2-3 more days until a new yuri hime and chapter

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Who is a better girl for Yuzu?


Yuzu needs dick

I hope grandpa and Yuzu bond and become the best bros in the world.

No grandpa is to busy creating work drones to bond with a rebel gyaru

So that teacher guy is gonna make a comeback and attempt to rape Yuzu right? That's the hot thing that's gonna happen ne?

Cus' I can't see it follow up on the plot in any other way. I'm gonna absolutely hate it aren't I?

>I'm gonna absolutely hate it aren't I?
Hopefully, then you'll fuck off.

Teacher-san should crash in a car accident, for using and betraying Mei-chan

I dunno man. I feel in a lot of ways Yuzu is pretty mature for her age. I think she could totally convince grandpa that she's worth keeping around.

I haven't read the manga but from how much they're building up this mysterious father figure I hope he's gonna show up soon to put things in order.

Both those girls need a good dicking. That'll set em both back on the right path

Is this series always this hot? Is the gyaru girl the bottom? Is it about her realizing she's a lesbian?

I know just the guy. She already seems interested too.

I hope so. Yes. It's about the relationship of those two grils, which includes her realization of her true calling.

>Letting that two-timing bastard touch Yuzu

The amount of praise being given to that shit is disturbing
just like that Darling something something
that are both OK at best

I'm gonna pick this up then. Thanks.

Can you hetfags get the fuck out already? Two Car failed because of one useless prick. Citrus is doing what it should have done in the first two episodes.

Two Car is the pinnacle of yuri compared to Citrus.

The chink version of this scene was cucked as fuck.

>80% of the scene changed/deleted
But I thought chinks were looking to reduce their birthrate, creating more gay people seems like a good way to do that.


Lol. How can you even respect yourself as a person after doing this to an anime?

That first episode still got 1 million views on bilibili so maybe they don't care about the censoring. In episode 2 they added steam here.

>Literally trying to make Citrus look like Hibike
Why are hetfags so fucking desperate? They have that shitty Trigger anime.


Pick one.

>chinks were looking to reduce their birthrate
Not anymore. The way Chinese demographics is going on right now, they will be the new Japan in less than two decades. And this is before you factor in the all the pollution that is going to mangle babies even before they were born.

We're gonna end in Blade Runner aren't we?

Would someone please think of the minorities? We need a color revolution in the PRC, ASAP.

If you're repulsed by women and entranced by dicks you can watch Sanrio Danshi.

>He just wanted help to rise nipland brithrates
>Gets fired

But sensei still has a girlfriend, he planned to get the money and then make babbies with her.
Unless he's a faggot since it's never specified.

This is not in the manga.

>Yuzu makes grandpa have a heart attack


For what purpose

It would've been funny if they had the grandpa have the stroke when he caught them.

Go home hetero Fundamentalist

What's the fucking point of streaming it if you're gonna butcher it like that?

To watch it.

China must have a very different genre categorizing system compared with Jap or here because I checked their streaming site and they categorized absolutely every subtext shows there are as yuri. Like MaidDragon, sure, but Madoka, Yuyuyu, Izetta, GabDrop New Game?

What? It's a hit with the Chinese?

Eh so so, less views than Evergarden, SCC, and Overlord

This could be a pretty decent way to meet St.Peter actually
>tmw when he last memmory of this putrid world will be some nice girl on girl action.
Pretty based, decu.

>less views than Evergarden, SCC, and Overlord
Well no shit.

Having someone's grandpa die because of Yuzu's gyaru in the third episode would kinda sour the mood

Isn't that how it used to be for English speaking places as well? I thought the whole complaining about subtext thing was a more modern thing?


Huh, that's weird unless one interprets one girl bullying another girl as a form of love

I don't know if sleeping in the same bed could really be considered bullying, it's just the way Raphi shows her love

The deepest form of love.

Just like my Spanish telenovelas!

Did they ever confirm that the anime will cover volume 4? I just read the manga to that point and the excursion arc felt like pointless filler desu. I don't remember seeing Sara and Nina in the OP.

The seiyuus for the twins are on the official website, user. And the promo art for the anime.

The twins are in.

It's gonna end with an anime original arc where Harumi kills Matsuri.

>ending in the worst arc


Too bad then.

Yeah, heard it gets better from here.

But it's going past Matsuri's arc.

By choking Matsuri on her big boobs.

