Episode 2 airs tomorrow, what are your expectations for it and what it'll cover? Do you think it will be good, shitty, or somewhere in between?

Lizards up to the beginning of the battle with the skeletons. Expect some scenes with Nazarick mixed between the lizards.

So still no news about the short story #1? It's been 2 weeks already.

Why is Narb incapable of learning how to behave herself despite repeated instruction?

Stupid sexy Lupus

The lizards look so fucking ugly especially Krusch

Oh well i'll come back around episode 6 for sebas

That's what I'm expecting too. Though my hope is for them to do climb and lizards simultaneously,

If you want a couple short stories just look in your pants already.

she needs to be boned

she enjoys being punished

Gathering of the tribes, lizard duel, skelly army faceoff. It would be so-so.

I want non-stop Lizards. If I see a single denizen from Nazarick outside of the OP I'm dropping this shit for being an unfaithful adaptation. Either put some god damn trust in the source material or don't bother.

That's just how she was set up. Also high INT, low WIS build.

> Either put some god damn trust in the source material or don't bother.
But there was whole Cocytus + Entoma commanding Lich to advance from the shed.

Fuck off I already had to sit through lizard shit once at least some extra Nazarick scenes in between will make it bearable this time.

Posts like these make me wish for 26 episodes of pure lizards.

when will papa bones produce an heir?

>The lizards look so fucking ugly especially Krusch
they're not supposed to be attractive to you dumb furfag

So I'm only up to vol 4 in the LN but it is mentioned that the Slane Theocracy left a small team of people to monitor Shalltear when she is in defensive mode. Does that mean someone was able to see Ainz fight her or did they have some illusion shit to block people from seeing the fight?

When will you?

you think we'll get any news on volume 13 by the time season 2 ends?

Are you usually attracted to lizards and dogs?

I think he means their character design is just meh compared to the manga version or so-bin's illustrations and Id agree. Manga and illustrations made them look like interesting fantasy creatures

During vol10 intermission Cardinals still argue if Momon actually defeated Shalltear or he just pretended to. That means no, they were unable to monitor the fight.

It's going to be Vol. 11 all over again.

>think he means their character design is just meh compared to the manga version or so-bin's illustrations and Id agree.
>dynamic animation in adaptation has worse quality than static in LN and Manga
When will newfags learn that this will always be true, until some new methods like AI-assisted rendering are developed?


That's a shame, I thought they'd start to at least look competent but I guess they just underestimate Nazerick too much. Are there any restrictions on that world item of theirs or can they just use it so long as a talent holder is around? Didn't seem to have that much of a cast time either.

I find Crusch's nubile albino body very attractive.

>Are there any restrictions on that world item of theirs or can they just use it so long as a talent holder is around?
Same intermission they grumble that it can't "charm without end", so there is either a cooldown or potential users are limited.

the character design is exactly the same, she wasn't much of a looker

What? She's super cute.

she looks cute like a pet lizard

d'aww that's a kawaii fucking lizard

>Implying they weren't pretending to be retarded and spouting nonsense out of the fear that Ainz could be wiretapping them

I want furfags to leave.

What were people's favourite and least favorute volumes of the LN and why?

Personally I really liked 10, 11 and 9, probably in that order although can't really decide if 10 or 11 is better. Least favorites would be 7, 4 and 8, again being unable to decide if 4 or 7 is worse with 8 being just okay.

You lost mate?

I find the story of Sebas and Tuare very interesting for its value as a precedent. It shows that the NPCs aren't all destined to be obsessed with getting the bone and can find love elsewhere. Do you think any other NPC will end up the same?

