tell me Marifags what is the point of her addition? she's such an unnecssary, cringey character

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To add some flavor to the shit cast.

I feel like she would make a lot more sense if 3.0+1.0 had actually happened

By the time it comes out he'll probably have changed his mind and she won't be relevant anymore

She is an unflattering mirror directed at Reifags and Asukafags. She's Anno's way of saying to them: "See? This is what a normal, healthy, sexy girl looks like. All you fanboys who have been unhealthily obsessing over my two walking metaphors for psychological trauma over the past 20 years have shit taste, and you got played."
This dubbed scene.
From 03:40 and onward to be precise.

Exactly this. While I don't completely hate Asuka, I don't see why I would choose her or, even worse, Rei over a girl like Mari.

Also, holy shit I want to fuck Mari in that outfit.

I do like seeing what it's like inside the cockpit getting everything ready. Also I like her helmet.

All these supposed audience critiques by Anno I hear about and all of them fail to be conveyed.

To give Asuka a girlfriend!

I never understood the hate she gets.

I'm not sure if Anno had plans for her but scrapped them because fans disliked her or if she will be relevant in the future.

Being completely honest, I'm not sure (not like I care, I'm here just for Mari), NGE was already a contrarian stash of stuff seemingly glued together, I guess they wanted even more money and attention, I don't know if the formula is working for them but what they were trying to "imitate" was not enough to please their pretentious crowd. So maybe in the end, even they are tired of the "core themes" of the original serie and the fans always "headcanon" what they want, everything is "fine".

Mari = Mary, ie the mother of Christ
Christ = Jesus, ie the messiah figure and savior in Christianity
Third impact = Possible reference to the third temple in Judaism, which is to be built during the coming of the messiah
Judaism = Rejects the notion of Christ being the messiah

Therefore = Mari stops the 3rd impact.

if anno is smart, she is made from the souls of others


>I'm not sure if Anno had plans for her but scrapped them because fans disliked her or if she will be relevant in the future.

I guess there is no healing for evafags after all, only merchandise.

She frees up Asuka so she can take Toji's spot in piloting Unit-03. Now Asuka's part angel. And she may or may not know Yui, depending on if this photo is her (or Asuka's mother) and if they're following the manga's footsteps.

She's also probably one of the four children. There's a recurring theme of four: four Adams, four children, four films, etc.

she had a bigger role in eariler drafts. The reason for her character is to be a "new" Rei; as in the new mystery girl element.

Anyone into anime for a while now knows something is up with rei, just look at the posters for eoe. Everybody knows what rei is nowadays, anno said that Rei's appeal and drawing power with audiences is her mystery appeal. I guess Anno wanted to recapture that with mari.

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Its denying facts to see Mari was created to make Asuka more popular. Anno wanted to bring in the yuri audience.

Of course I'm being retarded, my heart also hurts, I want to feel this pain in order to get my shit together.

>unofficial merchandise is indicative of anything
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That's like putting spice on dog shit. Its still dog shit.

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Its the most popular pairing for Asuka, and Japan hates A/S.

How bland do you have to be to like Mari? Even Rei Q has more personality than that LCL snuffing waifubait.
Popular according to who? Everyone with more than a halfbrain hates that LCLsniffer.

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>she reminds you of your mom or ex or something
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I don't have more to add but you are welcome to continue whathever you are trying.

Mari is for Asuka