>hiro is ignorant to social norms and everything sex related.
>Zero-Two will take advantage of his ignorance


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Zero Two is a rotten slut and can go fuck literal old men


Why when she can just rape a cute shota?
He's probably never even busted a nut before.

Reminder that Dr. Franxx is /ourguy/

That misogyny made my blood boil, never have I dropped an anime faster than this. I'll write a complaint to netflix

0/10, too blatant.

What's your tumblr? I wanna subscribe

>you taste like sex
This show is pretty wild.

Calm down, Cuckona.

Pick your 2nd rate best girl

Why doesn't she like the taste of herself? I bet she tastes good.

trolled hard

Ikuno's freckles should be more noticieable in the anime.

Twin tails reminds me of asukas bitch ass

Klaxosaur taste.

I'll be so disappointed if Hiroshima isn't going to wake up with her sleeping on him

Why does Zero Two hate the way she taste I do wonder? An obsession with water and taking baths
Tell me anons, what does Zero two taste like??

>implying Sup Forumsnons could ever do something like that without spilling their spaghetti

If hiro doesn't know anything about boners, naked girls, kissing etc, then does that mean it's the same for ichigo?

Maybe she taste like lizard.

Her name is 0ni

Zero-Two subconsciously hates herself from all the rejection and death around her.

Demon sweat tastes like shit

I couldn't handle the clihe beta male protag and had to put it down halfway. Is it worth going back for a second round?


He finds his resolve at the end of the first episode. if you can't make it to the end of episode one don't force yourself.

Is this robo-Ryuko?

I'm gonna find out who deleted my parental unit



It is the taste of fallen comrades blood

Don't lose your way in your mind
We can pilot as one
Don't be afraid my dar-ling
This is the way to be more strong
Harbor my demon secret
Oni blood is so blue
Run through this game, then bathe, my body is dry

>that smile
what did she mean by this?


Satisfaction after getting dicked down by Hiro and having a taste of his baby batter filled with the essence of danger.

I need more episodes, this weekly shit is torture


The mecha designs are awful.


Your taste are awful.

Fuck off with this shitty fucking bait.

The helmets are very nice way to avoid having to take on the heavy workload of characterizing the unimportant characters.

>hiro is ignorant to social norms and everything sex related.
>Zero-Two will take advantage of his ignorance
truly best girl

[15:55, 1/15/2018] +60 19-335 8452: Whooo!
Yeah. What's up?
Go Darling! (Go, go!)
Go Darling! (Go, go, go, go!)
Listen up
Here we go!

I'm the new kid, moving in
Getting it done
And I'm officially the candidate
For having some fun
You know

You better calm down Darling

I'm talking 'bout an all-out party
And we're getting it started
Ms. Nana, you mind some electric guitar?

Mistilteinn will never be the same
Cause we've got

Darling, Darling, Darling
In the Franxx (Yeah! It's a party every week, baby!)

Darling, Darling, Darling
Check it out (That's right, I'm in the House!)

He's gonna shake it up and change it (Shake it up)
Take it all and rearrange it (Just a little bit)
Got a new plan, hey Uncle Sam! (Look out now)
We've got Darling in the Franxx! (Par-ty!)
Darling in the Franxx! (I'm your man!)

If this is the lyric, where's the tune?

Will it end up just like every trigger show? Hyped to death only for people to find it mediocre at best.


It's a collab so who knows.

It's hyped as one of the best shounen show of the season and it delivers in spades.
Not sure what you expect for one of the best shounen studio who make their names making shounen shows and one shitty Okada show..

I'm still annoyed that only TRIGGER comes up when it's discussed.

see That sure as hell isn't A-1's doing

The OP is Kiss of Death though

Obviously, the mecha action scenes have Imaishi responsible for them but people act like this is developed solely by TRIGGER when they're only the fraction of a whole.

Her hair colour makes me want to say strawberry Joghurt

That's her previous bf

Fucking Dr.Wiley

Dumb frogposter

>not harem
>actual proper boy x girl pairing
Can't wait to see what kind of train wreck this is gonna be.

It's an A-1 show with trigger animators on board,, we are safe. Won't become crappy like kill la kill or lwa.



I can't wait for all the quality episodes.

which group translated the 4-koma manga?

A-1 also has animators on board. If only trigger was in charge of that then yes, plenty to worry about.

It was some user and a different user typesetted it

please dont slander my pure wife

I felt the same way. I would like a show with a more mature MC and, if possible, less over-dramatics.

This woman finds nothing more boring than consensual sex.

He's not too beta you know.

>obsessively cleans herself
calling it now, she's either been raped or pseudo-raped in her backstory.nips love that shit

He got the in universe equivalent of being dumped, so obviously he isn't feeling so hot. This of course means that pairing up with 002 is him sticking his dick in crazy because he's on the rebound.

_________Everyday until you like it_________

>Wake up
>Just additional 50 posts after it was airing 2 days ago
>Meanwhile, VEG have 3-4 threads with hundred posts
Did TRIGGER failed to finds a way?

when will the designated homo rival best friend that MC will sacrifice his life for coming?

Check the archive.

pixiv get to work!


muh heteronormativity

________(You) will be the homo friend

Pretty sure that the intent wasn't to make people angry but to mock the people that actually get mad at these moments.

damn right it is, can't believe trigger is still peddling this hetshit, absolutely disgusting

muh yuriwankabnormality


Whenever I see shit like this I am reminded why I dropped the hollyjew for the glorious samurai.

What are you faggots gonna do when the ghost of Gainax goes full on traditionalist.

Clearly this series is about the necessity of a male and female in our lives to be fullfilled, theres literally nothing more traditionalist then that.

Just look at their ties! X and Y! And that speech about the bird that needs both genders to fly? Brilliant.

inb4 its called FRANXX because of the female form, and the will be FRANXY with male shapes.

i am sure the series will end with everyone who has appeared so far being presented unambiguously as a protagonist right up until the last episode


So there would be a female professor counterpart named Dr. Franxy?

How would you know if his name really wasn't Franky Franxx?

She hates her taste because she's part Klaxosaur and she's devoted her life to killing them, that's why she was pissed she couldn't bathe because she started to smell like her enemy.

02= O-Ni, she's an Oni with horns. All the kids names are derivatives of their number assignment since it looks like holographic space pope neglected to give them real ones

Oppai loli who is half machine on the other side.

>Darling in the FRANXX
>Darling refered to as the partners in the show
>FRANK, common name given to males
>XX are the female sex chromosomes

Guys what does it all mean!!?? tell me im a brainlet

oh bro, Sup Forums is full of retards.

Is this show Abe's secret project to get Japanese males to procreate

>every straight show is abe propaganda
Dark times we live in

How are the reproduction rates in Japan these days, user?

Better than white european

They are traps

It means robogirldick.

Was Abe actually /ourguy/ all along?