Darling in the FranXX

Ichigo is cute!

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Looks like the flip flappers girl

Thanks user.

Any user here can read Japanese? Check the credits of ep1 and see if these names show up as animators, Akira Hamaguchi, Isao Hayashi, Megumi Kouno.

Partial dumping what's done.



literal goddess


Yup, they're all here. Looks like that guy was telling the truth.

Ichigo > Zero Two


Best girl!

Normally Ichigo > Nigo but in this case I have to call you a fag.


Ichigo is for Netorare!



2-5 (or 3-6 using his numbering) is missing as well.
Guess he's not done typesetting.


Her name is Cocona or Cockona you swine

What could /ourwife/ possibly do to keep Hiro out of the claws of that horned jezebel?







Naomi deserves better.



It's Gorou, but I'm using Hepburn.


So where does this show fit into the Top o Nerae chronology?




Thanks user for confirming. It's a pity that user didn't tell us more, especially now that we verified his claim.

Truly glad to see support for Ichigo.

Where is this from? promotional item? Art book we can buy?


At least you got this right.

She seems like a bad person inside, i prefer zero two or fatty's partner

Naomi is cute! Naomi is alive! Don't bully Naomi!

556 >>>>>>> all

>fatty's partner

Partially dumped or partially done? what group so I can bookmark for updates

Enjoy your ride.

[15:55, 1/15/2018] +60 19-335 8452: Whooo!
Yeah. What's up?
Go Darling! (Go, go!)
Go Darling! (Go, go, go, go!)
Listen up
Here we go!

I'm the new kid, moving in
Getting it done
And I'm officially the candidate
For having some fun
You know

You better calm down Darling

I'm talking 'bout an all-out party
And we're getting it started
Ms. Nana, you mind some electric guitar?

Mistilteinn will never be the same
Cause we've got

Darling, Darling, Darling
In the Franxx (Yeah! It's a party every week, baby!)

Darling, Darling, Darling
Check it out (That's right, I'm in the House!)

He's gonna shake it up and change it (Shake it up)
Take it all and rearrange it (Just a little bit)
Got a new plan, hey Uncle Sam! (Look out now)
We've got Darling in the Franxx! (Par-ty!)
Darling in the Franxx! (I'm your man!)

What happens if you stick a dick in?

You activate hyper mode.

I feel like it's more Zoids than Eva.

Flip Flappers>>>>>Darling in the Franxxxx

Name 5 (five) similarities.

>Birds with wings
>Penguins have horns
>Ore no darling

I would ride a mecha with the Cocona

Nah, Darling first episode actually made sense story-wise and had more and better animation.

FranXX is on top of all the Gainax mecha stuff. It's already higher

Imagine having Cocona's fat butt pressing against you while trying to have a serious mission.

I won't let her down

That was a most melodramatic shit I've seen in a long time. I think I'm getting to old for this.

It is the most heterosexual anime in decade

Well it does have a few things going for it.

He said it’s NOT split cour, right?

Cuckona is as thick as a stick though.


Ichigo dies

Nothing will ever be Kill la Kill... but we'll see what potential it has.


Just wait for Promare.



Very sexually bullyable.

I wish I was Hiro

Start your favorite studio war or waifu war if there's really nothing to talk about. There are a thousand ways to shitpost a Trigger thread. FLFL is innocent.

Cheer up, at least you are already a beta faggot.


Cocona "Pure Blade" Cocomine


Ichigo > 02 > Naomi > everybody else

>no crazy big seat
shitty bosozuku desu 4/10

Cocona want to get the strong and thick Hiro dick into your vagina

I want glasses bro to fuck my ass.

Too cute

I wanna see her face in the next episode when she sees Hiro with Zero Two

Naomi will be back

I like her more than 02, but that's my short haired girl bias speaking.

Thanks for the dump user, if you finish the chapter will you upload it on goddess or something?

Just watched the first episode. Bretty gud to be honest. A-1 did a wonderful job.

What if 02 ends up getting the ol' character development done to her?

feel sorry for her

She'll be back.

Uso da

She's Chekov's gunman.


Doesn't matter Ichigo is still cuter.

She is osananajimi
Being osananajimi is sufferin

I think Ichigo still edges it out by being a kuudere. Well, at least that's the impression I got from her little to no screentime.

Kill La Kill was just a try hard Gurren Lagann.

As far as first episodes go was pretty good. Animation was gorgeous. Girls seem top tier. Concepts seem decent so far if a bit cliched.

Went into this knowing literally nothing other then its a mecha made by Trigger and A1 so far like where we're heading, so we'll see where this goes.

I wonder if the mechs change their appearance if the pilots get a haircut

Is the manga running alongside the anime, basically showing the same things?