Will this be the Anime of the Year 2018?

Will this be the Anime of the Year 2018?

But Devilman Crybaby already came out?

That's not VEG.

Fucking kill yourself shounenshitter.

Just let the other people argue about AOTY/AOTS. No need to drag CCS into it.

>Will this be the Anime of the Year 2018?
When the new Dragon ball movie comes out?

Yeah. CCS can be like Guruguru last year. AOTY, but no shitposters to ruin the comfy threads.

It’s neither of these things
Yes 2018 is starting off strong but calm yourselves gentlemen

Answer these questions

-has the animation held up (shockingly yes)
-Is it comfy (yes)
-Is it cardcaptor sakura (yes)

its AOTY

The first episode was a 6 at best. And looking at the source material this will not even make it to AOTS.

First episode was definitely very good. Lots of competition though. First season of the year too. Unless a show is an unforgettable and transcendent masterpiece then sadly a lot of people on Sup Forums will have forgotten about it by then.

Well hopefully that gets that out of the way in the first two posts.

Nah. CCS is way better than Guru Guru.

Satou is saving Precure, so she might not even be magical girl of the year.

Easily yes.

In Sup Forums's eyes? No. Sup Forums only cares about new, recent, or ongoing shit. They don't seem to give a fuck about revivals of older shows.

anyone who hasn't seen watched/read the original CCS's opinion is irrelevant. Immediately outs you as new

Anyone who compares the masterpiece that was the original to this junk immediately outs you as new

>One off from Sextiples
Shit, nigguh, that's sad.

But yeah, I personally love CCS, I've loved it since I was a kid and for me, it might just be THE anime of 2018.

But there again, "THE" anime of 2018 depends on everybody's point of view. Some will say it's JoJo's 5th part (if it comes out), some will say it's Boruto because they have no fucking taste.

I guess we'll see, but I personally am hyped for a new CCS story-arch after feeling so depressed from not having any new "OOOOOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH" content for almost 15 years.

Since this is a sequel, is she gonna die of that car accident near the end?

By that logic only shows which finish in December can win AOTY here. You're fucking retarded.

It's more of a soft reboot than a sequel.

fuck off

No no, it's literally a sequel. A reboot would bring us all the way back to episode 1 when she first found the cards.

Right now, it -is- a sequel. The start just feels soft and smooth because it's Clamp and they've always managed to have perfect story-telling. (Except in Tsubasa Chronicles, but that one was an absolute fucking mess.)

>The start just feels soft and smooth
I was complaining about the fact that Syaoran didn't show up before school like in the manga but I saw a post that made me change my mind, it makes sense that he didn't arrive in the morning and waiting for Sakura after school means he went straight to see her, also it makes carrying the bear around less awkward if he doesn't have to wait all day to give it to her.

You think xxxHolic was perfect storytelling?

>Fucking kill yourself shounenshitter
>every person who likes anime that isnt full of moe is shounenshitter

But we have Citrus this year?