Confess your Sup Forums related sins to gay priest

confess your Sup Forums related sins to gay priest

I enjoy watching trashy haremshit, even reverse ones (I'm a dude).

im the fastest of readers

Never watched a single episode of Id@lmaster or Kantai Collection but I have endlessly fapped to the doujins

I have no interest in watching EVA

I enjoy shonen shit unironically
something about them just gets me hype as fuck

I hated konosuba and dropped it after 2 episodes

Jojo>Kenshin> Zatch Bell >Hunter x Hunter >Naruto>Saint Seyia> Dragonball
My only sin is my opinion.

I don't watch shows that have any ecchi in them.

here is the objectively correct list:
HxH>One piece>saint seiya>dragon ball (before z)>naruto classic>literally anything>shippuden


I cant watch SoL shows in jap audio

I lurk one page threads only to look for people who ask for source, give it to them and trigger autismo and shitposting

How is Saint Seiya and Dragon Ball better than Naruto? They both follow the same formula for fights where someone gets beat up and at the last moment says something "life changing" and wins the fight.

Your opinion is shit, you should feel ashamed

I prefer about half of the English voices in Baccano to the originals.

I read BAA Last Order but never the original

i agree, im just ranking them up higher because of personal taste really, but yeah, you're right
i like your style

I've never seen Evangelion and I don't want to

I haven't watched anything from the last two years at LEAST. All my favorite shit is from 2006 and earlier.

I've seen evangelion and I wish I wouldn't have. Overrated christian-lore animu are not my thing.

Ma nigga

Sorry, Pucci
I didn't really enjoy part 6 that much

Ive always despised overly pretentious posters that preach about 'misunderstood masterpieces' like Lain, Texhnolyze, Ping Pong, Ergo Proxy, and have developed a disdainful unwillingness to give those shows a fair chance as a result.

I have way too large of an anime backlog even for stuff I'm hype about, you name it and I will have likely not watched it.


I can understand that. I don't consider Ergo and Lain are "misunderstood masterpieces', but I will say I enjoyed watching them, even if I haven't seen them in a while.

I've watched but haven't bothered with the manga

I unironically want shadilay for vento aureo's ED