Anne Happy Season 2?


Tsubaki OVA when?

Full chibi collection when?

Anne had the cutest voice.

Check out yuru camp. Her VA is in it! Another cute show!

I usually hate typecasting VAs but that one is too fucking good at genkis. I hope she'll get to voice a character as extremely genki as Hanako again though.

kami anime

A man can dream

Sansha Sanyou was much better.

>school comedy with a little slice of life
There are 5 of these every season.


I love to see Anne smile.

Never watch it but i really like the OP. Maybe it's time to watch it.

Fuck off.

I'd give Botan a soccer dream team.

Go suck shota dick

Dicksucking privileges are reserved for anneshitters.

That would be cool. I totally doubt it'll ever happen though.

It's not bad, another underrated anime

It's too early and I don't want to get banned.

Sansha deserves s2 much more

I loved the way her voice sounded in the songs. She's a good singer

Anne Happy manga vol 8. Maybe high chance O-O

Sure, when I feel like it.