>Pick this up after all the Sup Forums talk
>Watch the first season
>It is fucking nothing
13 episodes of "lets figure out what world we ended up in" most of which already gets resolved in the first 2 episodes. The remaining 11 episodes are about getting no step closer to even trying to figure out what has happened to the "MMO".
>b-but it is like in the source material
the source material is shit too then

Also can the world please establish some fucking rules, holy bejesus, so much "magic deal with it" asspulling. AT least Log horizon (another boring show) has the decency to establish the rules by which the world the characters are in funcitons by.
I am currently expecting yet another instance of some sort of "here`s a magic ring I have been hiding all this time that will solve exactly the problem we just encountered!!".
The only remotely interesting thing thusfar is the fact that the MC is put in the position of being all powerful rather than a wimpy shitter.

Favorite is 9 for SPLAT and Jirciv, least favorite is 7 for Arche death and sister enslavement

>the source material is shit too then

World rules are established. In the LN

>I can't into implications and foreshadowing, have zero imagination and want to be spoonfed entire setting mechanics before any plot development
>preferably in a form of endless skill tables and encyclopedia volumes, completely devoid of any developments
You're in luck: nips write a lot of low-grate shit, it would suit your tastes just fine, pleb.

The entire plot of the first season is literally intel gathering and reconnaissance BECAUSE Ainz doesn't know all the rules of the new world. He knows how shit works in Yggdrasil so he has to experiment to see what the differences are and what new shit is introduced.

I liked 7 because of all the butthurt about Arche

Guys, why do you always respond to posts with "Log Horizon"? It is already like a label to a bait.

Who? Everyone are little girls here.

I wouldn't call it my favorite but I actually liked 8 (apparently highly disliked by most people) a lot for its comfy and comedic slice of life sections which are my favorite part of the series in general.

Favorite volume overall would probably be 11.

Do you not see her face? She is potato as fuck.

Dat's a big head

Do you know how everything in the universe works? Gravity, electricity, quantum mechanics, black holes and your own fucking brain? Than shut the fuck up about establishing rules: Overlord is about exploration of New World, not a shitty "stuck in a MMO".

a beautiful potato

I wouldn't say Log Horizon is like that. Sometimes it's brought up when talking about the author's relationship with Maruyama. Posts with "SAO" in them however are 99% of the time bait.



>Lupus has a dick
I wish this was canon

Ok. Girls with dicks.

IRL hyena females have a clit so large - it can as well be called penis, they also use it to establish dominance over smaller and weaker males.

lizards don't have fur
atleast call them scalefags

you never saw people with iguanas as pets?

I don't distinguish this degeneracy by subcategories, that would be too much of an honor for such a filth.

Only iguanas with pet humans.

>trying to figure out what has happened to the "MMO".
Did you even watch it?
The first priority is for the NPCs to be happy.
The second is to gather intel and build defence for a possible players.
Third - to conquer the world.
And after that maybe find out, what happened with the MMO.

Damn, I tried to repeat after her. That's painful. :(

>Do you think any other NPC will end up the same?
PA-as-Momon should bang EE just so Ainz can have the crushing realization that his own son lost his virginity before him. And that his son might be a pedo, possibly by reflecting some repressed tendency in his creator, since Ainz didn't make him a pedo in his bio.
And so EE can be happy for a bit before becoming bug chow.

What kind of greenhouse flower are you? I can do it for a few minutes, probably for 10 if someone pays me.

do Narberal and Pandora's Actor ever interact? she should find a fellow doppelganger less uwah, right?

Who was the old lady that talked to the dragon in episode 1?
Who was the dragon she was talking to?
I am a filthy secondary for the first couple of volumes. Can one of you supreme readers enlighten this poor soul?

it's not a MMO damn it
it's an isekai

I mean his personality isn't because he is a doppel, it is just because Ainz is a weird fucking dude. She'd still go uwah.

Why did demi have to die? His was less of a betrayal than shaltier or sebes.

Lurk the archive, it was answered over 9000 of times for the past few weeks. You can look for this image in particular.

>Why did demi have to die?

Remember the mind control lady? She was the caster.


