What anime characters have such a strong fanbase where the author has to pander to them?

What anime characters have such a strong fanbase where the author has to pander to them?

Lum was so popular, she was made the main heroine.

i don't think there's a bigger example of this than sasuke

First one that comes to mind

Vegeta is a cool dude

i found the piccolo goku rivalry better and more diversive

Didn't the SnK author say he was originally gonna kill off a lot more of the characters and end the story much earlier?

I think he said Sasha was supposed to die earlier
Jeremiah from Code Geass.Although I don't get why he became popular or even if its true.

Because of muh ORANGE-KUN and honoraboru knight.



fuck off sakurafag

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he was going to kill Sasha but the editor cried and he felt bad. She was supposed to die when she went out alone to her hometown and saved that kid before meeting her dad.

Fucking. Goku. I am straight up tired of his shit.

>gohanfag thinking gohan would inherit the role of protagonist after cell, only now realizing that it won't happen


I want Goku to get Gohan killed, then commit suicide and never be wished back or seen again.


It's a strange coincidence that the OG haremshit has to change its heroine for fan-pressure and the same thing happened with the OG shoujoshit. The author fought for 9 tankoubons for the readers to hate Doumouji and root for Rui but with every irredemeable act, women only get more wet for Doumouji so she gave up and made him the love interest. I guess it's pottery

Maybe they will when DB stops making money on just milking Son Goku, nothing lasts forever.

as long as vegeta is still in the mix the fans will eat it up

Orange became awesome after his comeback in season 2 right? I remember him in season 1 he's just a generic middle boss/general.