Now that it's over what did you think about it?
Are you happy she managed to make friends in the end?

She has more friends than me now. Fuck her.

bullshit. it's all building up to the eclipse.

It's not over until Ucchi rapes Tomoko.

W-what’s gonna happen during the eclipse?

She is going to sacrifice all her friends to become a god, only Komi-something survives with a raped-to-braindead Yuu, becoming branded

to become popular*

Wait it's really finished?

>implying Tomoko would invite Komisomething to the eclipse

At first i wanted to say Yuri, but the branded surviver and Tomoko needed someone they both lust over, so the role went to Komi.(who in the prequel spinoff also showed bi-tendency towards yuu)

No fucking way, IT ENDED!?

It didn’t, op is just a lying faggot

Wow, people are really quick to believe bullshit

>nobody uploaded vol11 yet
I just wanna read the afterword

oh gawd time to blow up the god dammed boat before they set sail for the hiatus seas!

Tomoko is only a step from becoming what she hates the most. Let some Chad fuck her and turn her into slut, just like Yuu.

Isn't this the opposite of what Tomoko set out to do in the beginning? She wanted to get laid with a boy.

Fuck off already.

Will there be incest end?

It's not over until Tomoko has a romantic relationship.

It doesn't even have to be a boy.

It's better if it's not a boy.

What happened? Is she not close to her slut friend anymore?

Twist ending: Everything after the Kyoto arc was in Tomoko's head after a psychotic break.

>mom is somehow shorter than Tomoko

I hope this is due to perspective.

this is Sup Forums now

It won't be a boy for certain.

>It's Not My Fault I Sacrificed Everything To Become Popular
She'd be Femto's number 2


>mom is somehow shorter than Tomoko
Judging by the uniform she's wearing, she's probably a junior high school student at 15. So it makes sense that she's shorter than her daughter.

It's the end.

Wow it’s over?

Why is she dating a crossdressing girl?

>Dat hoovering hand
This image is perfect.

I can't help looking like that, user!
Besides she loves me it doesn't matter in love and are happy together.

Twist ending: Tomoko figures out she's asexual and was just trying to overcompensate.

It will be a boy you yurifag.

>What happened? Is she not close to her slut friend anymore?
No. And she never really was.

No. It will idol master.

This. Honestly, who cares about Yuu? She is a boring friend, like all normalfags.

Shut up reviewfag.

No way I would hate if they added romance. It's supposed to be sol.

Put a finger up your ass, loser.

Just the calm before the storm.
having friends means occasional fights between friends.

Ha, it was you! You're so obvious. What a loser.
What are you going to do, cry to your sister?
>t-the mean people online are bullying me about the blog you told me to write!