Pop Team Epic

What do you think of Ep.2?

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It's not shit enough. It needs to be more kuso.



Second episode was barely shit at all


>watching the censored Crunchyroll shit

I know they fucked up and didn't even bother to sub the fortunes, but I hadn't heard about them censoring anything. What are they doing this time?

Imagine being this retarded.

too good, needs to be worse for proper controversy

Those hands are not supposed to be blurred.

So you're just screaming about nothing as usual, then. Good to know.

Why would they even do that? They're not bound by any sort of broadcast regulations, so what's the point?

I like it

It was boring.

Great OP, I'm still not sure what the joke is with filling a full time slot with a repeat of the episode with altered VA.

they won't loop the 3rd episode
They can't do this to me again

They will do it all season and you'll watch it twice every time.

Better than episode 1, but only because of Aois presence.

HAHAHA it's HELLA ebin, am i right guys?

Plebbitors will never be able to understand PTE humor, like we do.

It's fucken funny, xD. Only high IQ people can appreciate this.

This is pissing me off right well. I was so happy it wasn't a short, then it ends up being a doubled up short.

Fuck you're right


Who does the "Bob team epic" segments? that stylistic suck method seems really familiar

They got Yuasa as a guest director for those.

The show is an unironic masterpiece. They gave talented people 24 minutes of whatever they wanted and that turned out to be 12 minutes of whatever they wanted, twice

Male or Female voice over, Sup Forums?

For full aesthetic, male. They are better at being hammy. The only female so far that get it right is Aoi Yuuki, but it's a small sample.


It's too cute. I can't handle Popuko and Pipimi being cute.

The same group who did youtu.be/w_os8HqfxHc

That faggot posted with a screenshot of Sushi tabetai
He knows who did the segment

I'm confirming his curiosity you cock-curious homolord.

TokyoMX censored it.

One bluray is 4 episodes instead of usual 2, I wouldn't expect them to air a full time episode.

I actually didn't know the who

first episode was cringe shit, this one was boring shit.

They didn't do it. The show aired on 2 channels and one of them had it censored. CR got that version probably because they didn't know there was an uncensored broadcast. It's still a shitty thing to do but they didn't censor it themselves.

AC is the group's name.

I'm pretty sure they've worked on other videos like youtube.com/watch?v=tw5Nvrb1ayg but I can't find any information on that. They're website hasn't been updated in half a decade despite them clearly still working.

Even the intro is a laugh fest
I enjoy it in all its duplicated glory

Each episode is going to have more and more diffrences between the 2 versions until the last episode, where the second half is a dramatic plot where the girls defeat the fidget spinner elders and save anime.

Even lyrics are shitpost


>recommended are a bunch of fucking reaction videos

I fucking hate this low tier clickbait bullshit. Make some actual content instead of literally stealing a video and putting your stupid face making forced emotions when you see something

First episode was definitely fun for the shock value, but I was worried that’s what it would be the entire season, in which case I’d have dropped it next episode. This episode was much better I’d say

I dont know what the fuck I am watching. I feel mildly angry and confused.

Really like it, except the repeat with different voices thing. The OP looks great too, anyone rip just that yet?

For me it varies from skit to skit desu. Female BEEFU and I'm not upset are better, but popuko's outbursts (except one or two) are better with the male voice.

Liked more than the first episode, hope it gets better, still found it a bit boring

Reaction videos can be good. These ones aren't,but some are.

Only shitty people enjoy pop team epic.

I am a shitty person.

Post your fortunes

Male is almost always better, but the females have their moments

Yeah, I remember watching Plastic Nee-san with some weeb nigga. The experience was exquisite.

>next to that clover
what did they mean by this?

Someone smarter than me please make a webm of the OP (or post to YouTube) I want to watch it on repeat

>the entire fortune segment
>CR has people employed who's sole job is to sub things
>they don't sub things
how the FUCK is this allowed
there are people who pay money for this half-assed service

Cant go wrong with this one.

Now it's stuck in my head again

They both have their moments desu. I think the male voices are more appropriate for what it is, but I do enjoy the female voices too.
Plus the female singing was adorable so

my reaction to the episode

Both, they show it twice for a reason

Just noticed the first section ending is different on the second half.

Post yfw the entire last episode is actually a full episode of that fake idol show and Daichi is revealed to be the girls in a robot suit

I still like the idea of dropping us into a full episode of the show but have it be completely unrelated to the ending trailer of the previous episode,hopefully in a really tense section of the "story", I hope that this show gets even further into shitposting.

inb4 next episodes last skit says they're not gonna copy the episode half again but then they do it straight after
screencap this

My favorite joke so far is how at the end they puy the anticipations so for that fake idol show.

Why can't I find the livethread in the archive?

Can we all agree Bob's epic team is the worst segment

9/10 people will mistranslate this


I think you mean best

>Final episode is the cuckoo clock
>First half is the OP, Popuko saying her lines with both male and female VA at the same time, then ED
>Second half is the OP, followed by a continuation of the silent part of the first half, followed by the ED

I sincerely want this.

It's okay.

Isn't it by the same animators who did galo sengan's video?

Male, although female Pipimi would do well with male Popuko if they combined the two. The VAs from the first episode of course since I think they swapped them for episode 2, sounds like it, or they have good range.

bobumememimi is the ebst

Would you actually watch Hoshiiro Girldrop if it was real?

I wasn't expecting the ghost jump scare


How's the Twatter Trend performing? I believe nips more than you guys recently.

Can someone explain this to me?
I'm confused.

Is it that time of night again?


>Male, although female Pipimi would do well with male Popuko if they combined the two. The VAs from the first episode of course since I think they swapped them for episode 2, sounds like it, or they have good range.
This so hard


I liked the Hide and Seek one

It found a way into my heart.

Maybe it's just me getting used, but unlike Ep01 that was really only worth it for the reaction. I found this one legitimately enjoyable. Cool OP, nice dance number, that end, etc...

It's unironically the best part.

It will happen 9 times or we riot.

Reminds me of what I was thinking in episode 2 of Endless Eight.

Good times.

Until the joke gets old, which I hope it doesn't, I'm really enjoying this show

I liked it a lot, don't really care about the repeat thing though.

Yeah, they're called AC部
They do a ton of weird shit.

Ei ei! Okotta?

I never want to watch that ever again, I sat through all of hit why did they do that.

Of course not, it's fucking garbage.

female for most of the time but suddenly male voices when it serves a punchline or even an entire skit


What is ep3 skyrim joke?

Already a thing.



>six new voice actors per episode
Jesus christ, I'm looking forward to seejng all of them

>bloodborne sound effects

Was it intentional?