Post 10/10

Post 10/10

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Tenten was a good girl and didn't deserve to become a lonely Christmas cake.

It's okay, Konohamaru takes care of the cakes

So who's lee wife?


me, AMA

How much is he packing?

Just the other day I was talking to a friend about how underrated Tenten was.
Also that she needs more lewds.

You think she ever hooked up with drunk Lee?

Bland af.

No idea why people like her.


I’m kinda glad she’s still alone. Lee is ugly as fuck and the thought of him fucking her hurts me. I’d like to think she isn’t a slut with low standards.

konoha is full of ugly dudes

Is that the chinese girl from Animegataris?

Isn’t Kiba still available?

I hope she goes full batshit insane and joins Kara

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>nurutu character
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Best 2hu


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More 1010?

he accidentally shaved off one of his eyebrows, and Metal Lee spawned

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absolutely obsessed

>Do I fit in yet guyz???

Isn't he dating/living with the catlady?

What did the disgruntled nerd mean by this?

Post Aunts who fiddlea their niecea Also

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Why does Konoha have so many lonely 10/10 ladies?

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