Pick one



For bullying and watching cry.

The winner


Megumi without a doubt.



Cute and sexy

The cousin comes in at a distant second though.



Utaha and the cousin for their hot bodies. Everybody else can fuck off.

Eriri is the patrician choice.

Is ending up with that whiny faggot really classed as winning?

Eriri looks beautiful with her hair loose
She should Kee it that way

Utaha is far more than a sexy body

I can't tell you who is Utaha or Megumi in this pic if it wasn't for the hairstyle, their faces are almost the same.

And I'm upset they didn't show the ass of the most stacked girl, fuck this picture and those faggots.

This user knows

Did Japan rip Saekano off with an anime idea from Sup Forums?

Sexy and cute

best girl



This man knows.

My nigga.

Megumi is for the MC

Utaha is for me

Eriri to the trashbin

>bathing naked in front of half the entire city
There are probably at least a dozen camera's, telescopes and binoculars looking in

The blonde one.

The one that attracts the least amount of drama.




>Sup Forums

You know.

What is worse reddit or twitter?

Twitter is for stalking, news and fanart.
Plebbit is plebbit.

Jesus, Misaki. Why do you have to make me fap so much?


So Reddit wins? Fuck that, Megumi is for Sup Forums

>Twitter is for news.
I’m on it just to follow mangaka and illustrators, but reading news on there makes me want to rip my eyes out because of the replies.

Can I pick all of them, but with Utaha being the lead?


Probably your best choice, to be honest. The others have too much baggage.

Who the fuck wants to be stalked? This shit is ten times more disgusting than posting in Sup Forums.

I like them all but I once browsed Plebbit to check it out, 50% were waifu-ing Megumi, 30% faping to Utaha and 20% hating on Eriri. They don't even try to understand Eriri's character and shit only on her for "betraying" Tomoya even though Utaha did the same.

No one cares about Eriri here either. Megumi is #1 everywhere. Eriri can be Fakku or something.

I hate them both the same amount, for fucks sake that was non sexual ntr. I hope they live the rest of their lives miserable and alone.

>Megumi is #1 everywhere.
Citation needed
>No one cares about Eriri here either.
I do, and if I skim the thread here she is pretty much tied Megumi.

Really don't see what people see in her that much, considering there are 2 better choices.

Eriri body with Megumi personality would be the best choice

People here care a lot for a character that doesn't look likable for the most part of the story. Many anime-only fags don't like her because of that. She has a flawed personality but people stop at that and don't put some thought on it.

Megumi, there is no better choice. She's the perfect girl.

pretty rough but enjoy

Nice, user.

Why didnt Tomoya go for the harem end
He could have been in there

Utaha for sure.

She's on top in their relationship, so sure.

A man of fucking taste

He’s allergic to pussy.

Eriri was written like an NTR heroine. Her scenes were pretty much softcore NTR without the sex. If Akane was a guy, it would have probably been even worse.

Easy choice.

We already have that.

Pink snail

Nice. Aki will win by the way


smoothed some things over

No freak out. Only tears now.

I want to hug Eriri.

Her personality is nothing like Megumi though.

Makes sense since Megumi doesn't have a personality.

I remember some user edited this with 'BTFO' all over the place.

Based user.

Yes and it's better.

Utaha > Megumi > Michiru > Izumi >>> trash >>> Eriri

>ywn have your own Megubutt
Why live?

It's close to pre-V7 Megumi. Mayu has the snark and is a good bro. On the cover, she's put in the corner, just like how Megumi was put in the corner of her manga.

But, unlike Megumi, she is cheerful and even has some genki vibes.

He's right. Megumi being the most popular girl everywhere has been common knowledge since S1. Eriri isn't even close to being more popular than Utaha, let alone Megumi. You only see Eririfaggots being loud and samefagging a lot.

Megumi is also generally cheerful, she just isn't really genki. Well, after V7 she's much moodier.

Bigger version.

I can't really tell who is Megumi and who is Utaha

Blunt bangs. But yeah, Misaki Kurehito unfortunately has a bad case of sameface.

Marry Megumi
Fuck Utaha
Impregnante Michiru
Kill Eriri

Marry Megumi
Fuck Megumi
Impregnate Megumi

You can tell by the bang shape and eye color.

I love Megumi's bangs.

They should have given them different hair colors

They have different hair colors, the problem in that picture is the lighting.

They are both brownish

Utaha's is more purplish, though I guess it's less pronounced in Kurehito's art.

In canon, they both black hair. The truth is that black hair is rarely colored black in art and they use dark brown, blue, and purple instead.

Megumi and Utaha are the most attractive girls and have the most likeable/entertaining personalities. I'd go with Megumi if there's only one girl that can be choosen. Cousin is hot but that's it and Eriri is literally bottom tier.

i want to bang megumis bangs

to bad she is a whrore

this user

Megumi is Sup Forums and always has been. Eriri isn't even MAL tier.

he likes cocks,dicks and penises as much as the girls do

Why didn't he go for Iori then?

megumi seems to have grown her breasts to Utaha's size somehow

Cant have the main girl get beaten by a side girl who looks exactly the same but with a better body

Iori has an entire band to play with. Come to think of it, Iori x Michiru should've been a thing.

Because he has taste and went for best girl, of course.

The one thats not boring or irrelevant so Eriri.

Megumi's breast size is incredibly inconsistent. It constantly varies from just a bit bigger than Eriri's to Utaha-tier.

They are desperate to sold since the series is over.

>tripshit having shit taste

Didnt he get that red girl from the band

Tomoya is a massive faggot though which is why he gave up on Eriri who is clearly way out of his league so he chose the boring asian one.

It's the same mentality as weebs who have yellow fever. They know the can't compete with other more masculine dudes so they choose the easy 6/10 no personality girls so that they don't need to compete with other guys for.