Why are people pretending that Phantom Blood is any good?

Why are people pretending that Phantom Blood is any good?

Animeonlies that only have the first 4 parts to judge.

Why do people pretend any part of Jojo is any good?

>Why are people pretending that Jojo is any good?


But that doesn't make any sense. There is a huge leap in quality between animated part 1 and part 2 that animeonlyfags should be able to see how abysmal Phantom Blood is.

It was good. People criticize it because it seems so old-fashioned, but Jonathan was someone worth rooting for, Dio had tremendous charisma, and the two had such a great dynamic.

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Why are people pretending that JoJo has ever been anything good?

It's basically a prologue for anything that comes after it, it also gives a lot of weight to the shit that happens on part 3. It's not the best but it basically needed to exist.

There wouldn't be any JoJo without it

Why are people pretending any Jojo after part 2 is any good?

The only time Dio was a fun villain. He's boring in Stardust Crusaders.

Why are people pretending that Jojo before part 8 is any good?

What about in part 7?

It's better than boring part 2 but that's about it. Weirdly in the anime format part 2 was better.

Only even number Jojo parts are good. Prove me wrong. It's useless.

I think it's related to the people who swear blind part 3 is utter garbage, while part 4 is the apex of the series.

Jonathan and Dio have a history. DIO was just a final boss of Part 3 and coolness is what sold the fight between him and Jotaro.

>What about in part 7?
Same as , Diego from another universe was a DIO clone, another final boss who was just really cool to see fight Johnny. The original Diego was better, more like Part I Dio but was a character in his own right just like Johnny.

part 3 is hammy as fuck but it's so much fun. in parts 1 and 2 all of the climactic moments are really absurd but it's played straightfaced leaving you wondering if it's serious or not. in part 3 it's clearly intended to be humorous and there's no other way to read it and that makes all the other absurd moments in JoJo past and future seem intentionally humorous by association. the rest of the series would read really different from how it does if part 3 didn't exist

Yeah, but there's a big core of people who seriously act like it should never have been made. Being annoyed that it's the series that gets all the focus, fair enough, but there comes a point where you're being contrary for the sake of it.

its terrible and almost made me drop the series.
>use hamon
>get frozen
later seasons are not masterpieces either but still better.

Why are people pretending anything in Jojo is bad/not to their liking? Its a universal fact that everyone and everything loves Jojo and wants to be like it. Thats why everything is a motherfucking Jojo reference!