When did EDGY became a meme?

Why is it that nowadays everytime an anime has gore and nudity every idiot calls it edgy?Cant we enjoy stuff like Devilman,Berserk,Battle Royale,Drifting Classroom,etc without some fag calling it edgy?Its such a stupid word

>American Gods ripoff
>Evil Dead ripoff
>Hunger games ripoff
>Random death the series
Maybe if they werent shit one would care more? Edgy is label for trash

Berserk does the edgy shit in a good way that fits the setting.
Devilman Soybaby was just fucking retarded with it and put in stuff that wasn't even part of the original source material and didnt help to move the plot forward.
The real thing that killed the edgy trend was a guy named Sasuke Uchiha.
From that point on everyone thought edgy characters were lame and autistic.
Before you had guys like Vegeta'Hiei etc in every shounen troop now not so much.

Damn, Guts looks like THAT?


So it's just no-fun faggots then.

Op here.Sasuke was just a kurapika ripoff done wrong.As for devilman it was groundbreakimg at its time and influential.I guess kids nowadays when they see stuff like devilman instead of discussing the themes devilman went into would rather just call it edgy and be done with

>>Hunger games ripoff
Motherfucker, you did not just call Battle Royal a Hunger Games ripoff.


Are you an ESL or a high school dropout who never learned that punctuation marks are usually followed with a space?

In the grim darkness of the far future.

I guess Sup Forums really is the bottom of the barrel.Creativity is dead here you're all a bunch of negative virgins that hate everything

faggots who have not watched even 20 anime or weebs with over 700 moe/kawaii anime only, so they have so shit of a taste that they find anything not cute as edgy

warhammer 4k isekai anime when

>When did X become a meme?
When you started discussing it on anonymous French pastry forums.

You gotta know what you're getting when you come here. Discussion? Valid views? Sensible debates? Ha, no. I come to this site for lewds and leaks.

The volumes after Griffith goes into politics ARE SO FUCKING BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING

How come nobody calls game of thrones edgy?


So does female Griffith rape male Casca in this version?

it is though, especially after they passed the books and they didn't have the writing to prop up the show

because of ironic weebs, the same people who will inevitable ruin pte

Don't fall for it

years ago

Edgy depends on context. It's usually obvious when they shoehorn adult themes or language into a series, or if it's actually suitable to the series' themes and moods. Edgy is gore/sex/language for the sake of them, not because they really had a place.

Edgy is a meme because of goths. Goths liked to pretend that they understood the universe, that everyone else was stupid, and that nobody could understand their pain, which they believed they experienced uniquely / exclusively.

It takes a similar mindset to enjoy dark and edgy fiction. Maybe you're not as cringey as a goth for enjoying stuff like that, but your taste still exposes something about you. Shows like berserk and devil man crybaby have a core ideology: that the world is hopelessly dark and that life is suffering. They are essentially nihilistic. Nihilism is the quintessential edgelord ideology. It is pathetic and absurd. Nihilists are just like goths; they think they see the world for how it really is, that everyone else is just a deluded sheep, etc.

You can't do much other than laugh at such a person or such an ideology. People understand this instinctually. Therefore, "edge" is a meme.

That's a lot of words to just admit you're an idiot. Goths? Really? You sound like a cynical underage pseudo-intellectual high-schooler. Nihilism =/= edgy. You misunderstand why "edgy" is unappealing entirely.
you have to go back

nihilism has nothing to do with the world being dark and suffering, read a book kid

Fairy tales, religious books, dark stories aren't new, your buzz words are new.

>Shows like berserk and devil man crybaby have a core ideology: that the world is hopelessly dark and that life is suffering. They are essentially nihilistic

Next you'll tell me the Gospels are nihilistic for the same reason. The whole point of Berserk is that Guts doesn't fall into despair no matter how bad it gets and we've had a happy ending confirmed for years now. He'll pull out from the grimmest of circumstances.
Crybaby is much more of an edge case, but it still has a point. It's not mopey and deals with the worst instincts humans have. As a Christian, I don't like how it ended, but in a Buddhist context it works without being nihilistic.

You're a pseudo intellectual who doesn't know what he's talking about.

>As a Christian
You believe all that stuff wholesale?

that takes me back

it's canon now

You are an idiot for lumping all of these together.
>Battle Royale,Drifting Classroom
these are thrillers
it's not supposed to be edgy but suspensful like a horror movie
And devilman I can excuse because it was actually progressive in the 70s and started a movement against censorship in manga. It was edgy for a reason.
Berserk otoh is just pure unadulterated edgelord garbage with some blank slate retard dedicating his entire existance to cutting giant monster in half with his oversized sword, then wondering why his life is so shit and mopeing like a faggot

>Evil Dead ripoff

What's this referring to? Pretty sure I would've spotted an anime Evil Dead.

Earn your darkness and violence and handle it well, otherwise you're edgy.

Shut the fuck up

>I haven't read Berserk.

I'd say after the 90s if I'm going to be safe and cast a wide net, after the decade in which The Matrix, World of Darkness, Warhammer 40K, and Spawn were prominent. There was a trend of making things darker and grittier that culminated with the Dark Knight and it seems like there's been backlash ever since. Since then, going by the most common criticism towards the DCEU it seems like being dark began to be seen as an inherent flaw.

It's a bait post, but he's referring to Berserk, namely how Ash/Guts both have a weapon affixed to one of their arms while carrying a large weapon in the other.

Miura has stated in an interview that while he loves Sam Raimi's films, that was not the inspiration for Guts's cannon arm.

Edgy is one of those words that have been normalized to the point where its used in the wrong context. All of those things are not edgy because its the subject matter of said media.

Goths arent edgy, emos are.

Tokyo Ghoul and Psycho Pass are what I think of when I think of "edgy" (in a bad way)

Basically shit ass boring stories that are made to seem interesting to young kids and teenagers by including violence and sexuality. If a story is good and has good characters (unlike Tokyo Ghoul and Psycho Pass) then the inclusion of violence and sexuality doesn't make it "edgy" in my mind.

Really though the actual definition of "edgy" is being subversive and doing stuff that pushes the limits of a medium. Think NGE in the 90s.

>As a Christian
Since when has this become ok on here?

>A group of people think they know how the universe works, and everyone else is dumb
What a novel explanation

Grimdark and gore is perfectly fine if it's well written. "Edgy" is a marketing term. Edgy content is meant to capitalize off pic related and generally its poor quality because kids and burgers have no taste. You can tell something like shadow the hedgeheg was thought up by suits trying to capture the angsty 12 year old audience, whereas berserk or ninja scroll was created by someone with talent who cared about what they were doing.

have you red devilman?

Tokyo Ghoul is a masterpiece.

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No, the most common criticism of the DCEU was that their movies are dogshit.

Because they're grimdark and "edgy."

There's nothing inherently wrong with edge or using edgy as a descriptor, it's just that young adults tend to get embarrassed that their favourite thing isn't as mature and sensible as they used to believe when they were teens.
It's a natural reaction in modern culture but you don't need to conform to it if you don't want to.

Just enjoy the show and stop giving a fuck about what others or you want to call it.

Nihilism are like goths
Cut your hands off


>He'll pull out from the grimmest of circumstances
He "pulls out" of that demon literally during the first few pages of the manga, no shit user.

Is Higurashi edgy ?

>People with different beliefs from mine?
>why is this okay?

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>The whole point of Berserk is that Guts doesn't fall into despair no matter how bad it gets
Guts has tasted despair more than anyone in his lifetime, user. The point of Berserk is that even when Guts goes through the deepest despair, he still struggles on

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