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I had no clue what was happening in the first episode, am I just dumb?


episode two when
anime onlys will be lost because its rushed as fuck

Nor did I. They must have just glossed over a lot of things to get to the meat.

>no novel release date yet which means it’s in march or april

Is the Dragon guy in the future.
When did he fight Shalltear?
Who is the girl with the Rubik cube?
How did she get that cube?


>Is the Dragon guy in the future. When did he fight Shalltear?
that was a scene from the recap movie. I have no idea why they added it to the anime. Dragon man controlled the suit of armor and was there when Shalltear got mind raped.

girl with the Rubik cube is stronger than all of Nazarick despite being a lower level. She never shows up again so don't worry about her.

remove lizards and bugs

This is Victim, say something nice about him.

The 16th user

Secondary here.
Who's the final boss of Overlord?



No, he is current time.

He fought shalltear while she was under mind control. He was the reason why Ainz first saw her in her regular outfit, and when he came back she was suddenly in her armor.

Zesshi, the strongest godkin of the theocracy, she is in charge of protecting the god artifacts left behind by past players.

From past players, either it specifically being theirs, or they had one made.

See The anime even spoiled it for you by putting him last in the OP.

How are you in every overlord thread?

The only endgame involving the cucked midgit is the tip of demi's tail.

he's pretty cute for a flying angel fetus

>tfw we have to probably sit through 3 weeks of lizardman episodes

Why would he put the two most powerful guardians on the first floors, that's not how video games work wtf

more like 6

the payoff will be worth it though


Ains x chair, Ains x Abs, climb x ee, seb x prostitute, lizman x lizwomam, etc all failed. Will this series ever have a successful love story?

>spaces like a fag
>bites obvious bait

Just watch the movie.

vol 13 is when they take their vows

Why the fuck are you recommending movie recap? Secondaries should just read the LN.

So he talked about things that happened hundreds of years ago. Was he around when other players lived? What happened to them?

>final boss of Overlord?
Eight evil companies who control the real world, kidnapped Ainz and disappeared his guild mates.

It's pretty gay if they don't give context to wtf is going on. Watching the episode made me have to check if I had missed a whole season or something



Nope. Shalltear is the weakest of them all, that's why she got mind controlled.

>waaah they're cutting stuff from LN commercial
I wonder why?

Npoe, your bait is shit.

The ultimate bluff. Think of it this way. If you fight the second strongest on the first floor. Then the strongest on the second floor. You would assume the guild has even stronger npcs on the third floor. And considering how op they were most players would probrably not attempt going further. Assuming they could even bet the first floor.

Oh ok, I just saw this thread and I randomly googled the floor guardians and saw she is the most powerful (other than the stone construct) and they are both on the first couple floors, when usually video games have the toughest at the top


>Two most powerful guardians on the first floors
Who are two?
Shalltear guards floors 1-3 you dipshits.

>What happened to them?
He planned for them to kill each other.

2nd strongest Guardian.

Read the LN.
It's up to interpretation: only myths and aftermath are described.
[Citation Needed].
Sure the legend goes about 8GK killing each other and PDL does sit in their guildbase, but you have no definitive proof.

Oh shit, I almost forgot he's trapped in a video game.

Power level of Nazarick according to author:
1st - 8th floor NPCs (Nazarick’s maximum strength; details unknown)
2nd - Rubedo (Strongest NPC)
3rd - Touch Me (Strongest Warrior,World Champion)
4th - Ulbert Alain Odle (Strongest Magic Caster)
5th -Momonga (Fully-equipped)
6th - High Tier Floor Guardian (Shalltear, etc.)
7th - Sebas Tian (in dragon form)
8th - Guren (7th floor AreaGuardian)
9th - Low Tier Floor Guardian (Aura, etc.)
10th - Others (Hamsuke, etc.)

First floors, the plural meaning the first couple floors, which in my case was referring to the vampire loli and the giant construct, which the wiki said were probably the 2 most powerful.

>giant construct
He guards the 4th floor.

What is this, a bait thread?

Wait... was that supposed to be mare's eye? I assumed it was the person that mind controlled shittier watching the fight reacting to the realization that she would lose.

>trapped in a video game

>speedwatching anime
How does it feel to be this retarded?

I thought the guild was rich as fuck. Why couldn't they just make 2 more npcs instead of forcing one to guard 3 floors?

>Sure the legend goes about 8GK killing each other and PDL does sit in their guildbase, but you have no definitive proof.

It was implied. How else could PDL take 8K's base? He also turned the leader of 13 heroes against his player friend, making the former kill the latter then committed suicide out of guilt when he found out the truth.

Because she had three forms and a resurrection item. It saps on the morale to fight same floor boss several times in different forms, not to mention it's cool.
>It was implied.
It was not, don't pull shit out of your ass.
He could've occupied the guildbase when it was already empty or any number of things could've happened.
> He also turned the leader of 13 heroes against his player friend
Headcanon, post proof or GTFO. They were his friends.

since loli guards 3 floors I just kind of lumped them together when talking about the first floors, since I'm primarily talking about the floor guardians themselves. I see where the confusion was now, sorry.

what kind of skill did touch me-sama possess anyway? just pure skill in martial arts/fighting and raw stats

it was aura

Wasn't it implied that dragon was an npc, similar to the Naz gaurdians, made by the 8 to guard the guild base.

Isn't Pandora basically the strongest because he can just turn into the hard counter Supreme Being?
Even at 80% I'm sure one of those fags minmaxed enough.

Those eyes only know the deepest of cleaning depravities.

