Yoko Littner is for ______!

Yoko Littner is for ______!

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dying a virgin


the dead.

>Yoko just wants to NTR her boyfriend but they keep dying

Paizuri and spitroasting

Kisses of Death

killing her boyfriends

Kisses, slow passionate lovemaking, and marriage.

sexual stuff


Yes sir...


the garbage can

Cleaning my gun


>you will never be Boota in this scene
are we meant to suffer?


>NTRs Simon
>dies a virgin



Satisfying everyone's lust.

>that doujin where the guys all fuck Yoko and Simon sucks the semen out of her
That was before watched gurren lagann and just knew her as the lu.scio.us girl

Growing old alone.

Just think about the milk

Double mastectomy.

I can't believe for a second that someone that looks like her ended up dying a virgin. I get being sad over Kamina and partially Kittan, but people don't just give up on relationships.

>people don't just give up on relationships
You're on Sup Forums, you should know better than to say that. Anons would rather masturbate to anime babes than chase 3D girls.

Considering the only two times we know of when she kisses someone they die if I were here I might just purposely avoid relationships.


>Yoko went to bed cuddling her custom-made Kamina body pillow for the rest of her life

you mean /ss/ with her students

avoiding trips to jewellery shops engagement ring sections; lest your lifespan becomes comparable to that of a Spinal Tap Drummer!


Waifu autism gone horrible wrong.

>Anons would rather masturbate to anime babes than chase 3D girls.
can confirm

I still have never watched a single minute of the show, but I have produced about 20 gallons of go-gurt to Yoko

Everyone who so much as kissed her died horribly. Imagine what would happen to those foolish enough to try to fuck her.

Yoko will die a virgin, but not by choice.

what a coincidence, I'm finally getting around to watching the TTGL movies.

Stupid homos, Yoko is for fellatio and irrumatio. The breasts, hips, and ass are there to enhance the experience of filling her throat with your seed.

defeating the cock

pumping and dumping

2D women are just so much sexier. Not a day goes by without millions of horny nerds fapping to cartoons.




What? No one even raped her?


Being bored

>7 years ago
Holy fuck.



Yolo littner is for me

Why did she become a teacher after the time skip tho? She has no credentials.


When setting up a new civilization, you're thinking less of qualifications and credentials from colleges that haven't existed in generations, but rather "Who is actually willing to tolerate these rotten little crotch fruit for 7 to 8 hours a day?

>2D women are just so much sexier.
and a plus: they will never betray you neither make you their slave




Breading, obviously

What kind?




I like where your head is, user.


Yoko can fuckin get it man

mfw this video: youtube.com/watch?v=yCxR1NdXNhA

Man, haven't seen that in forever.



This thread makes me want to fap.

ruining the show.