Dagashi Kashi 2

Subs finally out. Get in here.

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I don't believe you.

I guess nobody picked this season up

Does anyone have Japanese subs at least?

Well it doesn't look too terrible at least.

I don't like this "closer to the manga" art. S1 was more aesthetic.

Yeah they're pretty clearly working with no budget but it's alright when it's on model.

>only south american subs are up

Only non-english subs.

I preferred the S1 aesthetic more too. This season looks like it's working on a shoestring budget.

The new time format works better though. The episodes in S1 seemed to drag on at times. Now with the 15 minute episode the pacing is better. At the end though I'm left wanting more Hotaru.

Overall I liked episode 1. And I could definitely relate... I've had instant "pasta" before where the more soup packet you poured in, the more like ramen it became. Shit is so bad but so good.

I like manga Hotaru more but Feel draws the cutest eyes thats hard to beat. Same with their Galko.

Is there a reason why subs for this are taking so fucking long

I don't think Crunchyroll or Funimation have it, so we have to wait for fansubs like ye olden days.

Crunchyroll definitely has it

Then HS should have it scheduled, and they don't.

>all of those foreign language subs and no English


Dont visit reddιt

maybe it's region blocked? althought it's not hard to bypass

Fuck you, Daiz.

what the fuck

>tfw the spanish subs probably are not even well translated
Fucking hates those faggots that just google translate on the go just to be the first to put the episode on their shitty streaming ad filled websites

Damn grass blocking my view of her heels.

Blocking what, her fucking shoe? Are footfags that desperate now?

ESL please leave

I'm not too fond of this style but I'm always happy to see more Hotaru.

i check the onstream site has subbed

Spanish subs are fine.

t. mexican

All I know is that I still need to fuck her

She looks worse than before.

It didn’t show up on Crunchyroll updated episode list, so if you can’t find it, just search it up and it will show. That’s what I had to do.

They changed her eyes up a little since that first PV.

So here : crunchyroll.com/dagashi-kashi/episode-1-big-katsu-peperoncino-and-760187

Is HorribleSubs not doing this/

Its up on nyaa. English now.

Fuck yeah finally.

Reminder this episode adapted chapters 88 and 60 and the preview showed stuff from 90.

No idea who they are but cool

Hajime a cute! Man the op is full of spoilers.


commie subs when?

Oh god that's horrible

Burger subs or not?

Tmget the fuck off out there herkz. Low quality baits are pathetic.

Another fucking burger subs. What is wrong with those fuckers in this season?

Hotaru bugged the shop for sure.


Interesting dagashi.


aw yeah

There are shoefags out there you know

Hmm, just finished watching. The style change didn't bother me as much as I was expecting, and the voice-acting work is still very good so there's that. I think the shorter episode length actually works in the series' favour, since the original did have some episodes that occasionally felt like they were just dragging the explanation for the lore and fun facts of a candy too long. Pleasantly surprised. Would watch the rest.


You have to be over 18 to post in this site.

Has anything interesting happened in the manga yet? I haven't checked the raws in a very long time.


when you get old enough, you kinda start enjoying stupid shit again

Ok. I was just wondering if the mom has been mentioned or something.

True, I guess I woke up kinda cranky today.

>if the mom has been mentioned

What's the last thing you recall? That way, I can bring you up to speed on what you've missed. His mother was mentioned a couple times already. We actually got a typesetted chapter that seemed to be set when Kokonotsu's mom had only left recently.

I miss Calorie Queen

Well, that secretary looking lady came and hotaru wasn't present for a long time. Also some festival going on and his dad being around with this ponytail (I think) woman doing stall stuff or so.

Those are about 50 chapters apart.

Let's see. Hotaru came back and the manager of the new convenience store that opened up across Shikada Dagashi turned out to be her older brother, Beniyutaka. He's the guy in the suit you see here: . Saya got BTFO into the friend zone. Kokonotsu declared that he wouldn't mind tending the shop forever if Hotaru was by his side. In fact, he actually confessed to her recently by saying he wanted to "be with her forever." She thought he was saying he wanted to work for her in her new company, but he meant otherwise. Hotaru then revealed that her dad is stepping down as the company representative come August and she has to decide whether to take over the position or start her own. In either case, she wants Kokonotsu to be her deputy representative. She'd also like to hear him say those words again once things settle down. After all, she indirectly revealed to Saya that she likes him too when they were having a love talk.

Oh gear god, why don't you or someone else translate that? im sure there must be at least one south american on Sup Forums that likes anime like me but my english is shit.

Her eyes.

english subs are already out

Is he at it again?



Do you know what chapter is the love talk with saya and "confession" one? Thanks

Thinking about picking up the manga series. Is it just as ad-riddled and "1001 fun facts you never knew!" as the anime, or is there more story and character development relatively-speaking? Not that I'm complaining about the nature of the anime, I went into it expecting exactly what I got.

Chapters 169 and 170. Here's the archive links to the translation threads for those chapters.

169: boards.fireden.net/a/thread/165254345
170: boards.fireden.net/a/thread/165508218

Raws go up to 173.

Love talk 167-169
"Confession" 170
TLs are in archive

The older sure looked better.

Thanks for linking it user

Poor saya.

It's okay, she didn't even try.

Which subs are english?

burger subs

>first frame is Saya's fang
I like this season already

You're welcome.

status of my dick: muh

>no saya
it's shit

You meant it's great.

But she's right there.

Why are all the characters cross-eyed?

I wish it was full length


>drain the water then use half the spice packet to get something different
>then use the rest of the packet on water to get soup
I have no idea how I've never thought of doing this with instant noodles

This girl look like a trap

Hotaru makes the best faces.

is this show worth watching? i have never watched a show only for the girl


Nope, read the manga.

What a twig

Did they ever cover Necros no Yousai?

manga is shit , anime is king


Should I watch this even though I didn't watch S1?


anime > h-doujins > VN > doujin games > weeb games > LN >> manga