The arc is important solely for the reason that Yuzu and Mei make up and start dating at the end of it.

>Yeah, heard it gets better from here.
Yuzu and Mei start dating and Saburouta introduces Mitsuko, so yeah.
Season 2 when.

Also it includes actual incest.

I hope the twins not being in the OP signifies something. Like maybe the arc will get changed around some. Or that their super moe designs means that they'll go full troll and have the entire fieldtrip be a nightmare by Yuzu. The twins are already meant to parallel the characters in Yuzu's yuri incest manga.

No, it doesn't. That isn't revealed until volume 6 bonus chapter.

It's obvious during the arc that Nina is gay for her sister.

Because that's the original meaning of yuri you dipshit
>hurr they didnt kiss its not yuri
Why will westerns stop being so pathetic? If the MCs in those shows were male you'd already be talking about which girl will "win" along with all kinds of self-insert and waifufaggotry

And Sara spends 99% of the arc infatuated with Mei.

And while we are at it Matsuri can disappear too since she's worse.

Matsuri is a recurring cast member, the reason the volume 8 trip happens, and Harumin's possible love interest. The twins are the only arc focus characters that got dropped from the story. Clearly the author didn't know what to do with them once their arc was over.

They don't even live in the same town. It would be stranger if they just started showing up out of nowhere. They could come bac, we won't know until the series is over.

>They don't even live in the same town.
Neither does Matsuri, but she lives much closer by. I think the point with the twins was to have characters that wouldn't need to be around much. Unless they do a fieldtrip reunion arc, I don't see them seeing Yuzu and Mei in person again. Unless we get a phone call, like from volume 5, where they talk but not in person. The author has too many characters in play to focus on the twins that she already resolved by going incest angle.

>Mei can't deal with her feelings so she sexually assaults Yuzu on multiple occasions.

That girl needs some help.

She'd have less to worry about if she got rid of Matsuri instead of forcing her into everything.

She said that Matsuri is the easiest character for her to write and she thinks Matsuri is a fun character.

She also said Himeko was her favorite side character and yet she does fuck all with her.

She's been having Himeko with Shiraho lately.

Whats gonna happen in the next chapter?

Mei will commit suicide.

Mei either leaves to meet her grandfather alone, or she tells Yuzu what's up and brings Yuzu with her.

And on Matsuri's side, Nene leaves to go do something else, giving Harumin time to try to talk some sense into Matsuri.

Matsuri will commit sudoku.

Mei will die and Matsuri will try to be with Yuzu but fails.
Yuzu x loneliness and Harumin x Matsuri endgame.

reply to

That's the selling point

>Mei will die/kill herself
How about you kill yourselves

Reminder that if you hate Mei you hate Yuzu's wife and by extension you hate Yuzu.

what the fuck I love Mei now

That pretty much stops being a thing after volume 2 or 3.

>if you hate Matsuri you hate Harumi
>if you hate Himeko you hate Shirapon
>if you hate glasses you hate harumi's sister
>if you hate one twin you hate the other
Wow guess I just hate everyone then. More like shitrus am I right?

>he doesn't hate both twins

>>if you hate Himeko you hate Shirapon
They're getting cocks in them once they graduate.
So does Harumi's sister with the glasses GUY.

Mei raped me!

Everyone hates the twins.

>hating the best pairing

Sara: Muh destined person, but not really I just want my shallow crush to sound more romantic. Also, I randomly realize I want to fuck my sister after realizing she's popular and might leave me for someone else someday.

Nina: I love my sister so much I'll try to force her into a relationship with a girl who's obviously a bitch and has a complex, unresolved relationship with her stepsister. Also, I'll overhear about said relationship and do fuck all with the knowledge, other that hope Yuzu will just support Sara once she realizes that Mei is the one that Sara had a crush on.

I mean everyone in the cast has done retarded shit at this point except maybe Harumi.

She did her share of retarded shit too in the school's elections arc.

Choose your fighter.

Shitrus am I right?

Matsuri is such a fucking slut

I've always thought that volume 4 made the least amount of sense out of anything. Yuzu and Mei don't talk for over a month, maybe close to 2 months. Mei suddenly thinks a random stranger who doesn't live anywhere close by could maybe make her feel needed by someone. The author didn't show enough of Mei's side for her actions to make much sense or be sympathetic. The twins actions were later made to seem more retarded by them realizing they were in love with each other the entire time.