If you masturbate, you'll become a baka

>If you masturbate, you'll become a baka


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If you're a guy, yes. Orgasming pretty much melts your brain.

Meant exactly what she said

Only for like 20 seconds. The period immediately after cumming about as clear as the male mind will ever get. The French have a word for it but I'm not a fag so I don't remeber what it is.

You faggot you better remember i'm curious

It's called autism

After 3 trillion hours on Google I think it's called La Petite Mort, or "the little death".

i'm already baka, so nothing will change.

No that only refers to the orgasm itself.

Ah, well, I give up.

I'm french and we have no words for it lmfao

Then I dont want to know what my brain looks like at this point.

The japanese use "sage time" to describe it.It shows up in weird places.


peut-ĂȘtre que tu ne connais tout simplement pas le terme en question

I love having the little death, I get reduced to a brainless object, like I become a toy at that time. It feels wonderful.

Seems pretty descriptive of the average user.

I am lord of the baka then

No, that's only something that you have.

Dying feels nice

No fap fags are the worst. Spreading lies to justify your pointless restrictions, you are like vegans but more insecure.


Yes, but only if you're killed by a cute girl.

>masturbation makes you an idiot

>Masturbate atleast three times a day
>Still smarter than everyone I know

You not understanding it is proof that it is true.

From your point of view.

Are you referring to other anons?
I've got some bad news if you are.

Too late for ya

>From your point of view.
The Jedi are evil.