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That was great.

Just show the dick already, I want to see it

Clearly a chode


Where are his balls?

I recognize that quote.

Theirs a smaller curve at the bottom, I think that's meant to be his balls.



Dub OVA Akira is hilarious, I've never heard anyone swear so much while still using a word like "gosh."

>Have a crush on a girl who is a Triathlete
>She gets an eyefull of this everytime she competes

Truly the Ace Ventura of our time. Kids will watch this not knowing what they're looking at but when they're older it all makes sense.


So, becoming a demon automatically makes you a Chad?

Fuck, wrong pic.

>you will never be a Devilchad
why live


He's a demon now, he can sheathe his balls at any time.

Who has a bigger dick Devilman Akira or Mike Matei?

I miss his og hairstyle

Fucking lmao dude she has banged nearly every guy she has met through her sport. Athletic girls are always extremely promiscuous

>Kids will watch this not knowing what they're looking at
That scene was not even subtle.

You can’t really blame Ryo for wanting this massive dick

Balls are gay, user.

this part isnt subbed, is it intentional??

Balls are virile.


What other anime have good bulge shots?

>Meanwhile Yuuki Fudou is a chad without needing demon possession protecting fuccboi Michael.

the fuck is this

>you will never be raped by chad!Akira

life sucks

Devilman Saga.

Meet Yuuki Fudou and Ryo Ouji Asuka who are not Ryo or Akira. There is also Yuuki's cute waifu Miki Fudou, who looks and acts like Jun Fudou.

Jun Fudou is the female half of Satan by the way.

Why is his penis inside him?


Demon biology. That's what happens when you fuse with animals that have dicks inside them.

Satan and Akira have a very complicated relationship.

Meanwhile Miki falls in love with everyone but Akira. Including Ryo himself.


>Not waifu
We all know what Satan is. Five seconds meeting half of him and he was in love.


Is best girl going to win?

They go fight God and the age of myths begin again.

Man awakens to their inner devil. That is if they don't get possessed by the ones from Hell.

Age of Myths include thw Goda of yore that predate demons too. The Greek Centaurs, Charon, Titans, Cerberus, Medusa, that tortured demons and humans in hell.

The old gods are restored and live alongside their former prisoners.

I recognize that bulge.

>dick too big for paizuri

Honestly i wish Yuasa had more creative freedom over Crybaby and ended it on this scene.
Even Kaiba, probably the most depressing thing he ever did prior to Devilman, ended on a positive note.



If you don't socially selfdistruct in a retarded way immediately. Do you think it sounds fun to kill a woman with your load?

Fucking CLAMP ripped it all off

>chad devil dash
That part was truly kino.


Who didn't rip Go Nagai?

> アウチ
Gets me everytime