What is you're favorite anime that isn't 10/10?

Best anime != Favorite anime.

Many fags praise LoGH,HxH etc, but when you think is the best visual/written, are still they your favorite anime?

>favorite anime that isn't 10/10
literal brainlet

>giev recommendations
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I like Clannad too but Jesus OP

mirai nikki unironically

First of all op, it took me 5 seconds to find a better pic. Secondly, pic related is mine.

I don't like the OP post either but jesus christ off you're selve.

>purposeful grammatical mistakes

Jojo. Literally all of it. Each part, no matter how much greatness, has a ton of terrible plot holes, unfunny jokes, awful writing, and -above all- undeveloped concepts. Outside of part 7, I wouldn't give any single part higher than a 7/10. I also love bitching about this shit so that somehow balances it out, and why it is my favorite. Period.

Most of Welcome to the NHK was bad, especially the first half, and when you get down to it even the parts that were good were a little cheesy. But it's still an all-time favorite for me just because of those little gem moments among all the trash

I wouldn't call NHK a 10/10 but its definitely an 8/9. By cheesey, did you mean you find it cringeworthy? Because some of it is cringeworthy but thats what make its relatable for anyone whos been in the same position as the MC. He wants to break out from being a NEET but his anxiety and paranoia make him self-destruct and stop him from progressing.

So like an anime I rate 9/10?

Tsuki ni Naku is a 10 though.

Read the novel.

I did, it was slightly worse. Manga was a middle point. Anime handled the story the best

No, I meant the sappy and often cheesy romance and such (not quite bad, but definitely a little cliche). The cringeworthy parts were the ones that I considered genuinely bad, not just cheesy. The cringe is usually exaggerated well beyond the point that I think even most NEETs would relate to, for the sake of comedy over being relatable

>you're favorite anime
>not a 10/10
Then that anime isnt your favorite.

Shitty/cringy anime but I just can't stop watching it. If a new season comes out I'll probably watch it too.


Haruhi. Although Disappearance is indeed 10/10


This is suspiciously feeling like a recommendation thread...