Dragon Ball Super

Who is ready for Vegeta to surpass the gods?

Adios Bejita



Reminder the official name used by production for this form is just a "Broly transformation" or "turning into Broly".

It's not Legendary Super Saiyan, it's literally "turning into Broly". Penis and all.

Why does DB Heroes feel like it was designed by a Brazilian?

>Penis and all

People keep asking me if the Prince of all Saiyans is back. I'm starting to think yeah he's back.


>arms and legs are bigger than her torso

Power Ranking:
Vegeta new form
UI Vegeta

It's the same for Jobfla.

Fuck off vegetafag.

I really hope they stop this intro shit that spoils the entire episode. Its a waste of time just trying to pad the episode.

>and as the days go by

Where's Goku?

I wish he used Final Shine Attack or Gamma Burst Flash.

I miss goku

top 10 strongest participants
UI Goku
Golden Frieza

My guess is that Vegeta's new form is either a mastered version of the berserker form that trunks used against zamasu or its SSBSS2. If we're to assume that Goku is going 20XSSGSSB in the preview than the former is most likely to be true, however if Goku is just using base kaioken then the latter makes more sense.

Holy shit, no one cares about your autistic power charts. Half those characters are dead.

Is this accurate?

>taking titles seriously
I'm ready for him to get his shit pushed in again then ringed out


They've been padding the episodes since this arc started. The entire thing should be called the tournament of padding.

So when Jiren was questioning Goku and seems disappointed with his answer, does he want to team up with him?

>gets his shit rocked and knocked unconscious after his jobber blast fails

Brainlet: Kid Buu
Intellectual: Pure Boo/Buu


>3 Characters
what did user mean by this?


How lazy would Tori's writing have to be if the reason Frieza kept reminding viewers that he wasn't doing anything for the majority of the tournament was to disqualify him from winning the SDBs at the end? Because MVPs don't let others do the work?

I didn't read it, but I've seen some other autistic power level charts where 5 or 6 of them were erased.

>Jobgeta got saved by fucking ROSHI after Frost embarrassed him

I'm tired of every episode being just another round in the tornumanet. It's not even an asthetically pleasing setting, like the Cell games or the tournament before the Buu saga was. Even those tournaments didn't last forever like this one. This is just boring. I want something different to happen. Lets go see Goten and Trunks double teaming Maron on the island or something. I just want a change of pace.

>gohan top 10

hahaha nice headcanon, retard!

Say it again Friezafag, maybe I'll like your post.

>first I'm a Gokufag and now I'm a Friezafag
Which is it Jobgetafag? Don't make me sic Frost on your boy again

What did Toei mean by this?

I'm still pissed we got robbed of /fitbuu/

>I called you a gokufag
When was this?

This arc is suffering from being dragged out way too much and my interest is gone.
Doesn't help that I never gave a shit about any of the new characters.


The stakes have never been bigger. I don't get why people complain about tournaments in dragonball, it's a martial arts show.

>Top 5 are all Saiyans
I fucking hate Toriyama

t. hit shitter

It hasn't been a martial arts show since DBZ started.
Watching nothing but people spamming ki blasts left and right, ATATATATATATATATA, and new boring transformations isn't fun.

I'm ready for Godhan to win the tournament

Why were they surprised?

Because Cabba is a beta and him asserting himself in any way is surprising.

Just because there are power ups and abilities doesn't mean it isn't based in martial arts

The stakes have been the same for the last 30 episodes, much like the location. I've never read Beserk, but apparently there was an arc that took place on a boat and it lasted for years. We're going through that.

>Final Shine Attack
Just a one handed energy blast that didn't accomplish anything

>Gamma Burst Flash
Literally just the final flash with his hands turned outwards instead of inwards.


They were surprised at how many betas that want to fuck Caulifla project themselves onto Cabba.

>I've never read Beserk, but apparently there was an arc that took place on a boat and it lasted for years.


Dumb Kaleposter

Post the burger chart with disturbed on it

Are other races even trying?

>not denying it

Leave the jobbing to me

Why are /ourguys/ jobbing so hard, lads?


No leave it to me bejita!

Cauli is beautiful.

>implying 17 will be out before Jobeta
>implying Vegeta's new form will amount to anything when he never beats the villain

Goku's exhausted, Vegeta's Vegeta, Gohan is worthless, 17 was screwed over by Gohan, and Frieza has absolutely no excuse. That just about covers it.

out tomorrow

No we aren't you fucking retard, this has been going on for maybe 5 or 6 months and that's before the tournament actually started too. It will be over in the next month or so.


Cauli doesn't exist and will be gone forever.

> 166991759

>goku's exhausted
Sounds like the perfect time for an asspull.

It's like Dypso is the antijobber now.

Don't group me with the Caulishitter you mongoloid faggot.

Didn't the janitors delete this last thread?

Once Frieza goes golden then he'll tenderize Dyspo

Who is paying Salvamakoto to do this shit?

Nice copypasta faggot. Caulifla doesn't exist.

Pretty sure champa and beerus have more screen time than half the saiyans

I want to feed her and massage her feet

Let's see the proof JoBETAcuck.

If she doesn't exist, why are you talking about her?

Based Jobgeta.

He obviously already has gone Golden and is still jobbing. Gohan is more powerful than Freeza now, I guess.

It's Gohan's arc boys.

C'mon man, i'm also a 17fag but there was no way he was gonna outlast any of the saiyans or Frieza. It's already a big accomplishment for him to made it so far against most people expectations and without having to rely on several hair/body color transformations.



Vegeta will beat one obligatory threat and get assraped as always.

Taking out U11's Gohan doesn't make U7's Gohan any better. It just makes it even sadder that he needs Frieza holding his hand in order to take out ONE jobber. I'm getting Jimeze flashbacks.

So if things go in typical DBZ Fashion,im guessing Goku is gonna win the tournament of power barely at the brink of death and use the Super Dragon Balls to wish for the deleted universes to be restored

Where do you go from there? Seems like Goku would have already beaten the strongest in the universe

If they included somehow Omega Shenron,what would his powerlevel even be?


>guys look at my fanfiction here
Maybe if you believe enough it will come true


>antigohanfags downplaying Dyspo now

Super Saiyan God is stronger than SSGSS. They're totally different. SSG is achieved through sharing energy with others, SSGSS is achieved by one.

He might have exaggerated a bit but this arc really has been going on for way longer than it should have and it's quite noticeably suffering from fatigue.

So 17 and Frieza took Trunks and Piccolo's places?

Back? From where?
Vegeta has always been a jobber in Dragon Ball.
His role is to be so great big Vegeta, "look at my big dick, I can beat this secondary minion so easily" and then the actual villain slaps him around a bit to establish that shit is serious.
Vegeta is literally Worf of DB.

>without having to rely on several hair/body color transformations
It's as bad as relying on some massive unexplained power boost that puts somewhere close SSB level. Just because it's not followed by some dumb hair dye and light it doesn't make it any less broken.