>Touch Me
World Break. I assume it's massive physical damage that cannot be avoided because it breaks space you occupy, Reality Shash Ainz used against Chair is a knock-off version of it.
Think picrelated

Don't dopples just take on the appearance and not the ability? Or can higher level dopplegangers go all out?

Never. He knows Wild Magic and said to be child of Dragon Emperor.
80% stats are still 80% stats.
Mare has strongest AOE attacks, he's strongest in that sense.

Did Albedo ever stand a chance?

Best girl? More like bald girl. Amirite?

This list always pisses me off. Maruyama needs to make up his mind. When asked he said Ainz was the strongest being in the new world hands down no matter what. Then talks about how "Rubedo can overpower him in his strongest gear!" Also Aura has legit as fuck stats, the only reason they are low is because she has no magic attack in low mana. She honestly surpasses most guardians stat wise and that's IF she isn't using her massive pet legion to overun them.

Well, he wrote himself in a corner a few times and worked it out. Dude's worldbuilding on a sudden success. Cut him some slack.

>it was aura
I guess they do tend to show him and mare out in the forests a lot. It would give him the chance to cast mind control. But I never got the sense that he hated ainz or shaltier.

>When asked he said Ainz was the strongest being in the new world hands down no matter what.
he's still right, nothing can beat Ainz's Luck roles


>Ainz is Kazuma from Konosuba reincarnated.

What if it was Slutbedo who faced Gazzef and massacred the Kingdoms forces in vol.9? How does a level 100 succubus warrior fight?

>He knows Wild Magic and said to be child of Dragon Emperor.
He could actually be a doppel made by eight kings that transformed into the dragon lord and forgot it.

Go be a chair someplace else.

Being the strongest doesn't mean someone weaker could never beat you.

Just look at boxing. Lightweights ocasinally beat heavyweights. Also a strong caster could still lose to a weaker fighter give the wrong conditions.

also what the fuck are you talking about?

At most, she only has 15 levels in succubus. Probably less. Her job levels are higher than her racial levels and they're in mostly tank or warrior related classes, so her being a succubus probably has nothing to do with how she fights. Considering she is unable to ride her Bicorn, meaning she's a virgin, she's never used whatever succubus skills she has and might not even know how. She's mostly a tank, so she probably just uses reflect abilities like she did when some guy threw a pebble at Ainz and decapitates people with her axe.

I guess technically humunculy/man made darkelves are genderless so fine. Xim or whatever. But what I don't get is why aura would betray Naz and mind control shaltier.


15 levels in succubus is the maximum. So that would make her a super-SUCC.

How many days till new episode?

Succubus probably have immobilization, sleep, illusion, charm, and vitality drain species skills.

Is it ok to read the LN after this season is over?

Jesus christ I hope this is bait.
For anyone not aware, the result of Chair's mind control was the Slaine Theocracy using a World Class Item called Downfall of Castle and Country (which is absolute mind control but limited uses). Chair was unable to move cause Theocracy forces retreated before a command was given. Only way to dispel seems to be kill then Resurrection. Limited uses is also why the ST doesn't just out right bust Ainz-samas balls with it.

No he can't: Yggdrasil entites can't use wild magic. Stop with the shitty bait, it's not appreciated.

No you should read LN right the fuck now because the anime is like 7 years behind current LN progression.


I would watch a slice of life series with the nazarick characters.

>girl with the Rubik cube is stronger than all of Nazarick despite being a lower level
Stop fooling new people

Kek esiarp ,sdub esoht kcehc

Is it actually limited uses or does it have a class requirement and XP drain?

Not scum enough.
Have a pasta:
>Albedo drops in between of Kingdom and Empire armies on Katze
>Activates Succubi seduction and pheromone skills
>Soldiers and nobles alike drop their weapons and swarm him
>Who gives in to her succubi nature and start serving whatever cock reaches for her
>Roughly 330k of people converging on one point start a crowd-crush first, then they start fighting
>They have no weapons to they just punch, strangle, bite, scratch, stomp each other while still making haste to the center
>An orgy is now happening on top of the veritable mountain of corpses
>All participants are drenched in blood but only thing that matters to them is getting some of Albedo attention holes
>Roughly a day after a bloody mountain silently looms over Katze
>All soldiers were either crushed by crowd, killed by competitors or were drained to death by Albedo' succubi abilities
>JUST face when he hears report
>JUST face when he refuses to believe them and visits personally only to see that monument of death, spewing more undead than Katze produced over last decades
>Putting an end to Kingdom-Empire wars and ST black ops in kingdom

Are you that most calm and collected 14 years old?
Because I can only remember one instance of this confident bullshit headcanoning.

>releasing new episode on a monday
What vile evil weeb sorcery is this? Everyone knows anime is on fridays.

Cardinals grumble how it can't charm without end so there is either a cooldown or it's limited by available users.

it's been a while since i read the early volumes, but wasnt there a limit to the total level of the npcs a guild could have

Well in the first LN volume Ainz mentions that the WCI have XP drain and that overusing them would leave him defenseless. I'm betting it's something like that.

>actually caring enough to read this garbage
There is no story retards, it's just a basic premise and world with factions that anyone can understand for my loli vampire to do stuff in while we admire and watch her in the anime, trap loli too.

Yes, there was a limit.

Because floors 1-3 were designed to separate parties with teleport traps and put them in environments they would have difficulty defending against.
Shalltear fits the job not because she's strong enough to handle three floors but because her atrocious lifesteal makes her the best candidate for long-term attrition.