Huge flop

>huge flop
>not popular in the west either
>S2 announced 4 months later
How in the fuck ? They don't even have enough material to adapt
Was this planned all along ? Maybe netflix money are behind it all ?

They could have planned it for two seasons from the start

It would've made sense if not for the original fucking ending

>How in the fuck ?
Anime is basically an advertisement for the source material nowadays. Perhaps S1 resulted in a significant enough increase of manga sales to justify a second season?

Also, that promotional art looks really bad. It looks like they just shoved artworks of the individual characters together in one image with photoshop.

Netflix doesn't fund any anime (not even Devilman). It was a success through other revenue such as manga and has a accompanying drama to promote

Why does the glasses guy have dark hair instead of white
suzui looks retarded
why is midari making that face
fuck this looks bad

Was it actually good?

watch it for the girls

Netflix desperately wants to expand their anime catalog to compete in the streaming business because Disney will soon slaughter them there. Funding a sequel projects confidence.

I want to cuddle with Ikishima.

It’s not even on Netflix, they pussied out because of the gambling.
The succes is all thanks to the japs.

netflix money

>It’s not even on Netflix, they pussied out because of the gambling.
no they didn't
they said it will release in early 2018


because it was popular

Netflix Dubs their shows in 5 different languages before they release it so It's gonna be a bit

No it wasn't ?

Yeah user, they've been pushing Devilman really hard but Kakegurui is too edgy for them.

Unpopular shows don't get live action adaptations.

Devilman is actually decent though. Is there any evidence that the show boosted the manga sales at all or this all just down to netflix bucks?

Everyone in the background looks like porn extras.

More like
>Doesn't have the same data as the production committee but thinks they know better because they are an anime expert and look at stalker numbers and MAL forums

Netflix doesn't fund shit related to anime and manga is not the only way of alt revenue.

They probably are.

*is this

Sangatsu no Lion is not that popular as an anime, but it did boost its source manga sales enough to continue airing. It also landed a TV drama and a movie. It happens to have the nip government as a backer since it promotes shogi or something like that.

I just want more Miyuki Voice sex.

>Everyone in the background looks like porn extras.

Or on tokusatsu shows.


Those pachinko sales

Devilman doesn’t have gambling which is a bigger sin and bad influence.

I want to go on a date with her and hold hands !

This. Armchair producers need to flex, while doing fuck all themselves.

Reminder that the manga was already selling great before the anime.

Popular enough to have spin-off

3! spin-offs

can someone explain why they don't just go all out and have the same wig color as the character?


Any production company worth its salt has plenty of wigs and props lying around or contracts to get them from a prop house on the cheap. The outfits definitely cost more than renting appropriate wigs. It's more likely to be the usual adaptation meddling where the director or some bigwig on the production committee decides that they personally don't like the look and changes it to suit their preferences.

How about you look up how production committees work, would answer a lot of your questions

>believing stalkerfags lies