This mma manhwa could fill the void that Teppu left

This mma manhwa could fill the void that Teppu left.

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It's already way better. Translations never though.

Korea is the center of world martial arts. The government establishes a prime base for all high school students in order to foster them to become martial artists. Among the many price bases, the most famous name in Korea is the men price. In this place, where only the top class martial arts students from all over the country are gathered, the junior high school boys are suddenly put through mixed martial arts training. Will Ji-ji be able to climb to the top and get the price?

Teppu was really good though, Im skeptical just based off the design.

Ill give it a shot

Glasses dude got the best shot of his life. Now he's getting bullied because of it tho.


user, you are a man of taste.

Cant find translations RIP




The gals in this one are stronk af by the way.

MC gotta keep training. My dude got bodied.

Maria still best girl tho.

This is why Sup Forums needs more korean translators T-T



Found the raws. Would be great if this would get picked up.

Korean Scans:

If any dude wants to do the cleaning/typesetting part, I can provide translations.

user, you are my hero. Let's get a team together for this series. I can provide raws in high quality.

Count me in. Let's do this shit!

Ok then user. My guess is that you will be posting translations threads by chapter. Is that right?