Kimetsu 93

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93: Never give up.
[side] Two sides reflected in the mirror. As a person, as a demon, as a brother.

[side] Cut through...!!

Cut through!! Cut through!!

Win. We're gonna win.
For sure.


These circumstances never change.
With just one difference, I myself might be in this situation.

If I ever fall to the demon side,
Then definitely

One of the demon hunters
Will come cut my head off.

"This can't be happening!!"
"Your head can't get cut off by someone like that!!"


Thanks OP

This guy!!
He got out of the wreckage!!

Breath of Lightning
First form

I know how fast your moves are!!
I've seen it so many times!!

Thunderclap Forge [Is that right?]

Move it, Ugly!!


So fas...

>Thunderclap Forge [Is that right?]
Thunder Clap Flash?


It's getting cut off!!

Crap!! This guy can really move...!!

Cut, Cut, Break through!!
I can only use the forge's god speed twice, then my legs will become useless.

I used one two get out of the wreckage, so I don't have anymore.
So now's the only chance to get at her neck!!

Tanjirou made this once in a lifetime chance.
I'll cut it for sure!! I will!!

I don't remember these names.


Shiiit! I can't cut it!! It's too tough!!

His body should be weakened from the poison.
So I still lack strength!!


He's already recovered from the poison...!!
He's dragging me in and I'm getting diced...!!

"The blade's getting pushed back..."


It was so close!! I just needed a little mo...

Don't give up! Don't give up! Don't give up!!!
Keep clawing to the very end!!

"You braaaaat!!"

The speed
Of the attack is increasing!!

The poison is wearing off!
He'll go back to full strength!!

Don't give up!!

Don't give...


He's not dead!!
Even though he wasn't dead his heart was... oh I see.

He forced his heart to stop with his muscles.
If he does, the poison will stop circulating temporarily.

"The "Score" is complete!!"
"We're gonna wiiiinnnn!!!"

>"We're gonna wiiiinnnn!!!"
Famous last word

He's fucking lost it. RIP

Yeah, thunderclap flash is right.
I have a text file with the move names, I can post them if you want

>I have a text file with the move names, I can post them if you want
Please do

A score
Is Uzui Tengen's unique battle formula. It takes a lot of time to analyze,
But he can understand an enemy's habits and blind spots by reading their attack movements and converting it to sound.
Just like interrupting the flow of a song, if one attacks the openings in a sound, he can land a blow.

The best he can do is handle the enemy's attack because of the poison flowing in his body. He can't aim for the head.

So he has to be the one to do it.
Tanjirou. [I don't know how the 1st/3rd person works in the last 2 panels]

He's released all his circular rotations!! [This is the demon's move. I forgot the name]

This guy...!! He only has one arm.
This is impossible!!

You gotta be kidding meee!!


"Don't stop! Gooooo!!"

Fuck, I still believe in you ninja-kun ;-;

You're slow! You're a damn dunce!!
No matter how many times they set something up, pathetic beings will stay pathetic.

In a few of these cases there were multiple translations used at different points in time, the most recent one is the last one I list.

Breath of Water
First Style: Water Surface Slice
Second Style: Water Wheel
Third Style: Dance of the Fast Moving Current/The Beating Tide
Fourth Style: Striking Tides
Fifth Style: The Merciful Rain of a Dry Day
Sixth Style: Twisting Whirlpool/Twisting Cyclone Current/Swirling Vortex
Seventh Style: Drop Wave Pattern Piercing Strike Curve
Eighth Style: Waterfall Jar
Ninth Style: Water Splash Chaos
Tenth Style: (The Changes of Life)The Dragon of Change
Eleventh Style: Lull

Dance of the Fire God (doesn't seem to have style numbers but for the sake of completeness it's here)
(Flame) Waltz
Blue Heaven
Scorching Crimson Mirror
Parhelion Rainbow
Fire Chariot

Breath of Thunder
First Style: Thunderclap Flash

Breath of the Beast
First Fang: Pierce and Extract
Second Fang: Rip and Tear
Third Fang: Rip and Devour
Fourth Fang: Mince to Bits
Fifth Fang: Mad Cleave
Sixth Fang: Jagged Gnaw
Seventh Fang: Spatial Awareness

It's over!!
Die by poison!!

Cut!! Cut his head!!
Don't give up!! You'll definitely cut him!!
[side] Only his heart rouses him!!

>Oh look, chapter's gonna end with another cut to the ne-
Holy shit lol, that's brutal, I love how ugly and brutal this battle has been, they all have been getting beat up with no mercy.

>Round Slashes of Death
from chapter 90

Thanks for the TL!

>If I ever fall to the demon side,
>Then definitely
>One of the demon hunters
>Will come cut my head off.
Tanjirou deserves to be a little more selfish

I don't know how I missed Uzui having his face cut off from the previous thread.

Based demon

EPIC chapter!! This is some a rare moment, im still enjoying this battle A LOT!
Cant believe this fight is going on for 16 chapters already, other mangakas should learn how to do that too because most suck at it!

This is a good fight. As is always the case with battle shounens i wonder if nothing after can live up to it.

Inb4 inosuke did the same

Well of course he did the same his heart got fucking pierced

It hasn't been confirmed that his heart was pierced.

Gyuu said he pierced his heart

That could be what he believes happened.

This is incredible.