Yet there magic asspulls basically ever episode, so the rules are known to the characters (to whatever degree this may be), just simply not shown to the viewer until it is convenient. This is just lazy writing as it allows you to get away with practically anything. It isn´t even a show of deduction and exploration, there are no moments of "X works, so it is reasonable to assume Y would works as well, lets see if I am right"

My palace needs hiding. Oh theres a spell for that.
Someone needs healing. Oh theres a spell for that.
I need to hide my true being. Oh theres an armor for that.
I cant wield this out of class equipment. Oh theres a spell for that.

The only time it gets close is when he tries to wake up vampy (literally the only reason I watch the show btw) with a world item, finds out it doesnt work, and makes some deductions and choices based of that revelation.

Cool vampy, shit show. Hope vampy gets more screentime.

He literally deduces spells work when he is meeting with Aura and Mare and testing shit out. If a spell doesn't work, then he'd be surprised and know about it like Wish Upon a Star to remove the MC for Shalltear. If shit works, like it does almost 100% of the time it is because magic works almost exactly the same as it does in Ygg, you just cast it and spend MP WOWZA WHO WOULDA THUNK IT.

Those were literally all in the first episode. Is basic set-up an asspull?

> so the rules are known to the characters
Anime tells you that only Yggdrasil entities follow rigid MMO mechanics, every other NWers capable of Tiered Magic can and probably do know spells that did not exist in a game and learned them like you would learn algebra: the hard way with book and candle. Then there is also Wild Magic, worlds original magic that only a few Humans, related to Dragon Lords, can use, it is still a mystery because of low number of users.
>Oh there's a spell for that
Welcome to magnificent world of DnD overpowered high-level spellcasters.

I am mostly interested in if Mare tries some shit again or if she will just lay low after her Shaltier plan failed.

Wow no way! Didn’t granny take Shalltear’s attack? I thought shalltear would have owned any new world party were it not for the world item. Like one-hit the entire party kind of own.

Aura is best girl.

He's lying, the granny in that episode with the dragon is Lizzie the alchemist lady.

Volume 11 because I'm a sucker for vulnerable Shalltear undergoing character development, Aura being a good girl, and Having Adventures.

I guess it is really interesting to be an animefag.

Yeah! And we're keep bullshitting you until you give up and read the LN instead of asking dumb secondaries questions.
Either wait for it to get adapted if you're too retarded to read or go and read it now, don't come asking questions that were answered 100000 times without lurking for 2 years first.

Because the author said this ends in tragedy and what is more tragic than every one Ains loves, his npcs, slowly betraying him then killed by his own hands.

Unless you are using full force with the intent to break your fingers it is not user.

I'm still waiting for the twist that they go "uwah" not just because he's autistic but because they're bitterly jealous that he's Ainzs little boy

This arc will be really good animated.
I want to see happy Demi working on the bone throne.

The tragedy is some shit went wrong with the server shutdown and this is all a lucid dream he is having while strapped to his computer and dying of dehydration and starvation unable to wake up.

>muh shonen energy system
it's based on DnD which means he can do whatever the fuck he wants if he's like a level 18 pure wizard

Don't you feel pain in this place?

I swear to god if something like that happens, I will go to japan and firebomb Maruyama's house.

w-what happened to vol11?

I feel pain everyday user.

Are you hitting the table with last Phalanx of your finger? Are you Remedios? Loli doing it with 2 or 3, of course it would be painful with just the tip.

Pain is still better than nothing.

Bravo, so now you all did a 180 on me and agree we are in a world of "lamo superfuture MMO with god knows how many spells which may or may not exist, the various effects of which will only be revealed if we need some plot element resolved".

Accio lizardmen, wingardium levioSAH all their weapons, abracadabra green lazer of death. Oh boy, how thrilling. The show is basically about seeing what ludicrous spell the writer(s) come(s) up with. Will they be subtle about their deus ex machina or will it literally be "Plottus Resolvus!"