Kubo is back

Hime a cute

Damn his drwaing skill is actually so good.

new manga when

Holy shit, I never thought he would bring back his twitter. I guess he thought the hype from Bleach is over.
When in fact it was over 5 years ago.

>he can still draw handsome Aizens
Wasted talent indeed.

His twitter has been back for over a year user.


Shame it went to shit so hard in the actual series
>everyone looks the same
>no backgrounds
>terrible paneling with reused stuff over and over

Aww, what a cutie.

He lost motivation. His manga will forever be, to me, the Gohan of shonen manga.

best boy


i hope we see kubo again, maybe monthly manga or game illustrations would be better

I said it before and I will say it again, Kubo's next work needs to be about a girl who wants to make it big in the fashion industry.


Oh, so these are the illustrations he made for that Italian event he couldn't attend

He's so effay.

No new Ichigo?

Still no backgrounds, I see.


Zombie powder anime when?

bleach 2 confirmed

>Kubo is a hack

Never because it was trash

t.Wan piss or heroshitfag

So what is Kubo going to do with all his talents now?

He’s still drowning in money, ask that a few years later.

The laziest shit kubo ever pulled is having a manga where 90% of the cast wear identical burlap sacks for outfits, because he was too lazy to actually draw intricate outfits for everyone.

I miss Grimmjow so much, he didn't deserve half of the shit he got

But she has to have gigantic tits and long hair

>Kubo is back
But backgrounds aren't.

Which baffles me. How much money do WSJ serialized mangakas get? Bleach had subpar sales for the longest time. If even Kubo has that much money to not do shit still, Oda must have entire ocean worth of cash he can sail all the way to Raftel.

What are subpar sales for you?

Kubo’s networth is higher than oda’s.
Oda is literally a slave while kubo owns most of his I.P which is why shueisha hates him.

>The Virgin Oda
>The Chad Kubo

I mean, Kubo literally created Chad character

what manga was that

could make the new trend too. lazy shit

>Kubo is the George Lucas of manga

It all makes sense now, like pottery.

Seinen fashion manga when though?

Is this true? If so, he's a fucking genius

>Seinen fashion
Slice of life!!!

Yes, he got in a court case against his publishers or something a while ago. As a result he gets way more money than the usual slave mangaka.

Even if this is the first time i'm hearing about this i'm inclined to believe it since Bleach actually got cancelled. You'd think that a manga part of what was coined worldwide as one of the "Big 3" would be basically bulletproof.

Unless they had a special reason to be butthurt.

I-I never expected I see him again.
And with Kubo's new art.

Jesus Christ, do people seriously think a Kubo made more than Oda? Do you people even know how big OP is? It has fucking theme parks. Oda undoubtedly has a higher network and anyone that believes some shitty site telling you any different is a moron.


Here we go again
>Wan Piss

Yeah, but his bitch wife takes all of it. So practically Kubo does have more money because he knows how to spend his money.

Oda only makes $25 million a year, mostly on the manga sales only, meanwhile he gets peanuts from the anime/merch sales that are over half a billion dollar per year.

This is one of the things that always sadden me. What a fucking worm.

Still bestboys to this day.

I don’t care for OP, but it’s obvious that Oda has a higher network.

>Make marketable swords in your manga because you know people will want them
>Have them premade
>Sell them
>Be rich

the new art of grimmjow, toshiro, gin, and ulquiorra have the most likes and retweet’s especially grimmjow. ichigos sketch from last year has the most though with around 75k retweets. if a poll was held then they would get the top five spots


How's that autocorrect working for you?


>pretending to be retarded

You mean the network instead of networth ? Well you knew what I meant.

>still no bloodwar anime with 50 ep filler, wedding and the novels adapted

Backpedaling? How adorable



>get feelings hurt on the internet
>pretend to be someone else so you don't look salty


I love Grimmjow so fuckin' much. I remember anticipating his return for so long, and then Ichigo did that thing where his hair went black and he split Aizen in two or some shit. After that I dropped Bleach and haven't picked it back up yet.

You realize he came back in the last arc right?

How am I backpedaling?

Neither of those two responses were mine dumbass.


You fucking me with me?

>get called out for phone posting
>"need to get back to my home computer to prove this guy wrong!"

Pathetic desu

Where have you been mate?

>being this paranoid

I have not touched Bleach in a long time

Not him, but Grimmjow barely appears in the last arc.

Even so this was front page material we're talking about. Just thought you should know.

That's a shame. Does he just come back for like two panels to help Ichigo charge his spirit bomb against the big bad or something, like Android 17 with Buu?

Neither has Kubo or anyone else.

He appears off-panel at the beginning of the arc, one-shotting a Sternritter, then appears again off-panel but he gets a bit of dialog.

Doesn't actually show up until the back half of the arc, jobs temporarily and then one-shots a Schultzstaffel (elite Sternritter) while he's distracted with Kisuke.

Keep posting

Would you happen to know what chapter number this arc begins? Might as well finish Bleach since I've got nothing else going on today. And if not the chapter number, the Arc name works too, please

Last arc begins at Chapter 480

If you stopped at Aizen you missed the Lost Agent arc, it's only six volumes but it fills the gap so if you skip it you'll run into characters/ plot points you won't understand.

Just look up where the Fullbringer arc ends, and start reading after that.

Go fuck yourself already, leave me a lown.

But why? I thought he dropped Ulq-kun and snakey dropped them like trash?


Kubo only kills off good characters.

Or are they only considered good characters because Kubo killed them off?

I think Kubo simply picked the characters he himself wanted to draw. If people had voted then Byakuya would’ve definitely gotten a sketch and he didn’t.

Ulquiorra had a legendary death, that is special to this day. Even making Orihime cry, according to Orihime.
Gin died like a good guy and was allowed to say his last words in the eyes of his lover.
They literally died at the exact right time before Kubo was allowed to ruin them.
Grimmjow returned and had a promising comeback. Most of us expected him to have achieved the Segunda Etapa, but in the end it was special to Ulquiorra. And so the king was cucked. In conclusion, Kubo is a hack.

Are you telling me that Kubo drew Ulquiorra of his own free will? The one character's death that literally made him receive thousands of death threats.

>And so the king was cucked. In conclusion, Kubo is a hack.

Two for two on sternritters puts him higher than most Captains for the final war record, just saying.

Also arguably better in the last arc than in the Arrancar arc, where the only person he could kill was Luppi.

Kubo is unironically Chad as fuck irl

Why do Ichirukists still keep cucking themselves like this?

So he got stronger, great. But that doesn't chance the fact that Grimmjow didn't receive quite the best comeback as he could have gotten. It could have been Secunda Etapa, a new evolution to hollows or at least something other than. HAH, I AM NOW THE STRONGEST HOLLOW!!!

He didn’t receive death threats. He just got a ton of fanmail asking if he was really dead. From what it seems, majority of fans liked his death and found it fitting.

Just because he killed a character off doesn't mean he disliked that character.

Don't do it.
The last arc is a goddamn let down in every conceivable way. It's painfully clear the editors rushed Kubo to end it

Bleach has always had good art.

Because they’re desperately trying to find a victory. It’s not that surprising the order he uploaded it with members of the main six nakama coming first. It sort of resembles the order of the first few covers, but we got Renji instead of Chad.