking delte.

Should've been Emiri Katou like that one trailer.

No. This anime is supposed to be cute and innocent, but her voice is so soft and seductive that it hurts my dick.

Both sounds like midgets in their mid 20s.

The problem isn't with the voice cast. It's the terribly slow and predictable direction.

Imagine manhandling her tiny body.

actually she's ok. it's the guy who is completely miscast.


what the FUCK was her problem

Did you just try to /thread your own post?

stretching 8 pages into ten minutes was a bad idea

>ruining threads with anal jokes

yes but the direction is really weak. this adaption isn’t really good at all

Her voice is fine, you get used to it, but fuck I get thrown off every time he starts talking.
Doesn't fit at fucking all.

No, but I can cope with it

Rie Tanaka probably would have been a better choice [beat] ten years ago sadly.

She sounds adorable so yeah

She's ok,
Voice of Nishikata on the other hand is really way off.

should be Chiwa Saito

holy shit her head looks like a balloon


Inori Minase would have been a better choice.

Her voice is fine, but her fake laugh is godawful, and she has to do it so much.


which seiyuu is objectively the queen of Sup Forums and why is it Miyuki Sawashiro?

Yes. She fits the role and does a good job in it. I want be teased by her.

She's trying to not get caught fucking around in class. Her voice is the exact volume people use for that.

Miyuki Sawashiro hasn't been relevant in years.

Yeah, but this is supposed to be "make you blush with embarrassment while your dick is strangely tingly" not "make you cry from shame while your dick is rock hard".

It should have been Shintani Mayumi.


Objectively speaking, it's Yuuki Aoi.


Not at all in my opinion, her giggle is cute at least.

She's all right. Wasn't a bad choice by any means

How do you deal with a girl like Tagaki? She will tease you for eternity without ever making a move. How do you confess your love for her without making a fool of yourself? Do you just pull her in, stick your tongue down her throat, and make out with her before she can do anything about it?

I didn't say she was good, I said she was Sup Forums's favorite.

Yes, it was the perfect match.

Rieri is PERFECT

Aya because Haruhi.

You do this, the classic romantic move.

Takahashi != Kugimiya though

No, she sounds too soft. It's not that bad though. The pacing is much worse, it's almost as sleep-inducing as Hyouka.

She always has the upper hand because Nishikata gets flustered, so I suppose if he manned up and told her straight that he liked her the honesty of it might be enough to stun her into revealing her own feelings.

Of course, once they start dating it'll be back to the same old teasing routine.

But I like the later more.....

This is the only correct VA suggestion in this thread so far.

>Rie Takahashi is the new Idolm@ster hotness
What a time to be alive.